What’s In a Name? Linux Kernel 6.0 RC-1 Is Here

Linus Torvalds has announced the first release candidate for version 6.0 of the Linux kernel, but it’s not much different than the current 5.19.

Startup Helmed by WeWork Ex-CEO Is Andreessen Horowitz’s Biggest Gamble

Andreessen Horowitz is making its largest single investment in a startup helmed by Adam Neumann, WeWork’s ex-CEO.

AT&T Employees Push Back Against Return-to-Office Plans

AT&T employees are pushing back against the company’s return-to-office (RTO) plans, saying they can do their work just fine from home.

Walmart and Paramount Reach Agreement for Streaming Bundle

Walmart has reached an agreement to bundle Paramount+ as part of its Walmart+ membership that aims to compete with Amazon Prime.

PSA: macOS Users Should Update Zoom Immediately

Zoom has released an update to its macOS client that fixes a severe vulnerability, one that could give a user root access.

Get Ready for More Ads on Your iPhone and Mac

In a move that is sure to upset users, Apple may be preparing to bring far more ads to its iPhone and Mac platforms.

Dan Price: ‘Only American Workers Made to Feel Guilty for PTO’

Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price has some strong words for the American workplace, saying it’s unique in making workers feel bad for paid time off.

AWS Private 5G Launches With 4G Service

AWS has launched its Private 5G service, although it currently only supports the older 4G LTE.