Coinbase Notifications Were AWOL During Crypto Crash

Coinbase notifications were noticeably AWOL during the crypto crash, just when users needed them most.

Cisco Breached by Ransomware Gang, 2.75GB Reportedly Stolen

Cisco was hacked by a ransomware gang in May, with the criminals reportedly stealing 2.75GB of data and trying to extort the company.

Apple May Fire Employee for Helping a Customer

Apple isn’t winning any popularity contests by threatening to fire an employee for helping a customer.

ServiceNow CEO Says Cloud Computing Is Century’s ‘Pervasive Computing Theme’

ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott has called cloud computing the “pervasive computing theme of the 21st century.”

Dutch Authorities Arrest Suspected Tornado Cash Developer

In an unusual twist in crypto news, an individual has been arrested by Dutch authorities over suspicion of being a Tornado Cash developer.

Corporate Code Theft From Indie Developers Likely Widespread

Patrick Wardle has a problem — his code keeps turning up in commercial software projects without his permission.

Don’t Want GM OnStar? Too Bad…GM Makes It a Mandatory Option

Car and trucker buyers shopping for some GM models, but wanting to avoid OnStar, are out of luck.

DreamWorks Animation Plans to Open Source MoonRay Renderer

Dreamworks Animation has announced its intentions to open source its MoonRay renderer.