Google Spending $1 Billion to ‘Reinvigorate’ Its UK Office Space

Google seems to have missed the memo on remote work being here to stay, with the company spending a whopping $1 billion to spruce up its UK offices.

El Salvador Increases Its Bitcoin Stake

El Salvador has taken advantage of bitcoin’s latest dip, increasing its stake by 410 coins.

Intel Confirms Ohio Semiconductor ‘Mega-Site’

Following reports Intel was looking to build two semiconductor plant in Ohio, the company has confirmed the news, calling it a “mega-site.”

Starting a Business? Everything You Need to Know About LLCs

An LLC is a cross between a corporation and a partnership; it is a common middle ground. Starting an LLC allows business owners to reap the benefits of both a sole proprietorship/partnership and a corporation, allowing them to reduce personal…

Google Analytics Is Illegal in Austria, Violates the GDPR

In what may be the first of many such rulings, Austria has ruled that Google Analytics violates the GDPR and is therefore illegal. CEO Returns — Much to Employees’ Chagrin

Vishal Garg, the CEO that laid off 900 workers via Zoom, is back after taking a leave of absence amid the backlash.

Verizon Home Internet Now Covers 20 Million Households

Verizon is continuing to expand its 5G Home Internet, with 20 million households now covered by Home Internet.

BlackRock CEO: ‘Where and How We Work Will Never Be the Same’

In his annual letter to CEOs, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says businesses should be prepared for pandemic-fueled workplace changes to be permanent.