Farmers Group New CEO Reneged on Remote Work, Employees Revolted

Insurance company Farmers Group is facing an employee revolt after its new CEO reneged on the company’s remote work promises.

TSA Is Expanding Facial Recognition in Airports

TSA is expanding a controversial facial recognition program in airports around the US, raising concerns among travelers and lawmakers alike.

‘Very Strange’ Corporate Structure Rules Out OpenAI IPO

Investors looking to cash in on an OpenAI IPO are in for a disappointment, with CEO Sam Altman saying the company’s structure rules it out for now.

US Has No National Cyber Director and the White House Is Silent About It

The US has yet to fill the role of National Cyber Director in the four months since Chris Inglis resigned, and it’s worrying some lawmakers.

Microsoft Agrees to $20 Million Settlement With FTC Over Kids’ Data on the Xbox

The Federal Trade Commission announced it has reached a settlement agreement with Microsoft for $20 million over how it handled kids’ data on the Xbox.

SEC Sues Binance and Founder Changpeng Zhao

The SEC has filed a suit against Binance, its various entities, and founder Changpeng Zhao, claiming they are guilty of a “calculated evasion of the law.”

EU Pushes For Companies to Label AI-Generated Content

The European Union is pushing for Google, Meta, and other companies to label AI-generated content in an effort to combat misinformation.

Apple Introduces Vision Pro, ‘A Revolutionary Spatial Computer’

Apple kicked off WWDC with a bang, introducing its highly anticipated virtual reality (VR) platform, calling it a “revolutionary spatial computer.”

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