Siemens Energy Will Suffer Greater Losses Due to Russia

Siemens Energy will suffer greater losses than anticipated as a result of its Russia business.

Baidu Will Deploy Driverless Taxis in China

Baidu is poised to become the first company to deploy driverless taxis in China after winning regulatory approval.

DreamWorks Animation Plans to Open Source MoonRay Renderer

Dreamworks Animation has announced its intentions to open source its MoonRay renderer.

Oracle Layoffs Lead to ‘Complete Chaos’

Oracle’s layoffs have hit its marketing and customer experience (CX) divisions, causing chaos within the company.

DuckDuckGo Adds More Microsoft Tracking Protection, Now Better Than Ever

DuckDuckGo has added additional protection against Microsoft tracking, addressing concerns that were raised in May.

How to Increase Sales in Online Marketplaces

Increasing your sales online is important – read more below on how to increase sales to your online marketplaces.

Supply Chain Woes Leave GM With 95,000 Vehicles Waiting for Parts

Supply chain issues continue to plague the auto industry, with GM currently waiting for parts for some 95,000 vehicles.

Amazon Will Acquire iRobot for $1.7 Billion

Amazon has announced it will acquire iRobot, the maker of robot vacuum cleaners, for $1.7 billion.