Larry Ellison’s Pitch for the Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle just released a new video commercial for the Oracle Autonomous Database featuring Oracle co-founder, executive chairman, and chief technology officer Larry Ellison.

Hopper CEO Says that their Travel App Predicts Future Prices via Big Data and AI

Hopper, an AI-driven prediction travel app that competes with Priceline and Expedia, is somewhat under the radar but actually has been around for over 3 years and has over 30 million users.

Microsoft: It’s a Historic Time as the Whole Health Industry Moves to the Cloud

Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Healthcare, says “It’s a historic time right now with whole health industry moving to the cloud.”

Inventor of the Web Reveals Disruptive Plan to Solve Data Security Issues

Berners-Lee and his partner John Bruce have just unveiled their new startup, Inrupt. The company aims to change the internet and fulfill Berners-Lee’s vision of a free web where people have control of their data.

Rapid7 CEO: We Have Not Designed Our Technology Ecosystem to be 100% Secure

The recent massive data breach at Facebook have brought to focus that if one of largest technology companies in the world can have their data compromised then any company, large or small, is vulnerable.

How to Use Data to Become Incredibly Customer Centric

Steve Stone, former CIO of L Brands and Lowes, recently discussed how retailers can use data to serve their customers better and become incredibly customer centric.

How To Quickly and Easily Deploy IBM MQ On AWS

Here is a quick tutorial that will help you easily deploy IBM MQ on AWS as a managed service on AWS. Waleed (Woz) Arshad shows you how quick and easy it is to get started. 

Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses are on the Rise, Here’s How to Stay Safe

While recent data breaches on large enterprises like Home Depot, Target, and Yahoo made headlines worldwide, a 2016 report by cybersecurity firm Symantec revealed that 43 percent of cybercrimes actually target small businesses.

Oracle’s Autonomous Database Cloud is a Huge Technological Advantage

The release by Oracle of its AI-powered Autonomous Database Cloud earlier this year and adding Transactional Processing last week is huge for Oracle and its customers who need this cutting edge technology.

How IBM Watson AI Technology Was Used at the US Open

At the Streaming Media East 2018 conference, David Clevinger, Senior Director, Product Management & Strategy, IBM Cloud Video, discussed how Watson’s AI technology was used at the recently concluded US Open Tennis Championship.

Cybersecurity is Rapidly Changing

“It’s time we bring this to all defenders, not just customers of a certain organization. Carbon Black is on a mission to make the world safe from cyber attacks.

For HR, the Key to the Future is Embracing Technology for the Betterment of Humans

Anything that cannot be automated or digitized becomes more valuable and that is going to be the tough part for HR. We are moving to a world where emotional intelligence is becoming just as important as IQ for HR managers.

Google Reportedly Allows App Developers to Read the Private Messages of Gmail Users

A new report from the Wall Street Journal has revealed that third-party app developers have…

Microsoft is Reportedly on the Verge of Acquiring Github

Microsoft is reportedly in acquisition talks with GitHub, according to sources privy to the matter.…

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Leaked Facebook User Data Caused by Browser Vulnerability

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox might have inadvertently leaked the Facebook usernames, profile pictures and…

AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Neptune

Amazon Web Services (AWS)  rolled out its graph database service in a number of egions including…