Microsoft Office Building
Microsoft Lays Off More MSN Employees In Favor Of AI

Microsoft is continuing its shift to AI for its MSN editorial team, laying off additional personnel months after its initial layoffs.

Microsoft Teams Auditorium
Microsoft Rolls Out Together Mode to Improve Teams Meetings

Microsoft has rolled out Together mode to Teams in an effort to significantly improve video conferencing.

Google and NVIDIA Partner to Bring A100 to the Cloud

Google Cloud has become the first cloud provider to offer NVIDIA’s new A100 Tensor Core GPU.

Artificial Intelligence
MIT Removes AI Training Dataset Over Racist Concerns

MIT has removed a massive dataset after finding it contained racist, misogynistic terms and offensive images.

Lyft Autonomous Car
Lyft Begins Testing Autonomous Cars On Public Roads Again

Lyft has begun testing its autonomous vehicles on California roads again.

COVID Accelerated Digital Transformation, Says DocuSign CEO Dan Springer
COVID Accelerated Digital Transformation, Says DocuSign CEO

We have seen significant acceleration since the COVID-19 pandemic, says DocuSign CEO Dan Springer. A significant portion of that (increase) was due to increase use cases from customers driving that digital transformation faster with services like DocuSign.

IBM Logo
IBM Ends Its Facial Recognition Business

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna has written Congress to inform them the company no longer offers general purpose facial recognition and analysis software.

Tesla Sedan
Not So Fast: Tesla Plows Into Overturned Truck in Autopilot Failure

Autonomous driving critics were handed another example supporting their skepticism, as a Tesla Model 3 plowed into an overturned truck.

Microsoft Office Building
Journalists Beware: Microsoft Replacing News Producers With AI

Microsoft is replacing approximately 50 news production workers with artificial intelligence (AI), according to reports.

Cortana in Windows 10
Windows 10 Includes Improved Cortana

Cortana has received some nice upgrades in Windows 10, with a focus on helping users be more productive.