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UK Government Wants Authorities to Stop Using Microsoft Excel in FOI Responses
The UK's Information Commissioner is calling on authorities to stop using Microsoft Excel when responding to Freedom of Information Act (FOI) requests...
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Microsoft Ends Its Free Windows Upgrade Path From Windows 7/8
Microsoft has ended its free upgrade path for users of Windows 7/8, meaning users will need to purchase a Windows 11 license to upgrade....
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Bing Chat Is Directing People to Malicious Websites
Bing Chat is directing people to malicious websites, the latest issue people are experiencing using generative AI....
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Ampere Scores Major Win As Oracle Cloud Goes All-In On AmpereOne CPUs
Ampere has scored a major win with Oracle announcing it is migrating its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to the company's CPUs....
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PSA: Update Chrome Immediately to Close Active Zero-Day Hole
All Google Chrome users should update immediately to address a zero-day vulnerability that is being actively exploited....
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Red Hat OpenShift Comes to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Despite competing in some markets, Red Hat and Oracle are expanding their alliance to bring Red Hat OpenShift to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)....
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Oracle Opens New Region In Mexico, Now the Hyperscaler With Two Mexico Regions
Oracle crossed a significant milestone, becoming the only hyperscaler to have two cloud regions in Mexico after opening a second one in Monterrey....
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Gmail Is Killing Its Basic HTML View In January 2024
Users that rely on Gmail's Basic HTML view should prepare for a change, with Google killing off the feature in January 2024....
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Amazon Announces Expanded Partnership With Anthropic In a Blow to Google
Amazon has announced an expanded partnership with Anthropic, the maker of the Claude AI, and will invest up to $4 billion....
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MGM Resorts Is Operational Once Again
MGM Resorts says it is fully operational, finally recovering from a devastating cyberattack that impacted its hotels and casinos....
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Cisco Buying Splunk for $28 Billion
Cisco announced plans to purchase Splunk for $28 billion improve digital resiliency for the enterprise market....
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Signal Announces Quantum Computing Resistant Encryption Protocol
Signal is preparing for a quantum computing world, unveiling a new protocol designed to be resistant to quantum computers....
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iOS 17 Will Encrypt Voice Memo Titles in iCloud
Apple has made an important change to Voice Memos to improve privacy, encrypting their titles when stored in iCloud....
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Microsoft AI Researchers Exposed 38TB of Sensitive Company Data
Microsoft's reputation for not being able to protect its data and keys has taken another hit, with its AI researchers exposing 38TB of data....
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AWS IPv4 Stockpile Could Be Worth $4.5 Billion
AWS has been amassing a stockpile of IPv4 addresses, a stockpile that could now be worth a whopping $4.5 billion....
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Cisco Kills Off Its Hyperflex Hyperconverged Infrastructure Line
Cisco has killed off its Hyperflex hyperconverged infrastructure line of products, blaming a changing market....
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Microsoft and Oracle Partner to Launch Oracle Database@Azure
Microsoft and Oracle have partnered to bring "Oracle database services running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)" to Azure datacenters....
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Hackers Claim a 10-Minute Conversation Led to MGM Resorts Breach
The ransomware group behind the MGM Resorts breach has taken to X to say it took a mere 10-minute conversation to breach the company....
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AWS Scores Strategic Cloud Provider Deal With FanDuel
AWS has announced it is now FanDuel's Strategic Cloud Provider, expanding the relationship between the two companies....
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Mozilla Patches Firefox and Thunderbird Zero-Day Flaw
Mozilla has issued updates to its Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email client that fix a zero-day flaw being actively exploited....
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