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Google Doubles Down On OpenAI Rival Anthropic, Will Invest $2 Billion
Google continues to invest in OpenAI rival Anthropic with plans to invest another $2 billion in the AI firm....
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G7 to Unveil AI Code of Conduct
The G7 — Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US — will reportedly unveil an AI code of conduct for companies developing AI model...
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Nvidia Caught Off Guard By US Ban On Selling AI Chips to China
Nvidia revealed it was caught off guard by a new US ban on the sale of AI chips to China, with the ban coming sooner than expected....
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Huawei Is Gaining Ground In AI, and the US Has Only Itself to Blame
Huawei is gaining ground in the AI revolution, developing chips to challenge Nvidia, and the US has only itself to blame....
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Reddit Denies Report It Will Block Search Engines
Reddit is denying a report it will block search engines and require users to log in to interact with the platform....
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Nvidia and Foxconn Go All-In On ‘AI Factories’
Nvidia and Foxconn are collaborating on “AI factories,” an effort to accelerate AI development and adoption....
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42% of Mac Users Are Using AI Apps
A new report is shedding light on the state of artificial intelligence apps on the Mac, finding 42% of Mac users are already using them....
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Adobe Project Fast Fill Brings Generative AI to Video Editing
Adobe has unveiled Project Fast Fill, an effort to leverage the power of generative AI to edit and manipulate videos....
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Dropbox Shares Your Files With OpenAI
Dropbox users may want to rethink using the AI features the service provides since doing so shares your files with OpenAI....
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Adobe Releases Next-Gen Firefly Models With Improved Realism
Adobe announced the release of its next generation Firefly AI models, delivering photorealistic image creation....
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GitHub Copilot Is a Money Pit For Microsoft and OpenAI
Despite charging for the service, Microsoft and partner OpenAI are losing money on GitHub Copilot to the tune of $20 per month per user....
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AMD Is Buying Open Source AI Company
AMD has announced it is buying open source AI software company to help the chip firm integrate AI across its product lines....
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IBM CEO May Be Backtracking On AI Taking Jobs
IBM CEO Arvind Krishna may be backtracking on previous statements that AI would ultimately cost thousands of jobs....
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How AI and Marketing are Changing the Industry
There is no doubt that ai and marketing will change the overall industry. Learn more about these rapid advances below....
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NSA Is Establishing An AI Security Center
The National Security Agency is establishing an AI security center to combat threats from the burgeoning tech....
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NordVPN Unveils NordLabs to Deliver Cutting-Edge Security
NordVPN has unveiled NordLabs, the company's place to develop and test cutting-edge cybersecurity tools....
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Microsoft Turning to Nuclear Reactors to Power AI
Microsoft is turning to small nuclear reactors to power its AI efforts, an indication of just how much resources AI development costs....
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UK Government Shutters Independent AI Ethics Advisory Board
The UK government has shuttered an independent AI ethics advisory board with very little explanation or reason given....
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Bing Chat Is Directing People to Malicious Websites
Bing Chat is directing people to malicious websites, the latest issue people are experiencing using generative AI....
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Apple Prepares to Spend Big to Catch Up In Generative AI
Apple is preparing to spend big to catch up in generative AI, with the company preparing to hire more people in the field....
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