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Emerging Technology Trends That’s Reshaping The Restaurant Industry
What are the upcoming technology trends in the restaurant industry? Learn more about it in the article below. ...
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Nvidia Poised To Launch Custom Cloud Chip Unit
Nvidia is reportedly preparing to launch a new unit dedicated to creating custom chips for cloud computing, AI, and other custom uses....
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How to Ensure Quality and Reliability through Effective PCB Testing
PCBs (printed circuit boards) are the center of electronic devices. They are used to connect and support various components — such as copper conduct...
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How to Optimize a Network for VoIP
It's time to bring your business into the digital age. Learn more about how to optimize your network for VoIP below....
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Canon Moves to Challenge ASML In Chipmaking Equipment
Canon is preparing to challenge Dutch company ASML with a new generation of nanoimprint lithography (NIL)....
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Companies to Watch In 2024
The tech industry experienced fundamental shifts in 2023, with the rise of AI and increased tech regulation being two of the biggest trends, with 2024...
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Wedbush Analyst Dan Ives: AI Is Microsoft’s ‘iPhone Moment’
Wedbush is bullish on Microsoft, with analyst Dan Ives saying artificial intelligence is the company's 'iPhone moment.'...
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Amazon Taps Plug Power’s On-Site Hydrogen Production To Power Vehicles
Amazon is tapping into on-site hydrogen production to help power more than 225 hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklift trucks at its Aurora, Colorado fulf...
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TSMC Will Begin Full-Scale 2nm Production In 2025
TSMC plans to begin mass production of 2nm chips in 2025, the next generation of semiconductors that will power the world's devices....
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US Draws Line In The Sand Over Chipmakers And China
The US is drawing a line in the sand for chip companies doing business with China, singling Nvidia out in particular....
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Company Opens First Direct Air Carbon Capture Facility in the US
Heirloom Carbon Technologies has opened the United States' first direct air carbon capture facility, with plans to rapidly increase capacity....
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Intel CEO: ‘Arm Relegated to Pretty Insignificant Role in the PC Business’
Intel CEO Pat Gesinger had harsh, and possibly misguided words for Arm fans, saying the chips were insignificant in the PC business....
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G7 to Unveil AI Code of Conduct
The G7 — Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US — will reportedly unveil an AI code of conduct for companies developing AI model...
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RISC-V Darling SiFive Engages In Major Round Of Layoffs
SiFive, one of the major players in the RISC-V field, is laying off a substantial number of employees....
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Nvidia Caught Off Guard By US Ban On Selling AI Chips to China
Nvidia revealed it was caught off guard by a new US ban on the sale of AI chips to China, with the ban coming sooner than expected....
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Qualcomm Announces RISC-V-Based Wearable Solution
Qualcomm has announced a RISC-V-based wearable solution, leveraging the open-source chip design for Wear OS by Google....
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TSMC Founder: Intel Is No Threat
TSMC founder Morris Chang has weighed in on Intel, saying the American company poses no real threat to the chipmaker....
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Apple Secures TSMC’s Entire 2023 Supply of 3nm Chips
Apple will have a major advantage in the race to deliver devices powered by 3nm chips, with the iPhone maker buying TSMC's entire 2023 supply....
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RISC-V Group Warns Export Restrictions Would Hurt the Industry
RISC-V International, the group behind the open source RISC-V semiconductors, has warned that export restrictions would hurt the entire industry....
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AMD Is Buying Open Source AI Company
AMD has announced it is buying open source AI software company to help the chip firm integrate AI across its product lines....
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