Firefox Lockwise
Mozilla Pulling the Plug on Firefox Lockwise

Mozilla is killing off its Firefox Lockwise password manager, with the end-of-life (EOL) date set for December 13, 2021.

business apps
Make Starting a Business Easier With the Right Business Apps

Many people dream about starting their own business, but very few work hard enough on…

TestFlight App Store Listing
TestFlight for macOS Now Available

Apple has released TestFlight for macOS, making the utility available on the Mac for the first time.

Microsoft Loop
Microsoft Announces Loop, a Fluid-Powered Collaboration Tool

Microsoft’s vision for the future of remote and hybrid work is taking shape with its announcement of Loop, a new collaboration tool based on Fluid.

Dropbox Botches Response to M1 Macs, Says Native Version Coming

Dropbox stirred up a controversy of its own making, indicating it had no intention of supporting Apple’s M1 chips before finally clarifying that it did.

Blender Logo - Credit Blender
Apple Has Joined the Blender Development Fund

Apple has joined the Blender Development Fund, to help support the popular open source 3D graphics software.

Google Maps - Image by Deepanker Verma
Google Maps Now Features Eco-Friendly Routing

Google Maps has introduced a new feature, eco-friendly routing, to help individuals be a little greener in their travels.

Telegram Group Video Calls - Credit Telegram
Telegram a Casualty of Facebook’s Woes

Telegram was an unlikely casualty Facebook’s troubles Monday, as people flocked to the messaging service, slowing it down.

CBP Adopting Wickr, Amazon’s Encrypted Chat App

Amazon has scored a major contract with US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), with the agency adopting Amazon’s Wickr platform.

Epic Game Store - Credit Microsoft
Microsoft Store Will Allow Third-Party Stores

Microsoft has announced a major new feature of the Microsoft Store, revealing it will be open to third-party stores.