Amazon Prime Day, Meet Walmart+ Weekend

Walmart is taking on one of Amazon’s biggest strengths with its own take on Prime Day: Walmart+ Weekend.

Google Map Employees Push Back on In-Office, Citing Commuting Costs

Google is once again receiving pushback on its return-to-office plans, with contract employees in its Maps division saying they can’t afford the commute back.

DC Attorney General Suing Mark Zuckerberg Over Cambridge Analytica

Washington D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine is suing Mark Zuckerberg over the Cambridge Analytica scandal in an effort to hold the CEO personally liable.

Activision Blizzard Employees Vote to Form a Union

In a first for a large US video game studio, Activision Blizzard employees have voted on unionization.

Canada Is the Last ‘Five Eyes’ Country to Ban Huawei

Canada is the latest country to ban Huawei, becoming the last of the so-called “Five Eyes” countries to do so.

4 Ways to Fuel Your Content Creation Process

Writer’s block is no fun – that’s why you need ways to fuel your content creation process. Learn more in the article below.

Senators Introduce Bill to Break Up Google and Meta

A bipartisan group of senators is taking aim at Google and Meta, introducing a bill that would break up the companies’ ad businesses.

Cloud Computing Market to Hit $750 Billion in 2027, Driven by Hybrid Cloud

The global cloud market is set to expand at a rapid pace, reaching $750 billion by 2027, thanks in large part to the growth of hybrid cloud options.