Microsoft Teams Security
Microsoft Brings Collaborative Security to Teams

Microsoft is beefing up Teams’ security features as the platform is increasingly used to share sensitive information.

Typing on Computer Keyboard - Image by Victoria Loveland
AutoCAD Comes to Apple Silicon

Autodesk has announced the latest version of AutoCAD for the Mac, bringing support for Apple Silicon Macs.

Zoom IQ - Credit Zoom
Zoom Adds OpenAI Tech to Help Users Catch Up in Meetings

Zoom is the latest company to add OpenAI’s tech into its product as it continues to evolve its Zoom IQ smart companion.

Midjourney 5 Revolutionizes AI-Generated Images

Midjourney has become arguably the most popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) for text-to-image generation.

Apple Music Sing - Credit Apple
Apple Music Is Showing Other People’s Playlists

Apple Music seems to be experiencing a bug that causes other users’ playlists to show up in random users’ libraries.

Microsoft Loop - Credit Microsoft
Microsoft Loop Online Collaboration Tool Is Available

Microsoft has taken the wraps off of Loop, the company’s online collaboration tool, making it available in public preview.

WhatsApp Adds New Group Features

WhatsApp has added new group features, including improved control over group privacy and better community features.

Windows 11 Widgets
Microsoft Is Taking a ‘Principled Approach’ to Changing Default Apps

Microsoft is going to make it much easier for users to change their default apps, adopting a “principled approach.”

Amazon May Be Working On An AI-Powered Web Browser

Amazon may be looking to disrupt the web browser market with an AI-powered entry in what could be a major threat to established players.

Samsung Max VPN
Samsung Max VPN Collects Your Private Data and Sells It

Users relying on Samsung’s Max VPN should look for other options to keep their data private and safe.

Aongus Hegarty, President of International Markets at Dell Technologies
The CIO Is Now Central To The Business Strategy

The CIO now has become front and center and central to the business strategy, says Aongus Hegarty, President of International Markets at Dell Technologies. There has been a fundamental change in the role of the CIO.

Microsoft Outlook for Mac - Credit Microsoft
Microsoft Outlook for Mac Is Now Free for All

Microsoft has surprised Mac users by making its Outlook email and calendar app free, with no license or Microsoft 365 requirement.

Microsoft Edge Brings Video Upscaling With to Low-Quality Videos

Microsoft Edge users are getting a useful new feature that will allow them to upscale old, low-quality videos

Microsoft Is Bringing iMessage to Windows

Microsoft plans to bring iMessage support to Windows 11 via Phone Link for iOS, although it will have some limitations.

LibreOffice macOS Dark Mode - Credit The Document Foundation
LibreOffice 7.5.1 Brings Improved Dark Mode, 90+ Bug Fixes

The Document Foundation has released the latest version of LibreOffice, bringing more than 90 bug fixes and improved Dark Mode.

Microsoft Angering Users With Overly-Aggressive Edge Ads

Microsoft is hell-bent on keeping people using its Edge web browser, resorting to overly-aggressive ads to accomplish its goal.

Google Chrome 110 - Credit Google
Google Chrome 110 Brings Major Optimizations

Google has released version 110 of its Chrome web browser, bringing significant memory and battery improvements.

Microsoft Teams E2EE - Credit Microsoft
Get Ready For a Major Microsoft Teams Performance Boost

Microsoft Teams is on the verge of receiving a major performance boost thanks to a complete rewrite that should be released next month.

Internet Explorer
Microsoft Is Disabling Internet Explorer on Windows 10 Today

Microsoft is disabling Internet Explorer from most Windows 10 installations today, putting another nail in the old browser’s coffin.

Google Photos
PSA: iOS 16.3.1 Breaks Google Photos

Google Photos appears to be randomly breaking for some users on iOS 16.3.1, with users advised to wait before upgrading.