Google Maps Street View Car - Image by Daniel and Jacob Fernandez
Users Can Now Contribute to Google Street View

Google has announced a change to the Street View app for Android, allowing users to contribute to Street View in Google Maps.

David Brown, AWS Vice President, EC2
AWS Adds EC2 Mac Instances

AWS has added EC2 Mac instances, providing a new way for developers to harness macOS for their workflows.

European Parliament - Image by Erich Westendarp
EU Poised to Crack Down on Tech Giants

The European Union is poised to introduce the Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA), with everything from fines to breakups on the table for tech companies.

Mozilla Firefox 83 Sports Major JavaScript Performance Boost

Mozilla’s latest Firefox release, version 83.0, boosts a major increase to JavaScript performance.

iOS App Store - Image by Parampreet Chanana
Apple Lowers App Store Fees to 15% For Small Devs

Amid ongoing pressure regarding its App Store policies, Apple has unveiled its App Store Small Business Program, with 15% commissions for small devs.

Microsoft Office Building
Microsoft Unveils Pluton: A New Security Chip For Windows PCs

Microsoft has unveiled Pluton, a new security chip designed to improve the security of Windows PCs.

Amazon Alexa Echo Plus
AWS Moves Majority of Alexa to Custom Silicon

Amazon has migrated the majority of Alexa to the next generation of its custom silicon chips.

macOS Big Sur
If Your Mac Was Buggy Today, Blame Gatekeeper

Mac users reported a slew of issues earlier today, with non-Apple apps locking up, behaving sluggishly and failing to launch.

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna On Hybrid Cloud: Microsoft and Amazon Likely Partners
IBM CEO On Hybrid Cloud: Microsoft and Amazon Likely Partners

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna says that Microsoft and Amazon will be partners with IBM on the hybrid cloud via their Red Hat technology platform.

MacBook Air - Credit Apple
M1 MacBook Air Faster Than Fastest Intel MacBook Pros

The first benchmarks are in and it appears the new M1 MacBook Air is faster than any Intel-based Mac laptop, including the fastest MacBook Pro.