France Bans Short Flights Over Environmental Concerns

France has taken a step to address climate change, banning short-haul domestic flights where travel by train is a viable option.

Google Extends Bug Bounty to Its First-Party Android Apps

Google is extending its bug bounty program to include first-party Android apps, paying high prices for discovered vulnerabilities.

Bill Gates: Company That Cracks AI Assistants Will Reshape Industry

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has weighed in on AI, saying the company that launches the first real AI personal assistant will disrupt the industry.

The Golden Age Of Tech Is Over – Is There An Upside To The Exodus Of Tech Layoffs

Is the golden age of tech over? Learn more about how and where tech layoffs are occurring in the article below.

Microsoft Is Bringing Windows Copilot AI to Windows 11

Microsoft has announced Windows Copilot AI for Windows 11, expanding its rollout of AI technology across its platforms.

Meta Is Selling Giphy for a Massive Loss

Meta is selling Giphy for a staggering loss in the hundreds of millions after the UK’s regulator forced a sale.

Caffeine May Impact Gut Health Unexpected Discovery Finds

Studies are showing that caffeine may impact gut health. Learn more about this new trends in the article below.

TikTok Sues Montana Over Ban

Predictably, TikTok has filed a lawsuit against Montana in an effort to reverse that state’s ban on the social media platform.

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