Linux - Image by OpenClipart-Vectors
Proposed Patch Would Disable Linux CPU Security Mitigations at Compilation

Debian developer Breno Leitao has proposed a Linux kernel patch that would allow developers to disable CPU security mitigations at compilation.

Sergey Brin
Sergey Brin Is Coding at Google Again in ‘Code Red’ AI Effort

After years of absence, Sergey Brin is once again back at Google and has just submitted his first code request.

Google Is Raising Its Bug Bounty Payouts

Google is raising its bug bounty program for fuzz testing, with the maximum payout now $30,000.

Twitter Is Killing Its Free API, Will Charge Devs February 9

Twitter’s controversial decisions under owner Elon Musk just keep on coming, with the platform killing off its free developer API.

Windows 11
Microsoft Is Reworking File Explorer to Better Match Windows 11

Microsoft is reportedly reworking File Explorer to make it better match the rest of the Windows 11 aesthetic and features.

Linux - Image by OpenClipart-Vectors
OpenSnitch Application Firewall Coming to Debian

Popular application firewall Opensnitch is coming to Debian, one of the oldest and most popular Linux distributions (distros).

Capital One
Capital One Eliminates 1,100 Tech Jobs

Capital One has eliminated 1,100 agile tech jobs, part of its “overall tech transformation.”

Twitter Screen - Image by Photo Mix
Twitter Officially Changes TOS to Ban Third-Party Clients

Twitter has finally broke its silence — sort of — on why third-party clients are not working, changing its TOS to ban them.

SourceForge Website
SourceForge Issue Led to Visibility Problems for Open Source Projects

SourceForge appeared to be having some issues Thursday, with download links for a number of open source projects disappearing.

Typing on Computer Keyboard - Image by Victoria Loveland
CNET Uses ChatGPT to Write Articles, Runs Into Major Issues

Tech website CNET tried to use ChatGPT to write articles, but the quality and accuracy left much to be desired.

5 SaaS Development Solutions to Improve Your Processes

Feeling stuck in your SaaS development? Read on to see 5 SaaS development solutions here to improve your processes.

Satya Nadella Ignite 2019
Satya Nadella: ‘ChatGPT Coming Soon to Azure OpenAI Service’

Microsoft is working to bring ChatGPT to its Azure OpenAI service, according to a tweet by CEO Satya Nadella.

IBM Logo
IBM’s Entire AIX Development Is Now Based in India

IBM’s entire AIX development effort has been moved to India, a stark change from just a few months ago.

Amazon Building
Amazon’s Open Programming Jobs Have Dropped by 32,000+

Amazon’s open programming jobs have dropped to a paltry 299, down from 32,692 in May of 2022.

Budgie Desktop
Fedora 38 Will Include a Budgie Spin

The Fedora Project has announced it will offer a spin based on the Budgie desktop environment (DE), beginning with Fedora 38.

Rust - Image by PIRO4D
Google Will Support Rust in Chromium

Google expanding its use of the Rust programming language, adding support for it in its Chromium web browser.

AMD Continues to Chip Away at Intel’s Server Dominance

AMD is continuing to make inroad against Intel in the server market, chipping away (pun intended) at the latter’s lead.

Microsoft Building
Windows 8.1 Receives Its Last Update Tuesday

Windows 8.1 is slated to receive its last update on Tuesday, as Microsoft is sunsetting the operating system once and or all.

Blur - Image by Martin Frost
Google Open Sources Its Video Blurring Tool

Google has open sourced its video blurring tool, called Magritte, in an effort to improve user privacy.

AMD Logo
CES 2023: AMD Unveils Its Apple M1 Killer

AMD is taking aim at Apple, unveiling a chip it claims will outperform Apple’s custom silicon while offering superior battery life.