OpenAI Co-Founder Sam Altman
OpenAI CEO Signs Open Letter Warning of AI-Caused ‘Extinction’

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has signed an open letter warning of the dangers AI poses, including the extinction of humanity.

Job Interview Handshake - Image by Tumisu
Planning to Use ChatGPT to Write Your Resume? Think Again.

Some of the job markets news entrants are using ChatGPT to write their resumes, but many HR professionals say it’s a deal-breaker.

MediaTek and Nvidia Confirm Automotive Tech Partnership

MediaTek and Nvidia have confirmed they are partnering to produce advanced automotive infotainment systems.

Jensen Huang
Nvidia CEO: Thanks to AI, ‘Everyone Is a Programmer Now’

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says artificial intelligence is ushering in a new era for programming, one where “everyone is a programmer.”

JPMorgan Logo
JPMorgan Wants to Apply AI to Investment Advice

JPMorgan is getting in on the AI game, with plans to develop a ChatGPT-like AI that will help customers with their investments.

intelligent document processing
Intelligent Document Processing: AI Business Transformation

Learn more about how and why intelligent document processing in a driving force in leading the charge to AI below.

Bill Gates: Over 50% Of Business Travel To Go Away Permanently
Bill Gates: Company That Cracks AI Assistants Will Reshape Industry

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has weighed in on AI, saying the company that launches the first real AI personal assistant will disrupt the industry.

ai and marketing
How AI and Marketing are Changing the Industry

There is no doubt that ai and marketing will change the overall industry. Learn more about these rapid advances below.

Windows Copilot
Microsoft Is Bringing Windows Copilot AI to Windows 11

Microsoft has announced Windows Copilot AI for Windows 11, expanding its rollout of AI technology across its platforms.

Santosh Janardhan
Meta Is Developing Its Own Custom Silicon for AI

Meta announced it is joining the ranks of companies developing custom silicon, with plans to develop chips to power its AI models.