Artificial Intelligence - Image by Tung Nguyen
AI Chip Revenue Set for a 30% CAGR, Will Hit $130 Billion by 2030

AI chip revenue is set for stellar growth in the coming years, hitting $130 billion by 2030.

Verizon Connect AI Dashcam - Credit Verizon
Verizon Connect Makes Fleet Management Easier with AI Dashcam

Verizon Connect has unveiled its latest innovation, AI Dashcam, in an effort to help fleet managers improve safety.

Artificial Intelligence - Image by Tung Nguyen
Nukes and AI: Eric Schmidt Believes Both Should Be Regulated by Treaties

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes AI should be in the same category as nuclear weapons and regulated by similar treaties.

Artificial Intelligence - Image Credit: Gerd Altmann
Google Fires Engineer Who Claimed Its AI Achieved Sentience

Google has fired Blake Lemoine, a software engineer who made headlines for claiming the company’s AI had achieved sentience.

Artificial Intelligence - Image by Tung Nguyen
Rule by Machine: China Turns to AI to Run Its Judicial System

Like something straight out of science fiction, China is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help run its judicial system, putting humans at the mercy of machines.

Meta’s No Language Left Behind AI Model Can Translate 200 Languages

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company’s latest AI model, a project called No Language Left Behind (NLLB), and it can translate 200 languages in real-time.

Walmart Ecommerce Business Is Humming
Battle of the AIs: Walmart Takes on Amazon

Walmart is looking to challenge Amazon using a tool the latter already relies on: artificial intelligence (AI).

Oracle Fusion Marketing - Credit Oracle
Oracle Turns to AI to Automate Digital Marketing With Fusion Marketing

In an industry first, Oracle is using artificial intelligence (AI) to help automate digital marketing.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian
Google Cloud Is a Forrester’s Document Analytics Platforms Leader

Forrester Research has named Google Cloud a leader in Document Analytics space, providing a prestigious boost to the cloud provider.

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AWS Launches CodeWhisperer, a Machine Learning Programming Companion

Amazon has launched a preview of CodeWhisperer, a programming companion that uses machine learning to assist development.

Artificial Intelligence - Image by Gerd Altmann
A Google Engineer Claimed Its AI Is Sentient; Google Placed Him on Leave

Google’s problems with its AI team continue, with an engineer in the Responsible AI division claiming the company’s AI is now sentient and Google placing him on leave for how he handled it.

Intel DARPA Off-Road
Intel Wins DARPA Contract For Off-Road Autonomous Vehicle Sim Software

Intel has won a contract to provide the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) with simulation software for autonomous off-road vehicle testing.

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Top Ways That AI Improves Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence can use predictive analytics to detect, deter, and destroy cyber threats. Read on for more below.

Cybersecurity - Image by Pete Linforth
AI Represents Major Risk to Banking Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be the banking industry’s Achilles heel, making it more vulnerable to Russian cyberattacks.

Gene Munster: It's Going To Be Apple vs. Tesla Long Term
NHTSA Ruling Opens Door to Fully Autonomous Vehicles

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a ruling that opens the door to fully autonomous vehicles in the US.

Chargback911 and Microsoft - Credit Chargeback911
Microsoft Teams Up With Chargebacks911 to Fight Financial Fraud

Microsoft has teamed up with Chargebacks911 to use artificial intelligence in the fight against financial fraud.

Creativity Machine Artwork - Credit Creativity Machine and Steven Thaler
US Copyright Office Rejects Copyright for AI-Created Art

The US Copyright Office has upheld its previous decision, ruling that AI can’t receive a copyright for art it creates.

Ecommerce, Search, Social… and Conversational Space?

When I look at the conversational space I think it’s going to have as much impact as ecommerce or search or social, says LivePerson CEO Rob Locascio. The conversational space is going to be just as big.

AI Artist - Image by Gerd Altmann
Programmers Beware: A New AI Can Program As Good As a Human

As if the programming landscape wasn’t competitive enough, a new AI, AlphaCode, could start giving some programmers a run for their money.

Tesla Model X Interior - Credit Tesla
Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Option Gets $2,000 Price Hike

Tesla is raising the price of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) option by $2,000, going from $10,000 to $12,000.