From Awareness to Loyalty: Understanding the Journey of Nonprofit Supporters and How to Engage Them

Understanding the Journey of Nonprofit Supporters and How to Engage Them

domestic violence
Tech Resources to Empower Those Dealing With Domestic Violence

It is important to know the signs of domestic violence and connect such people with tech resources to protect themselves.

quality of sleep
Quality of Sleep: Why it Matters

While many focus on the number of hours of sleep, the quality of sleep is also an important consideration. More in the article below.

Lexington KY - Image by USA-Reiseblogger
Livability Rates Lexington, KY a Top 100 Place to Live

Lexington, KY may be known for bluegrass, bourbon, thoroughbreds and UK sports, but it is also in the top 100 best places to live.

business of women's sports
The Pay Gap in Women’s Sports

The popularity of women’s sports viewership has grown in recent years.  In 2020, the National…

Facebook’s First Director of Monetization Likens Company to Big Tobacco

Tim Kendall, Facebook’s first Director of Monetization, said the company had taken a page from Big Tobacco’s playbook.

How The Pandemic Impacts The Job Market Of The Future

The pandemic has had a deleterious effect on the economy, our daily lives, our careers, and our schools.

Study Finds 36 Intelligent Civilization In Our Galaxy - Anton Petrov
Study: 36 Intelligent Civilizations In Our Galaxy

Using the modern data the scientists behind a new paper proposed that there should be around 36 different CETI’s (Communicating Extra-terrestrial Intelligent Civilizations) in the Milky Way Galaxy, says popular science YouTube star Anton Petrov.

Layoffs And Furloughs: What You Need To Know

Layoffs and furloughs present a few different challenges.

How Is Data Fight The Spread Of COVID-19?

How is data being used to save lives during COVID-19?

Can An App Prevent Amputations During The Pandemic?

Can advances in telehealth apps mean better wound care for patients?

Social Distancing Without Isolation

As we work from home, we may find that we feel more lonely than usual. Preventing feelings of isolation is important during social distancing.

The Science Behind Face Masks

The science on the efficacy of face masks is still out, but the CDC is now recommending everyone use them.

The Social Impact Of Mixing Business And Medicine

Are we already seeing a measurable impact of the mixing of business and medicine?

The Stress Of Undertaking Distance Learning Under Covid-19

There are many benefits to eLearning, with Coronavirus forcing educators to upgrade, perhaps there can be previously unattainable gains?

The Future Of Schools With Tech

Amid socially connecting people across the globe and lucrative business innovations, it comes as no surprise that there are some new and exciting advances available in the classroom.

How Mobile Internet Use Drives Apple’s Success

For the majority of people connecting to the internet these days, doing so on the…

Cybersecurity Issues In Online Dating

Online dating is a sign of the times. We live busier lives than ever, so…

Vocational Training: The New Success Track?

Success is an important reward for our hard work, and many people feel that it…

Can Employers Help Combat The Opioid Epidemic?

There’s a serious opioid epidemic happening right now in every city, state, and county in…