Amazon Backtracks on Key Climate Pledge

Amazon has backtracked on a key climate goal, eliminating its Shipment Zero pledge to be net-zero carbon across its shipments by 2030.

Ford Teams Up With Tesla to Use Its Supercharger Network

The two biggest rivals in the US electric vehicle market are teaming up, with Ford planning to use Tesla’s charging network.

Maximizing Sales and Revenue with Client Relationship Management Software

If you’re looking to maximize sales and revenue, it’s time to pick the right client relationship management software.

Lenovo’s Profits Tank Amid Declining PC Demand

In the latest evidence of the PC market’s troubles, Lenovo’s profits dropped a massive 75% in its latest quarterly results.

Bill Gates: Company That Cracks AI Assistants Will Reshape Industry

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has weighed in on AI, saying the company that launches the first real AI personal assistant will disrupt the industry.

The Golden Age Of Tech Is Over – Is There An Upside To The Exodus Of Tech Layoffs

Is the golden age of tech over? Learn more about how and where tech layoffs are occurring in the article below.

Apple Takes Page From Google, iPhone to Double As Smart Display

Apple appears to be taking a page from Google’s playbook, with plans to allow iPhones running iOS 17 to act as smart displays while locked.

Linux Distro Reviews: Pop!_OS

Pop!_OS is something of a unicorn in the Linux world, a distro that a hardware maker develops in an effort to offer a fully integrated experience.

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