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7 Key Software Trends Shaping the Future of Technology
See the article below for 7 key software trends shaping the future of technology to help your business get to the next level....
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Exploring the Latest Trends in Custom Software Development
It is time for exploring trends in custom software development. Learn more about what is best for you in the article below....
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‘Actual’ Personal Finance App Goes Open-Source, Highlights Developer Challenges
Actual developer James Long has announced his Actual personal finance app will be going open-source, citing the difficulties in making a success of a ...
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Nvidia CEO Urges Countries To Build AI Infrastructure
Nvideo CEO Jensen Huang is urging countries to build out their AI infrastructure, saying attempts to fan AI fears are "a mistake."...
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Microsoft: ‘Financially Motivated Threat Actors’ Distributing Malware via App Installer
Microsoft is warning that bad actors, including those financially motivated, are using App Installer to distribute malware....
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Pioneering Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): A Transformative Frontier in Network Security
Learn more about how Secure Access Service Edge, known as SASE is the future of network security in the article below. ...
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Intel Unveils Gaudi3 AI Accelerator
Intel unveiled next-gen chips designed to power AI applications, including an updated Gaudi3 AI accelerator....
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IBM and Meta Launch Alliance to Level AI Playing Field
IBM and Meta have launched an alliance to level the AI playing field and sponsor "open, safe, responsible AI."...
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TrenDemon CEO: We Connect Content Marketing to Sales
The CEO of TrenDemon, Avishai Sharon, says that they created their cloud-based software solution in order to help companies prove that the marketing c...
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Linux Distro Reviews: openSUSE Tumbleweed — Part 2
openSUSE Tumbleweed is a rolling release Linux distro, one that is something of a two-edged sword in terms of its features and usability....
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B2B Influencer Marketing Adds Up To Nurture and Ultimately Conversion
We co-create content with (B2B Influencers) in concert with brand messaging, says TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden. So now instead of people just ignor...
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The Growing Importance of Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) in Ecommerce
In today's fast paced world, you will need to stay ahead of the game. Learn the growing importance of supply chain visibility (SCV) below. ...
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5 Ways to Use Technology to Enhance Learning and Teaching
Education has made many advancements in recent years and leveraging the use of technology is becoming a proven method to help students learn....
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Microsoft Readies Surface Devices Designed Specifically For AI
Microsoft is readying a 'next-gen' update to its Surface line of computers, one that will focus on artificial intelligence....
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LoveFrom, Jony Ive’s Firm, Poaches iPhone Design Head
Tang Tan, Apple's head of design for the iPhone and Watch, is leaving the company to join LoveFrom, the company founded by former Apple lead designer,...
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Tech Winners and Losers of 2023
The tech industry saw some major changes and developments throughout 2023, developments that left some companies and individuals far better off than o...
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Software Issues Sideline The Chevrolet Blazer EV
GM's foray into electric vehicles is not going well, with the company halting sales of the Chevy Blazer EV amid a myriad of software issues....
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Linux Distro Reviews: Tuxedo OS
Tuxedo OS is a Linux distro created by Tuxedo Computers, the makers of laptops and PCs designed specifically to run Linux. While similar to other proj...
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Microsoft Releases Tool To Delete Unwanted HP Printer Software
Microsoft has released a utility to help users uninstall HP printer software that was installed on Windows 10 and 11 as a result of a bug....
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Emerging Remote Work Trends
What are the latest prevailing remote work trends within the business community today? Find out more below....
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