Salesforce: Workplace Automation Leads to Greater Job Satisfaction

Salesforce has released a new report on workplace automation, showing it leads to substantially improved job satisfaction.

Vodafone Idea Looks to Avoid Ericsson/Nokia 5G Duopoly

Vodafone Idea (Vi) is looking for a third-party provider of 5G equipment in an effort to avoid an Ericsson/Nokia duopoly.

Google’s Mail-In Pixel Repair Service Accused of Hacking Accounts

A best-selling author has accused Google’s mail-in Pixel repair service of hacking her accounts and trying to find sensitive photos.

China Becoming a ‘Tremendous Threat’ in Space

The US Space Force is calling out China as a “tremendous threat” in space, saying the country is advancing rapidly.

FTC Sues to Block Nvidia’s Arm Purchase

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has filed a lawsuit to block Nvidia’s attempt to purchase Arm.

AWS Offering EC2 M1 Mac Instances

Just a year after introducing Mac EC2 instances, AWS is upping the ante by introducing M1 Mac instances.

Meta Eases Stance on Cryptocurrency Ads

Meta is easing its stance on cryptocurrency ads, increasing the number of accepted regulatory licenses from three to 27.

Apple Suppliers Expect Continued iPhone 13 Shortages

Industries throughout the market are experiencing supply chain problems and Apple hasn’t been spared from this issue.  Shortages for iPhone 13 and its varieties have caused customers to give up their search for the phone with no end in sight for the turmoil in the market.