How the Metaverse Will Affect Brand Loyalty

How will things play out in the metaverse when it comes to brand loyalty? Find out more information in the article below.

Googlebot Will Index the First 15MB of a Webpage

Google has clarified how its Googlebot ranks pages, saying it will automatically index the first 15MB of a page.

SpaceX Says Dish Network’s 5G Aspirations Could Render Starlink Internet ‘Unusable’

SpaceX has published an analysis raising alarms over Dish Network’s 5G network rollout, saying it will severely impact its own Starlink internet service.

Long-Form Twitter Notes Are Here

Twitter has unveiled its highly-anticipated Notes feature, giving users a way to write long-form content.

GitHub Is ‘Sunsetting’ Atom in Favor of Microsoft VS Code

GitHub has announced it is “sunsetting,” aka killing off, its popular Atom text editor with a view to replacing it with Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code).

DocuSign CEO Is Out, Stock Rebounds

DocuSign CEO Dan Springer is out as the company’s stock has tanked while the company struggles to return to its pandemic-fueled highs.

Cloudflare Outage Takes Out Hundreds of Sites

A major outage at content delivery network (CDN) Cloudflare has brought down some of the biggest sites on the web across a range of industries.

Microsoft May have Cut Russia Off From Windows Downloads

Amid ongoing sanctions on Russia, it appears Microsoft may have cut users off from Windows 10 and Windows 11 downloads.