Roku TV
Roku Enables Nielsen Four-Screen Measurement

Roku has enabled Nielsen four-screen measurement across traditional TV, connected TV, mobile, and desktop.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics 4: What You Should Know

Web analytics have come a long way. Learn more about the history of analytics, the start of Google Analytics, and Google Analytics 4 below.

data collection
Data Collection in a World of Internet Privacy

Data collection in a world of privacy can be a tricky thing. Learn how cookieless tracking is becoming the new standard.

Google Analytics - Image by Pexels
France the Latest Country to Crack Down on Google Analytics

France is the latest country to crack down on Google Analytics, over concerns it violates the GDPR the EU’s privacy legislation.

heatmap software
The Analytical Benefits of Using Web Heatmap Software

Wherever there are customers, there’s always a desire to understand their needs and behavior. Understanding…

How Heat Maps Can Be Useful To Your Business

The purpose of a heat map is to measure the density of data in a…

Ecommerce Nearing $1 Trillion
Ecommerce Nearing $1 Trillion

“We’re forecasting that ecommerce spending this year will be somewhere between $850 billion and $930 billion,” says John Copeland, Vice President of Marketing Science and Customer Insights at Adobe. This would be a 14 percent increase over last year.

Daniel Waisberg, Google Search Advocate
Google Sheds Light on Organic Search Drops

Google has posted information shedding light on why sites experience drops in their organic search results.

Digital Marketing - Image by Photo Mix
Google Piloting Three-Strikes Policy for Repeat Ad Policy Violators

Google is cracking down on those repeatedly violating the company’s ad policies, piloting a three-strikes program.

iOS App Store - Image by Parampreet Chanana
France Upholds Apple’s Privacy Changes

In a win for Apple and privacy advocates, the French Competition Authority has upheld Apple’s right to proceed with its iOS privacy changes.

Microsoft Office Building
Microsoft Makes Desktop Analytics Available Commercially

Microsoft has announced the commercial release of Desktop Analytics, a “cloud-connected service that integrates with…

Data Processing
SAP and Verizon Partnering to Develop Next-Gen IoT Analytics Solution

SAP and Verizon have announced a collaboration to help applications process data where it is…

The Latest Tool For Cybercriminals: Google Analytics

According to cloud security firm Akamai, cybercriminals are using Google Analytics to gauge the success…

KENTECH Launches ClarityIQ, Bringing Predictive Analytics to the Hiring Process

Kenneth Coats, founder, and CEO of KENTECH Consulting says that “the lesson I would pass on to other entrepreneurs is to simplify.”

You Need Smart Analytics that Drive Better Actions

At the recent Salesforce Dreamforce conference, Salesforce announced Einstein Plus, a visually improved no-code version of their artificial intelligence platform.

WPN Today: Facebook Adds Analytics Tools to Increase Conversions for Business

Facebook has launched new tools in their analytics suite to help businesses using their platform…

Salesforce Improves Einstein Analytics to Make it Easier for Customers to Extract Data

A lot of people find it challenging to use the different analytics tools at their…

Top 5 Instagram Analytics Tools for 2017

Contrary to popular notion, Instagram is not all about celebrities, food, fashion, dogs and cats,…

Pre-Roll Ads and Analytics Coming To Periscope Video

On the heels of the scoop that Twitter is considering paid premium subscriptions comes news…

Using Cloud Analytics for a Winning March Madness Bracket

Welcome to the first of two days of low workforce production and nail biting moments…