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Gmail’s Spam Fighting Abilities Get a Major Upgrade
A new upgrade is making Gmail much better at fighting spam, thanks to an innovation Google has been testing for the past year....
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Senator Ron Wyden Wants DOJ To Disclose AT&T Surveillance Program
Senator Ron Wyden is asking the Attorney General Merrick Garland to disclose information on the AT&T Hemisphere surveillance program....
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Dollar Tree Data Breach Impacts Millions
Dollar Tree revealed it is the victim of a data breach, one impacting some two million individuals....
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Oracle CIO: Every Enterprise Has the Security it Deserves
Every Enterprise has the security it deserves, says Oracle CIO Mark Sunday. “It begins at the very top. It truly begins with the board, CEO, and the...
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US Agencies Request the Most User Data From Big Tech, Apple Complies the Most
Americans concerned about their user data falling into the hands of foreign governments may want to look closer to home....
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Microsoft Announces Secure Future Initiative to Improve Its Cybersecurity
Microsoft has announced its Secure Future Initiative, the company's latest effort to address serious security issues....
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Maine Government Data Breach Impacts 1.3 Million
The State of Maine has disclosed it suffered a MOVEit data breach, one that has impacted some 1.3 million individuals....
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Creating Strong Passwords: Importance and Best Practices
Creating strong passwords is very important to keep your organization secure. Learn some best practices below. ...
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WeChat and Kaspersky Software Banned From Canadian Government Devices
Canada has taken a major step in the interests of protecting government devices, banning WeChat and Kaspersky software....
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Okta’s Stock Sheds 11% Following Breach
Okta's stock dropped more than 11% in the wake of a data breach that impacted customers....
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1Password Reveals Incident Resulting From Okta Breach
1Password has revealed it has suffered a security incident as a result of Okta’s support system breach....
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Telegram Is Still Exposing Users’ IP Addresses
In the latest indication that Telegram is not as secure as it claims, the app is still exposing users’ IP addresses....
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D-Link Announces Data Breach As a Result of a Phishing Attack
D-Link Corporation has announced a data breach that resulted from an employee falling victim to a phishing attack....
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Experts: More Cybersecurity Firms Will Follow IronNet’s Collapse
Experts are issuing strong warnings to the cybersecurity industry, saying more companies will follow IronNet into bankruptcy....
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Casio Data Breach Exposes Customer Data In 149 Countries
Casio has suffered a major data breach, with bad actors making off with customer data from Japan and 148 additional countries....
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Google’s Pixel Binary Transparency Keeps Users Safe From Supply Chain Attacks
Google has unveiled a major security feature for Pixel owners, giving them the ability to verify the authenticity of their Pixel’s Android operating...
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Google Pushes Passkeys As the Default Option For Users
Google is pushing passkeys as the default option for users in an attempt to phase out passwords....
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Flaw In Library Leaves Gnome Users Open to Remote Code Exploit
A flaw in the libcue library is leaving Linux users that use the Gnome desktop vulnerable to a remote code execution exploit....
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Update Your Linux Installation to Fix ‘Looney Tunables’ Flaw
The world's major Linux distros have released patches to address a security flaw impacting nearly all of them....
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23andMe User Data For Sale Online
23andMe user data is being offered for sale online after the data was apparently stolen from compromised accounts....
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