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YouTube Premium Has 100 Million Subscribers
YouTube Premium has crossed the 100 million user mark, a big win for Alphabet as it pushes YouTube's paid services....
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Apple Raises Prices On Its Subscription Services
Apple is raising the price of its various subscription services, joining a growing trend among companies....
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Evernote Tries to Push Users to Paid Plans
Evernote is trying to convert users into paid subscribers with a limit on how many notes free accounts can have....
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Volvo’s CEO Has a Refreshing Approach to Automotive Monetization
Volvo CEO Jim Rowan has a refreshing approach to automotive monetization, eschewing trends other companies are taking that are alienating customers....
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Snapchat May Soon Offer a ‘Friends & Family’ Plan
Snapchat may be prepping a "Friends & Family" subscription plan, according to information spotted in the code of a beta version....
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Meta to Offer Ad-Free Paid Tier in Europe
Meta announced it will offer users an ad-free paid subscription option in the EU in order to comply with regulation....
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Amazon Beats Analysts Estimates On Fulfillment Improvements
Amazon beat analysts estimates for Q3 2023 on improvements to its fulfillment operations and strong cloud performance....
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Comcast’s Growth Hits a Wall
Comcast's growth has hit a wall, with the company losing subscribers in both its broadband and cable business....
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Shopify Evolving Into World’s First Retail Operating System
Harley Finkelstein, COO of Shopify, discusses how COVID has dramatically sped up the timeline for commerce moving online and has also moved Shopify cl...
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X Tests $1 Annual Subscription
X is continuing its efforts to increase monetization and cut down on bots with a $1 annual subscription....
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Twitch Launches Stories
Twitch has announced the launch of "stories on Twitch," a new way for content creators to connect with their subscribers....
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Microsoft May Charge a Subscription for Windows 12
If a new leak is true, Microsoft may charge a subscription for Windows 12, a move that is sure to alienate users....
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YouTube Ups the Ante In Its War On Ad Blockers
YouTube is turning up the heat on users using ad blockers, going so far as to block them after multiple warnings....
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X (Twitter) May Become a Paid Site
The days of a free X (Twitter) may soon be over, with owner Elon Musk saying the company may start charging a monthly fee....
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Unity Closes Offices Amid Death Threats Stemming From Price Changes
Unity has temporarily closed its offices and canceled a town hall meeting after receiving death threats in response to its pricing changes....
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BMW Reverses Course On Heated Seat Subscriptions
BMW is reversing course on one of its most controversial decisions, saying it will not charge customers a subscription to use their heated seats....
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Google Kills Pixel Pass Subscriptions
Google has killed its Pixel Pass subscription, the service that bundled a new Pixel phone with Google's premium service....
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YouTube Ruins the Experience If You Value Your Privacy
YouTube's decision to present users with a blank home feed if their watch history is off has completely ruined the experience....
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Ford Hires Peter Stern, Former Apple VP of Services, to Oversee Its Own Services
Ford has hired Peter Stern, Apple's former VP of Services and Eddie Cue's heir apparent, to oversee its own software and services efforts....
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Apple Tops 1 Billion Paid Subscriptions
Apple's strategy of becoming a services company just crossed a major milestone, with the company reporting more than 1 billion paid subscriptions....
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