Google Exec Takes Aim At Microsoft Over EU Cloud Complaints

A Google executive is once again calling out Microsoft for charging EU customers more for its software if they use a competing cloud platform.

Reddit’s New API Policy May Kill Apollo and Other Third-Party Apps

Reddit’s new policy of charging for API access may kill off some of the most popular third-party apps, despite earlier promises to the contrary.

FAA Takes Steps to Prevent Database Errors That Grounded Flights

The US Federal Aviation Administration has implemented safeguards to prevent database errors that grounded flights in January.

Microsoft Details macOS Vulnerability That Could Bypass SIP

Microsoft has provided details on a new macOS vulnerability, one that could be used to bypass System Integrity Protection (SIP).

Microsoft’s Appeal of the UK’s Activision Decision Set for July

Microsoft is appealing the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority decision to block its Activision Blizzard acquisition, with the hearing set for July.

OpenAI CEO Signs Open Letter Warning of AI-Caused ‘Extinction’

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has signed an open letter warning of the dangers AI poses, including the extinction of humanity.

Nvidia Is the First $1Trillion Chipmaker

Nvidia has crossed a major milestone, becoming the first chipmaker to join the trillion-dollar club.

Oracle Has a ‘Cloud-First’ Problem As Rivals Threaten Its Database Dominance

Oracle may be the undisputed king of the database market, but cloud-first rivals are threatening that dominance with cheaper, more flexible options.

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