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T-Mobile Will Fine Vendors $2,000 For Illegal Spam Texts
T-Mobile is continuing its war on spam texts, telling vendors it will beginning fining them $2,000 per incident for illegal spam texts sent via its ne...
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Mint Mobile Suffered a Data Breach, Customer Data Exposed
Mint Mobile says it has suffered a data breach, one that exposed personal data of an undisclosed number of its customers....
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Congress Wants to Help Rural Telecoms Replace Chinese Equipment
A bipartisan bill in the US House of Representatives would provide money for rural telecoms to replace equipment made by Chinese companies....
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T-Mobile Abandons Plan to Force Customers to Upgrade Their Plans
T-Mobile has officially abandoned plans to force customers to upgrade to more expensive plans following predictable blowback....
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Huawei’s Advanced Chip Likely Made With ASML Tech
Huawei appears to be using tech from Dutch firm ASML to create advanced chips that took the West by surprise....
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T-Mobile Backtracks On Automatic Upgrade to More Expensive Plans
T-Mobile is backtracking on a controversial plan to automatically upgrade users to more expensive plans....
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T-Mobile Is Automatically Moving Users to Newer, More Expensive Plans
T-Mobile is unveiling a new take on its "Un-carrier" approach, automatically migrating users to newer, more expensive plans....
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Raimondo: No Evidence China Can Produce 7nm Chips At Scale
Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo doesn't believe China can produce 7nm chips at scale, despite Huawei's recent announcement....
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Comcast Is Selling Its 600 MHz 5G Spectrum to T-Mobile
Comcast has announced it is selling its 600 MHz 5G spectrum to T-Mobile, a move that will help the magenta carrier improve its nationwide 5G network....
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Apple’s Modem Plans In Trouble As Company Signs Three-Year Deal With Qualcomm
Apple's plans to use its own modems and end reliance on Qualcomm appear to be struggling as the iPhone maker signs a new three-year deal with Qualcomm...
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South Korean Telco: 5G Has Been a Failure
South Korean telco SK Telecom has weighed in on the status of 5G, saying the next-gen wireless standard has largely been a failure....
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Verizon Customers Hit With Slow Data
Verizon customers across the US are being hit with slow data speeds, beginning Wednesday evening and continuing into Thursday....
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SpaceX Taps Cloudflare to Speed Up Starlink
SpaceX is partnering with Cloudflare to improve the speed of its Starlink satellite internet services....
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Verizon Is Rolling Out Its 5G C-Band Sooner Than Expected
In a bit of good news for Verizon customers, the company has announced it is deploying its 5G C-band spectrum sooner than expected....
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Microsoft Officially Launches Azure Operator Nexus
Microsoft has announced the general availability of its Microsoft Azure Operator Nexus, a version of Azure aimed at telecom operators....
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Nokia Introduces Two New High-End Feature Phones
Nokia has introduced two high-end phones reminiscent of those that once put the company at the top of the cellphone market....
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Amazon Brings $25/mo Wireless Phone Service to Prime Members
After weeks of rumors, Amazon has finally unveiled its wireless phone plans for Amazon Prime members....
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Verizon’s Older Plans Are Getting a Price Hike
Verizon is raising prices on its older plans, although tablet, smart watches, and other device lines will not be impacted....
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Verizon Is Raising the Price of Its Home Internet
Verizon is raising the price of its 5G and 4G wireless home internet service at the end of the summer....
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Prepare For Flight Delays As Airlines Are Poised to Miss 5G Deadline
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is warning that passengers may be in for flight delays as airlines are poised to miss their 5G deadline....
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