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Accelerating startup success: the role of MVP in agile software Development
Software development is fast. Take a look at the role of MVP in agile software Development in the following narrative below....
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Why Outsource Software Product Development?
What are the benefits of your business deciding to outsource software product development? Learn some tips below....
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JetBrains Announces RustOver, a Dedicated IDE for Rust Devs
JetBrains, makers of the popular IntelliJ IDE, have announced RustOver, a new IDE aimed specifically at Rust development....
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Exploring the Latest Trends in Custom Software Development
It is time for exploring trends in custom software development. Learn more about what is best for you in the article below....
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‘Actual’ Personal Finance App Goes Open-Source, Highlights Developer Challenges
Actual developer James Long has announced his Actual personal finance app will be going open-source, citing the difficulties in making a success of a ...
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WhatsApp Is Adding Cross-Platform Chat Protection
WhatsApp users are getting a major privacy upgrade, with the app adding the ability to protect your chats across platforms...
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VS Code Is Broken On Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Microsoft's latest VS Code update has broken the application on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, leaving many in a bind and looking for solutions since there was no ...
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WhatsApp Preps AirDrop Competitor
WhatsApp is preparing to launch a feature that competes with AirDrop, making it easier to share files....
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Venerable Mac Text Editor BBEdit Adds ChatGPT Support
BBEdit, the venerable Mac text editor that has defined the category for over 30 years, has added ChatGPT support in the latest version....
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LastPass Forces All Users To Upgrade To 12-Character Master Passwords
In the wake of a devastating data breach, LastPass is forcing all customers to upgrade their master passwords to include at least 12 characters....
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Apollo Developer Launches ‘Language Pal’ iOS Widget
Apollo developer Christian Selig is on to his next project, announcing an iOS widget to help users learn a new language....
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WhatsApp Rolls Out Disappearing Voice Messages
WhatsApp has rolled out disappearing voice messages, offering another privacy option for its users....
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Microsoft Is Working to Make Teams Muting/Unmuting Easier
Microsoft is working to make it much easier to mute and unmute calls in Teams....
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Full-Quality Photos and Videos Come to WhatsApp On iOS
WhatsApp is finally delivering full-quality photos and videos for iOS users, although Android users are still left waiting....
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Google Messages Tops 1 Billion Monthly RCS Users
Google has passed a significant milestone, registering more than one billion monthly active RCS users....
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The CIO Is Now Central To The Business Strategy
The CIO now has become front and center and central to the business strategy, says Aongus Hegarty, President of International Markets at Dell Technolo...
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Today Is The Last Day To Save Old Gmail Accounts
Today is the last day to save old, unused Gmail accounts, with Google planning to begin deletions December 2023....
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Roundcube Joins Nextcloud
Roundcube, the webmail option that features a desktop client-like interface, is joining forces with Nextcloud....
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Microsoft Edge Teases a New ‘Declutter Your Sidebar’ Feature
Microsoft is testing a feature designed to "declutter your sidebar," giving users a way of keeping their experience a little more organized....
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Microsoft Edge for Business Enters Private Preview
Microsoft has announced that its Microsoft Edge for Business has entered private preview, giving businesses an opportunity to put it through its paces...
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