Amazon Freezes Corporate Retail Hiring for Remainder of 2022

Amazon is continuing its hiring freezes, pausing hiring in corporate retail for the remainder of 2022.

Digital Agency Growth: Navigating Growth for the Future

The future of small business is looking bright. Look ahead to the future of digital agency growth trends below.

Facebook Is Shutting Down Its Bulletin Newsletter Platform

Facebook is shutting down its Bulletin newsletter platform as the company looks to cut costs.

Elon Musk Reportedly Wants to Proceed With Original Twitter Deal

In what may be the most pointless legal exercise ever, Elon Musk now wants to proceed with his original deal to buy Twitter.

Disney Channels Are Back on Dish and Sling TV

Dish Network and Sling TV customers once again have access to Disney-owned channels after the two companies reached a tentative agreement.

Google Translate Shuts Down in China

Google Translate has shut down in China, leaving users without one of the best online translation services available.

LA School Systems Refuses to Pay Ransom, Hackers Release Data

Hackers followed through on their threats, releasing private information after the LA School system refused to pay a ransom.

The Pentagon Has a Bug Bounty Problem

The Pentagon has a bug bounty problem that can best be summed up with: the Pentagon is cheap.