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YouTube Makes a Play to Poach TikTok Creators

YouTube is ponying up cash in an effort to convince TikTok creators to jump ship to its platform.

Don’t Waste Time on YouTube’s Dislike Button; It Doesn’t Work

YouTube users smashing the “Dislike” button are likely wasting their time, according to new research from Mozilla.

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Twitch’s Biggest Streamers Will Earn Less Under New Terms

Twitch is changing the terms of its deals with top streamers to pay them less than it has been.

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YouTube’s ‘Creator Music’ Will Let Creators Monetize Videos Containing Licensed Music

YouTube is eliminating a major pain point for content creators, paving the way for them to be able to monetize videos containing licensed music.

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Patreon Just Let Its Entire Security Team Go [Updated]

Patreon may have just put a massive target on its back with the news that it has reportedly laid off its entire security team.

Online Pharmacy - Image by Tumisu
Amazon Has a Prime Pharmacy Problem

Amazon may be trying to lure people to its Amazon Prime with prescription cost savings, but customers aren’t buying it.

Shopify COO Harley Finkelstein
Shopify Evolving Into World’s First Retail Operating System

Harley Finkelstein, COO of Shopify, discusses how COVID has dramatically sped up the timeline for commerce moving online and has also moved Shopify closer to its goal of becoming the world’s first retail operating system.

BMW Sports Car - Image by Tyler Clemmensen
Want to Use Your BMW’s Heated Seats? That Will Cost $18 Per Month.

If you thought software subscriptions were a bad thing, wait until you buy your next BMW and have to pay $18 per month to use your heated seats.

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Google Has Deals With 300 News Publishers in the EU

Google currently has deals with some 300 news publishers in the EU, with the company working to make it easier for other publishers to sign up.

Facebook Horizon
Apple Calls Out ‘Meta’s Hypocrisy’ Over High Content Creator Fees

Apple is calling out “Meta’s hypocrisy” after the latter announced it would charge a 47.5% commission for creating content in the metaverse.

iOS App Store - Image by Parampreet Chanana
‘Reader Apps’ On the App Store Can Now Include Alternate Payment Links

Developers of “reader apps,” such as Netflix, Spotify, and Kindle, can now include a link to alternative payment methods.

YouTube iPhone - Image by StockSnap
YouTube Offering Top Podcasters $50K to Make the Jump to Video

YouTube is working to entice its top podcasters to make the jump to video, offering $50,000 to sweeten the deal.

Airbnb App - Image by InstagramFOTOGRAFIN
Airbnb: The Newest Way to Send Relief Aid to Ukrainians

The tech industry has been caught in the war between Russian and Ukraine, but Airbnb is emerging as a platform for humanitarian aid.

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YouTube Originals Shutting Down

YouTube is shuttering its YouTube Originals division, with lead Susanne Daniels expected to leave in March.

Toyota Sienna
Toyota Reconsidering Charging for Key Fob Remote Start

Toyota is reconsidering a controversial decision to charge for keyless remote entry after backlash from owners and non-owners alike.

Toyota Car
Want to Remote Start Your Toyota? You’ll Need to Pay a Subscription

Toyota has revealed that customers will need to pay a subscription fee to use the remote start functionality of their key fobs.

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Patreon Building Video Product to Help Creators Break Free of YouTube

Patreon is working on a video platform to help creators break free of their reliance on YouTube, a move that could have a major impact on the market.

Matt Koval - YouTube Creator Liaison
YouTube Nixing the Dislike Count

YouTube is removing the visible dislike count in an effort to combat harassment of content creators.

Night School Studio
Netflix Buys Night School Studio, Creator of Oxenfree

Netflix has purchased Night School Studio, its first game studio, as the company expands from streaming into gaming.

Home Office - Image by Markus Spiske
Office 2021 Arriving October 5, No Subscription Required

Microsoft Office 2021 is arriving on October 5, and users will be able to purchase it for a one-time fee and no subscription.