guide to sheets
A Guide to Sheets For Better Sleep

If you’re not sleeping right, it may be your sheets. Learn more on how to put yourself to rest with the guide to sheets below.

Walmart Land - Credit Walmart
Walmart Sets Up Shop in the Metaverse

Walmart is joining the metaverse, setting up a virtual store and play area on Roblox’s platform.

YouTube Shorts - Credit YouTube
YouTube Makes a Play to Poach TikTok Creators

YouTube is ponying up cash in an effort to convince TikTok creators to jump ship to its platform.

Amazon Prime
We Finally Know When Amazon’s Second Prime Day Event Is

Details have emerged about Amazon’s rumored secondary Prime Day event, called Prime Early Access Sale.

Honda Dealership - Image by StockSnap
Honda Cutting Production by 40% in Japanese Plants

Honda is the latest automaker to be hit with supply chain issues, cutting production at two Japanese plants by up to 40%.

Amazon Shopping - Image by Hannes Edinger
Amazon Sends Out Invites to Its Annual Launch Event on September 28

Amazon’s annual product launch event is scheduled for September 28, with the company sending invitations to journalists.

Don’t Waste Time on YouTube’s Dislike Button; It Doesn’t Work

YouTube users smashing the “Dislike” button are likely wasting their time, according to new research from Mozilla.

Twitch Icon
Twitch’s Biggest Streamers Will Earn Less Under New Terms

Twitch is changing the terms of its deals with top streamers to pay them less than it has been.

YouTube Shorts - Credit YouTube
YouTube’s ‘Creator Music’ Will Let Creators Monetize Videos Containing Licensed Music

YouTube is eliminating a major pain point for content creators, paving the way for them to be able to monetize videos containing licensed music.

Walmart Be Your Own Model - Credit Walmart
Walmart’s ‘Be Your Own Model’ Expands Virtual Fitting

Walmart is expanding its virtual fitting service, letting users upload their own photo in addition to using existing models.

Amazon Prime
California Sues Amazon Over Blocking Competitive Pricing

Amazon is legal hot water again, with the state of California suing the e-commerce giant for blocking competitive pricing.

Patreon Logo
Patreon Just Let Its Entire Security Team Go [Updated]

Patreon may have just put a massive target on its back with the news that it has reportedly laid off its entire security team.

Why Your Content Isn’t Ranking

There are a variety of reasons as to why your content is not ranking. Learn some ways that you can achieve success below.

TrenDemon CEO: We Connect Content Marketing to Sales

The CEO of TrenDemon, Avishai Sharon, says that they created their cloud-based software solution in order to help companies prove that the marketing content they produced also achieved business goals and sales.

Google Chromebook
Google Brings ‘Retail Search’ to Cloud Customers

Google is expanding its cloud services, bringing Retail Search to its clients in an effort to help them provide the best experience to their own customers.

Gas Pipeline - Image by Alexey Hulsov
Russia Is Turning Off the Gas to Europe

After months of sanctions, Russia says it is cutting off the gas to Europe in a move that could have serious repercussions.

Google Cloud Office Building
Google Tackles Supply Chain Attacks With New Bug Bounty

Google is tackling supply chain cybersecurity attacks with a new bug bounty program.

Tokyo Japan - Image by Pierre Blaché
Japan Wants a $24 Billion Investment in Battery Production

Japan wants to ramp up battery production in-country, calling for a $24 billion investment to increase manufacturing.

Google Tensor - Credit Google
Samsung Is Already Hard at Work on Google’s Third-Gen Tensor Chip

Samsung is reportedly already hard at work on Google’s third-gen Tensor chip, although concrete details are few and far between.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger
Intel Signs $30 Billion Financing Deal With Brookfield to Expand Chip Factories

Intel is pulling an industry first, partnering with Brookfield Asset Management Inc to help fund its chip factory expansion.