Tesla Bot - Credit Tesla
Move Over Data: Tesla Looking to Create Humanoid Robot

Tesla is looking to create a humanoid robot that is sure to draw comparisons to Star Trek’s beloved android Data.

GE Appliance - Credit GE Appliances
Google Cloud and GE Appliances Partner on Smart Home Appliances

Google Cloud and GE Appliances have signed a multi-year deal to create the next generation of smart home appliances.

Tesla Model X Interior - Credit Tesla
Senators Calling for FTC Investigation Into Tesla’s Self-Driving Claims

Senators Edward J. Markey and Richard Blumenthal have called on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate Tesla’s marketing claims.

Intel RealSense ID - Credit Intel
RIP RealSense: Intel Shutting Down Camera and Sensor Division

Intel is continuing to trim down and refocus on its core semiconductor business and is shutting down RealSense as part of that.

Thunderstorm - Image by Felix Mittermeier
Weather Forecasts May Suffer From 5G

Carriers may be racing to deploy 5G, but it seems accurate weather forecasts may be an unintended casualty.

Facebook Thumbs Down - Image by Hermann Traub
Facebook Trying to Pervert Homomorphic Encryption

Facebook is looking to use homomorphic encryption as a way to serve ads in encrypted chat and communications — to the surprise of no one.

Google Cloud
Google Cloud Unveils New Tools to Unify Data

Google Cloud has unveiled its latest innovations, aimed at helping companies unify database, analytics and AI.

Linux Foundation Tackles Data Collaboration With Permissive License

The Linux Foundation has announced the CDLA-Permissive-2.0 license agreement to make it easier to share AI and ML data.

Aisera Logo
Aisera Partners With Microsoft to Deliver AI Service Desk Solutions

Aisera has become member of the Microsoft for Startups program, partnering with Microsoft to deliver AI-based service desk solutions.

HPE Logo
HPE Buys Ampool to Improve SQL-Based Hybrid Analytics

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced its acquisition of Ampool, in an effort to modernize the SQL stack.