Office Space - Image by StartupStockPhotos
Cloudflare Launches $1.25 Billion Fund to Help Startups and Challenge AWS

Cloudflare is going to great lengths to capture more of the startup market, launching a $1.25 billion fund.

Microsoft Teams E2EE - Credit Microsoft
Microsoft Adding Pop-Outs to Teams Meetings

Microsoft is making it that much easier to multitask while in Teams meetings, working on a feature to pop-out meetings.

Software Development - Image by Innova Labs
SAS Viya Analytics Platform Comes to Microsoft Azure

SAS is bringing its SAS Viya analytics platform to Microsoft Azure, building on the partnership the two companies began in 2020.

Man Looking at Smartphone
Cloudflare Launches Zero Trust Mobile eSIM

Cloudflare has scored an industry first, launching the first zero trust eSIM for mobile devices in the BYOD era.

Delhi - Image by Suanlian Tangpua
VPN Providers Abandon India Amid Privacy Crackdown

As expected, India’s new privacy regulations are leading to a mass exodus of VPN providers.

cyber war
The Potential Threats of Cyber War

What are the potential threats of cyber war on the global stage? See how this is already playing out in the article below.

Small Businesses Need A Cybersecurity Plan, Too. Here’s Where To Start

Small businesses need a cybersecurity plan, too. Here are some tips as to where to start. Read more in the article below.

London Parliament - Image by Adam Derewecki
Britain Ramping Up Anti-Competition Scrutiny; Targeting Cloud Market Next

Britain is planning to ramp up its anti-competition scrutiny, looking at the world’s top cloud providers.

Cybersecurity - Image by Pete Linforth
DHS Announces $1 Billion State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program

The Department of Homeland security is launching the first-of-its-kind cybersecurity grant program for state, local, and territorial (SLT) governments.

Salesforce Logo
Salesforce and AWS Deepen Partnership With Salesforce Genie

Salesforce and AWS are deepening their partnership with the release of Salesforce Genie.

Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley to Pay $35M Fine for Exposing 15M Customer Records

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has reached a deal with Morgan Stanley over the latter’s failure to protect customer data.

Cloud Computing - Image by Pete Linforth
All About Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM)

There is a lot to know in the field of cloud infrastructure entitlements management. Learn more in the article below.

Cloudflare Launches Adaptive DDoS Protection

Cloudflare has launched its latest weapon in the war to protect the internet from bad actors: Adaptive DDoS Protection.

Google Cloud Office Building
Google Cloud Will Reportedly Unfreeze Hiring by October

Google Cloud will reportedly unfreeze hiring by October amid an industry-wide hiring freeze and layoffs.

Microsoft Edge
Scammers Are Abusing the Microsoft Edge News Feed

Scammers are abusing Microsoft Edge’s news feed, running malicious ads in an effort to direct users to tech support scams.

Adobe Logo
Adobe Buying Digital Design Startup Figma for $20 Billion

Adobe announced it is buying digital design startup Figma for $20 billion, resulting in a significant consolidation in the industry.

Uber Says No ‘Sensitive User Data’ Accessed in Breach

In the wake of reports its systems were breached, Uber is reassuring users no “sensitive user data” was accessed.

Microsoft Launches Azure Space - Partners With SpaceX, SES
Microsoft and Starlink Combine Cloud Computing and Anywhere Connectivity

Microsoft is expanding its focus on space, working with SpaceX to combine the power of Azure with the latter’s Starlink internet.

Windows 11
PSA: Update Windows Immediately

Microsoft has released updates to fix a zero-day vulnerability impacting all versions of Windows, from Windows 7 to Windows 11.

VMware Agrees to Settle With SEC Over Fraud Charges

VMware has agreed to a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over fraud charges.