This Crisis Is Going To Change Retail, Says Caruso CEO
This Crisis Is Going To Change Retail, Says Caruso CEO

Many of them have to evolve and many of them have to change because the consumer is going to change. This crisis, I believe, is going to change consumer culture, their expectations, and what they want from retailers in a really significant way.

Grubhub Rolls Out $30 Million Stimulus To Restaurants

%%excerpt%% A $250 payment per restaurant (from Grubhub) doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s going to be a huge difference, says Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney. We’re looking at it as a stimulus almost because the way we’re rolling it out is a consumer gets $10 if they spend $30.

Amazon Prime Video
iOS Users Can Purchase Amazon Content In-App

iOS users can finally purchase Amazon Prime Video content in-app, significantly improving the user experience.

Google Analytics
Google Donating $800 Million to Small Businesses Amid Crisis

With the fate of many small businesses on the line, Google is donating some $800 million to assist small businesses during the economic crisis.

Americans Being Targeted by Coronavirus Digital Fraud

TransUnion research shows Americans are being targeted by coronavirus-related digital fraud in alarming numbers.

Ecommerce - Image by StockSnap
Ecommerce Ad Spending Doubles As a Result of Coronavirus

While some industries may be reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, ecommerce ad spending is experiencing a boon.

Firefox Better Web - Credit Mozilla
Mozilla Launches ‘Firefox Better Web with Scroll’ Test Pilot

Firefox has announced the launch of a new Test Pilot program, Better Web with Scroll, aimed at improving the web experience for both publishers and users.

Amazon Shopping - Image by Hannes Edinger
Amazon Using AI to Understand Searches

Amazon is using artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand search queries and why a person may be looking for something.

Everything You Do is The Brand, Says ShipMonk CEO

Everything you do in the company drives you toward the vision and the mission of the brand and the company itself, says Jan Bednar, Founder & CEO of ShipMonk. We really see with our customers that once they like our brand and they see what we are doing they become part of it.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple Donating Millions of Masks to Medical Personnel

Apple is donating millions of masks to medical personnel across the U.S. and Europe as health professionals grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.