Apple Requires Employees In the Office Three Days a Week

Apple has resumed its return-to-office (RTO) efforts, telling corporate employees they need to be in the office three days a week.

Microsoft Admits Sony PlayStation Outsells Xbox Two-to-One

No company likes to admit its competitor has a leg up, but Microsoft did just that in an effort to avoid antitrust issues.

What’s In a Name? Linux Kernel 6.0 RC-1 Is Here

Linus Torvalds has announced the first release candidate for version 6.0 of the Linux kernel, but it’s not much different than the current 5.19.

Startup Helmed by WeWork Ex-CEO Is Andreessen Horowitz’s Biggest Gamble

Andreessen Horowitz is making its largest single investment in a startup helmed by Adam Neumann, WeWork’s ex-CEO.

Google Brings Back Validate Fix Button in Search Console

Google has brought back the validate fix button in its Google Search Console after it disabled it earlier this month for upgrades.

How to Eliminate – or at Least Reduce – Risk in Your Business

Given the world state of affairs, things are risky right now. Learn more about how to eliminate or reduce risk in your business below.

PSA: macOS Users Should Update Zoom Immediately

Zoom has released an update to its macOS client that fixes a severe vulnerability, one that could give a user root access.

Get Ready for More Ads on Your iPhone and Mac

In a move that is sure to upset users, Apple may be preparing to bring far more ads to its iPhone and Mac platforms.