Elon Musk Accuses Twitter of Running a ‘Scheme’

Elon Musk is firing back in his legal battle with Twitter, accusing the social media company of scheming to mislead investors.

Latest OBS Studio Beta Brings Apple Silicon Support

The latest beta of OBS Studio has been released, and it brings native Apple Silicon support.

GitLab Will Remove Dormant Projects From Free Accounts

GitLab is preparing to auto-delete dormant projects from free accounts in what is being billed as a major cost-saving measure.

GM Will Double Its Super Cruise Network

GM is expanding its hands-free driving technology, Super Cruise, so it can be used on hundreds of thousands of miles of additional roads.

TSMC Warns a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Would Shut It Down

TSMC is sounding the warning about a potential Chinese invasion, saying such an eventually would effectively shut down the chipmaker.

Verizon Connect Makes Fleet Management Easier with AI Dashcam

Verizon Connect has unveiled its latest innovation, AI Dashcam, in an effort to help fleet managers improve safety.

Email Syncing: What is it and Why You Need it

Email syncing: what is it and why do you need it? Learn more about this in the article referenced here below.

Linus Torvalds Is Using an M2 MacBook Air

Linus Torvalds is using an M2 MacBook Air, using the machine to push out the latest Linux kernel 5.19.