Google Chrome iPad
Google Is Prepping an iOS Browser That Uses Chrome’s Engine

Google’s engineers are reportedly working on an iOS version of Chrome that will use Chrome’s Blink rendering engine instead of iOS WebKit.

Upcoming Versions of Chrome May Translate Text in Images

Google is working on a major new Chrome feature, one that would translate text directly within pictures and images.

Google Calendar - Credit Google
Google Calendar Gets Major Upgrade to Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

Google has rolled out a major update to Calendar, one that will make it easier for users to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Hackers Stole LastPass Encryption Key

The news from LastPass keeps getting worse, with parent company GoTo admitting an encryption key was stolen in its latest breach.

Microsoft Edge Split Screen
Microsoft Edge May Soon Have a ‘Split Screen’ Feature

Microsoft Edge may be adding a major new feature, giving users the ability to display two different websites in a single screen.

Linux - Image by OpenClipart-Vectors
OpenSnitch Application Firewall Coming to Debian

Popular application firewall Opensnitch is coming to Debian, one of the oldest and most popular Linux distributions (distros).

Rust - Image by PIRO4D
Google Will Support Rust in Chromium

Google expanding its use of the Rust programming language, adding support for it in its Chromium web browser.

Microsoft Teams Meeting
Microsoft Moving Teams Features Behind Teams Premium Subscription

Microsoft is making a major change to Teams, moving some features behind its Teams Premium subscription service.

Mobile App Development Team Structure Guide

Want to know how to create the perfect mobile app development team? Follow this simple guide to recruiting developers, assigning roles & increasing productivity!

Google Workspace
Google Docs Adds Option to See Non-Printing Characters

Google Docs has added an important feature to help fine-tune the layout of documents with the option to view non-printing characters.

Slack Icon
Slack’s GitHub Repositories Were Stolen

Slack has revealed that some of its private code repositories were stolen, although the company says no customer data was impacted.

Spotify on Android - Image by StockSnap
CES 2023: Spotify Access Coming to the Android 13 Media Player

Google and Spotify are working together to improve the Android audio experience, integrating the streaming service with Android’s media player.

WhatsApp Group Chat
WhatsApp Launches Worldwide Proxy Support

WhatsApp is making it easier for users to stay connected despite disruptions, with worldwide proxy support.

Fortnite Slurp Legends
Epic CEO: Fortnite Is Returning to iOS in 2023

Fortnite fans may be in for a nice surprise, with Epic CEO Tim Sweeney saying the game may come back to iOS in 2023.

Amazon Is Shutting Down the Consumer Version of Wickr

Amazon has announced it is shutting down Wickr Me, the consumer version of its ultra-secure messaging app.

Dark Sky - Image Credit Apple
Dark Sky Weather App Is Officially Dead

The highly-rated Dark Sky weather has reached the end of its life, with January 1, 2023 marking the end of its path.

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Excel Finally Gets Formula Suggestions

Microsoft Excel is getting a major new feature, one that Google Sheets has had for some time, namely Formula Suggestions.

Windows 11
Windows Notepad Is Getting Tab Support

Windows 11 Notepad is getting a major upgrade, with the app poised to receive tab support.

Signal iPad App
Jack Dorsey Commits $1 Million per Year to Fund Signal

Tech icon Jack Dorsey has committed $1 million per year to help fund encrypted messaging app Signal.

Adobe and Microsoft
Adobe/Microsoft Collaboration Brings Full PDF Support to Teams

Adobe and Microsoft are collaborating to bring full PDF viewing and editing support to Microsoft Teams.