Microsoft 365
Microsoft Ends Office 2010 and Office 2016 for Mac Support

Microsoft has ended support for Office 2010, as well as Office 2016 for Mac, and is instead pushing users toward Microsoft 365.

US Joins International Call For Encryption Backdoors

Once again, the US is calling for weakened encryption, along with the Five Eyes, Japan and India.

Windows 10 May Block Drivers That Are Not Verified

Microsoft unveiled a major change as part of its Patch Tuesday yesterday, indicating some drivers may no longer work.

Windows 10
Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Update to Address Swollen Batteries

Microsoft has released an update to Windows 10 in an effort to help prevent some HP laptops from experiencing swollen batteries.

Microsoft and Datadog Announce Partnership to Secure Azure

Microsoft and Datadog have announced a partnership that will see Datadog be a first-class service in Azure Portal.

Windows 10
New Windows 10 Feature Will Detect Failing SSD

Microsoft has announced Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20226 with feature designed to help monitor the health of SSD storage.

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft 365 Outage Impacting Users

Microsoft has experienced an embarrassing outage of its premier office suite, right as people are relying on it more than ever.

Cyber Security
Homeland Security Issues Warning On Critical Windows Server Bug

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is warning of a Windows Server bug that can give hackers access to any machine on a network.

Proofpoint CEO Gary Steele: Working From Home Changes Face Of Work
Proofpoint CEO: Working From Home Changes Face Of Work

This work from home economy is going to change the face of work. Security leaders and organizations are going to need to figure out how do you defend people when they are sitting at home working from their couch.

WSJ: Microsoft Partners With Startups To Win Cloud War
WSJ: Microsoft Partners With Startups To Win Cloud War

In the latest deal, Abnormal Security, Azure customers can purchase Abnormal Security directly via Microsoft co-sell and through the Azure Marketplace. Microsoft says that all purchases count towards enterprise Azure commitments.