Oracle CIO: Every Enterprise Has the Security it Deserves

Every Enterprise has the security it deserves, says Oracle CIO Mark Sunday. “It begins at the very top. It truly begins with the board, CEO, and the Executive Committee to set the culture and to ensure that the people, process, technology, and the governance processes are in place to ensure the security of customers, companies, and employees information.”

EU Governments Nextcloud - Credit Nextcloud
EU Governments Are Looking to Nextcloud to Escape Microsoft

EU governments are turning to Nextcloud to provide an alternative to Microsoft SharePoint and Google Workspace.

Windows 11 Widgets
It’s Not Just You: Windows Updates Are Failing

Microsoft Windows users are experiencing major problems updating their systems, with updates failing without explanation.

Ubuntu on Laptop
Ubuntu Pro Is Now Available to Everyone

Canonical has announced the general availability of Ubuntu Pro, a security subscription service for the popular Linux distro.

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft’s January 2023 Security Update Fixes 98 Vulnerabilities

Microsoft has released the January 2023 Security Update, fixing 98 vulnerabilities, including one zero-day exploit.

Windows 11 Widgets
Windows Bug Could Result In Data Loss on Newer PCs

Microsoft is warning a bug in the latest versions of Windows could result in data loss when combined with some newer PCs.

Windows 10 Start Menu Dark Theme - Credit: Microsoft
Have Eight Hours? Windows Will Need That Long to Update

Windows updates are about to get much longer, with Microsoft saying the OS needs at least eight hours to properly update.

Linux - Image by OpenClipart-Vectors
Linux Vulnerability Discovered Impacting All Major Distros

A major Linux vulnerability, impacting virtual all major distributions (distros), has been discovered, allowing a bad actor to obtain root privileges.

Ransomware - Image by Pete Linforth
Hive Ransomware Now Targets Linux and FreeBSD

Linux and FreeBSD are being targeted by the latest version of Hive ransomware.

VPN - Image by Dan Nelson
New York Times: ‘Stop Paying for a VPN’

Writing for the New York Times, Brian X. Chen makes the case that it’s time to stop paying for VPNs.

Go Passwordless With Microsoft - Credit Microsoft
Ditch the Password for Your Microsoft Account

Microsoft has announced that users can ditch the password for their accounts, a move that brings a new level of convenience and security.

Cloudflare Pivots Way From Intel in Next-Gen Servers

Cloudflare is the latest company to ditch Intel, announcing it will not be using the company’s processors in its next generation servers.

Cybersecurity - Image by VIN JD
Unpatched SSL VPN Vulnerabilities From 2019 Still Being Exploited

Three SSL VPN vulnerabilities are being actively exploited, despite being disclosed in 2019 and patched by January 2020.

Researchers Gain Access to Thousands of Microsoft Azure Customer Databases

Researchers from security firm Wiz have gained access to thousands of Microsoft Azure customer databases, demonstrating a major security flaw.

Another Week, Another Round of Serious Google Chrome Security Flaws

In what is becoming a regular occurrence, Google has issued another Chrome update to fix a number of issues, including seven serious security flaws.

Woman at Workstatino - Image by StartupStockPhotos
Keystrokes and Mouse Clicks: Amazon’s Plan to Monitor Customer Service Staff

Amazon is rolling out a sweeping monitoring program, with the goal of tracking the keystrokes and mouse clicks of its customer service staff.

Google Cloud
Google Cloud Unveils Unattended Project Recommender

Google Cloud is making it easier to recover resources from abandoned projects with its Unattended Project Recommender.

Google Cloud
Google Cloud Unveils New Tools to Unify Data

Google Cloud has unveiled its latest innovations, aimed at helping companies unify database, analytics and AI.

Attorney General Garland - Credit DOJ
DOJ and DHS Launch Website to Help Ransomware Victims

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have launched as a one-stop cybersecurity resource.

Cybersecurity - Image by VIN JD
Experts Warn of Ongoing Danger Despite REvil Going Dark

Ransomware gang REvil may have gone dark, with its sites offline, but experts are warning against becoming complacent.