PM Boris Johnson: A Master In Manipulating Search Engines

British PM Boris Johnson has proven to be quite adept as a master in manipulating search engines. Read on for more.

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Beginners Keep Making

We all make mistakes, especially when we’re beginners. Learn more about digital marketing mistakes beginners keep making below.

How HubSpot is Using Surround Sound Marketing Strategy to Drive Sales

“There is a very smart individual at HubSpot named Alex Birkett based out of Austin, Texas,” says Scott Tousley of HubSpot. “He is working on this concept that is really starting to take off called Surround Sound Strategy. Essentially what that means is that it runs with the notion that marketers are selfish.”

Google on MacBook - Image by Juan Francia
Googlebot Will Index the First 15MB of a Webpage

Google has clarified how its Googlebot ranks pages, saying it will automatically index the first 15MB of a page.

Google Search
Google Local Search Ads Will Now Require Five Reviews

Google is changing how Local Search Ads work, requiring five reviews for a listing instead of just one.

YouTube - Image by Tymon Oziemblewski
Google May Open YouTube Ads to Rivals

In an ongoing effort to stave off an EU crackdown, Google is offering to open up its YouTube Ads platform to rivals.

Jessica Alba
Yahoo Names Jessica Alba to Its Board

Yahoo appointed six people to its board, including Jessica Alba, Hollywood actress and entrepreneur.

Windows 11 Widgets
Microsoft Pushing Bing Service 2.0 Update to Windows and Users Can’t Uninstall It

Some Windows users are less than thrilled with a recent update, as Microsoft is pushing Bing 2.0 on them with no way of uninstalling it.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai: Google to Invest $1.2 Billion in Latin America Over the Next Five Years

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has written a blog post outlining the company’s plans for Latin America, including a $1.2 billion investment over the next five years.

Google Search on Android - Image by Pexels
$5.5 Million — That’s the Price Americans Want for Their Search History

A new report demonstrates Americans may value their search history a little more than some companies may have expected, putting a $5.5 million price tag on it.