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US Judge Shuts Down Montana’s TikTok Ban
A US judge has sided with TikTok, shutting down a ban by the state of Montana, the first state-wide ban in the US....
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Meta Is Finally Bringing Threads To The EU
Meta is finally bringing its Threads platform to the EU, a move that was likely delayed over privacy concerns....
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Fubo Nabs Long-Time Spotify Exec As Head of Product Design
Fubo announced it has recruited Dan Sormaz as Senior Vice President of Design, tapping into the exec's two decades of design experience....
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Headlines Are Coming Back to X Posts
Elon Musk has revealed that X will bring headlines back to X posts in an upcoming release....
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YouTube Slows Performance For Ad-Blocking Users
YouTube continues its war on ad blockers, slowing performance for users who visit the site with ad-blocking plugins enabled....
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Google Is Killing Magazine Support In Google News
Fans of reading digital magazines in Google News are in for a disappointment, with the company announcing it is ending support in December....
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YouTube Premium Members Gain Early Access to AI Features
YouTube has revealed that Premium subscribers now have early access to some of the AI features the company is incorporating into the media platform....
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Yahoo Search Poised to Debut Early Next Year
Yahoo's return to the search engine landscape appears to be taking shape, with the company planning its debut in early 2024....
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Snapchat May Soon Offer a ‘Friends & Family’ Plan
Snapchat may be prepping a "Friends & Family" subscription plan, according to information spotted in the code of a beta version....
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German Court Deals Blow to Netflix In Broadcom Patent Dispute
A German court has dealt Netflix a major blow, ordering the streaming giant to stop using H.265 video encoding for 4K streaming....
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Amazon Brings One Medical to Prime Members For $9 a Month
Amazon continues its foray into the health services market, making One Medical services available to Prime members for $9 per month....
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A Look at Modern Subscription Models
If you've been looking for a list of the best modern day subscription models, you've come to the right place. See more below....
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4 Ways To Boost Productivity and Collaboration for Your Business
If you have been looking for the right productivity and collaboration for your business, you have come to the right place....
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Google Kills Web DRM Proposal
Google has killed its plans for Web Environment Integrity API, a feature critics warned could serve as a DRM for the web....
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Harnessing the Power of User-Generated Content for Brand Advocacy
Learn more about how to harness the power of user generated content for brand advocacy in the article below....
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3 Challenges of AI in Content Translation
What are the main challenges when it comes to AI content translation? Check out the following narrative for more. ...
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10 Tips for Better-Ranking Content
Need some helpful tips for better ranking content? Check out the following helpful information in the article below. ...
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OpenAI: AI Content Detectors Don’t Work
OpenAI has thrown cold water on those hoping for an easy way to detect AI-generated content, saying such tools don't work....
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How ChatGPT Can Transform Your Content Writing Process?
How can ChatGPT transform your current content writing process? Learn some more helpful tips in the article below....
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Microsoft Will Block Unauthorized Xbox Accessories
Microsoft will begin blocking unauthorized Xbox accessories in an effort to preserve the gaming experience....
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