World View Pioneering Ballooning Technology to Access Space

World View is pioneering new ballooning technologies to access space at less cost and more safely than rocket systems. The goal, according to  World View CEO Jane Poynter, is to eventually take people into space. The company is already taking payloads via The Stratollite to near space and uniquely holding over an area of interest for days, weeks and even months.

Lance Armstrong Invested Early in Uber and May Now be a Billionaire

Lance Armstrong says that he was one of the original Uber investors staking them $100,000 at a valuation of just $3.7 million. There are reports that Uber’s projected IPO will value the company at $120 billion. Armstrong wouldn’t say what percent of Uber he still owns but it is conceivable that his stake could be worth $1 billion or more today.

Walmart CEO: Company is Becoming More Digital

The CEO of Walmart Doug McMillion says that the company has a lot of work going on to change the company. He says that the company is becoming more digital and is changing how they work from within to get faster, more nimble, and adapt to what’s happening in retail.

This 7-Year-Old Kid Raked in $22 Million Reviewing Toys on YouTube

A 7-year-old is proving that you’re never too young to become an entrepreneur. Ryan, the star of Ryan ToysReview, is reported to be the highest-paid person on YouTube. According to a Forbes report, the tyke has made $22 million from…

What Are the Security Risks of the Internet of Things?

IBM Resilient CTO and internet security guru Bruce Schneier takes a look at the security risks of the Internet of Things in his latest video. He brings up an interesting and rather disconcerting point, IoT devices tend to do critical things like turn on and off power or drive your car, so preventing hacking is even more critical with IoT than typical computers.

Salesforce CEO: Incredible Wave, Global Phenomenon of Digital Transformation

Cloud adoption is just in the very early days says Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block. He says that over the last few years we’ve been in a perfect storm of cloud and mobile and data science and artificial intelligence coming together that have given companies the opportunity to reinvent themselves and reinvent their business models.

Microsoft President: We Want the People Who Serve This Country to Know That We Have Their Back

Microsoft wants people to know that that they consider it their civic responsibility to provide the very best technology possible to the United States military. Microsoft President Brad Smith says that we want this country, especially the people who serve this country to know that we at Microsoft have their back.

Microsoft Reportedly Plans to Replace Edge With Chrome-Like Browser

It appears that Microsoft is ready to raise the white flag. After years of trying, and failing, to make Windows 10 users embrace the merits of the Edge browser, the company is now reportedly set to replace it with a…

How to Figure Out What Your Potential Customers Really Want

It doesn’t matter how good your product is or whether you offer the best service. Consumers will not purchase it or hire you if they don’t want or need what you’re offering. You also won’t be able to convince anyone…

Bank of America CEO: Digitalization Is Not Something That’s Coming, It Already Exists

Digitalization is not something that’s coming, this is something that already exists, says Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan. He says that 25 percent of their sales are done on digital. Moynihan says his goal is to bring the whole banking system to the digital age to make it more efficient for customers.


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