Amazon Warehouse
Amazon Makes Major Workplace Change in Alleged Attempt to Combat Unionization

Amazon is prohibiting off-duty warehouse workers from entering its buildings in an alleged effort to combat unionization.

Netflix Games - Credit Netflix
Netflix Lays Off An Additional 300 Employees

The hits keep on coming for Netflix, and not the blockbuster kind, as the company lays off an additional 300 employees.

Google has done it again, firing another high-profile Black woman — only this time the very woman it hired to increase Black recruitment.
Google Settles Wage Discrimination Suit For $118 Million

Google is paying $118 million to settle a lawsuit over wage discrimination impacting more than 15,500 employees.

Intel's Proposed German Factory - Credit Intel
Intel the Latest Company to Implement a Hiring Freeze

Intel joins a growing list of companies that have initiated a freeze on hiring over fears of an impending economic downturn.

Microsoft Building
Microsoft Overhauls HR Policies, Will Conduct Civil Rights Audit

Microsoft is revamping its HR policies, introducing sweeping changes on a number of fronts as the company works to set itself apart from its fellow tech companies.

Microsoft’s Alex Kipman Resigning Following Allegations, Raising Questions About Nadella

One of Microsoft’s “golden boy” executives, Alex Kipman, is resigning following a scathing report on inappropriate behavior and misconduct.

Microsoft Office Building
Microsoft Hiring Slows, Major Team’s Headcount Cut

In yet another sign of an impending economic downturn, Microsoft has significantly cut hiring, impacting even high-profile teams.

Office Space - Image by StartupStockPhotos
Unique Job Market Is Hampering Companies’ RTO Plans

Despite companies’ best efforts, few have been able to successfully enforce their return-to-office (RTO) policies, thanks in large part to the state of the job market.

Amazon Warehouse
Amazon Working On Its Largest-Ever Warehouse in California

California is about to be home to Amazon’s largest warehouse yet, one coming in at nearly 4.1 million square feet.

Elon Musk: People With MBAs Want To Parachute Into Being The Boss
Elon Musk Wants to Cut 10% of Tesla Staff

Elon Musk has reportedly sent an email to executives saying he has a “super bad feeling” about the economy and wants to cut jobs by 10% and freeze hiring.