Android Smartphone
Google Sued For Tracking Users, Even When They Opt Out

Google is facing yet another privacy-related lawsuit, this one alleging the company tracks users even after they opt out.

Fitbit Versa 2
Google Vows Not to Use Fitbit Data For Advertising

In an effort to prevent the EU from challenging its Fitbit deal, Google has committed to not using Fitbit data in its advertising.

ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott: At The Forefront Of The Digital Transformation Rage
ServiceNow CEO: At The Forefront Of The Digital Transformation Rage

Digital transformation is the opportunity of this generation, says ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott. This is how you transform companies. This is how you grow and this is how you navigate a digital experience to win. We’re at the forefront of the digital transformation rage in the cloud.

Microsoft Teams Auditorium
Microsoft Rolls Out Together Mode to Improve Teams Meetings

Microsoft has rolled out Together mode to Teams in an effort to significantly improve video conferencing.

Slack Icon
Slack Acquires Business Directory Company Rimeto

Slack has announced it has acquired Rimeto, a company that has revolutionized business directory software.

Supreme Court
Supreme Court Strengthens Anti-Robocalling Laws

Consumers tired of robocalls can breath a sigh of relief, as the Supreme Court has shored up a law banning the practice.

iOS App Library
iOS 14 Outs Major Apps For Snooping On Users

iOS 14 has a number of significant privacy improvements, one of which has been a source of embarrassment for several high-profile apps.

Microsoft’s Bad Habits Are Back As It Forces Edge On Users

Whatever goodwill Microsoft has earned in recent years by playing nice is rapidly evaporating, thanks to a particularly aggressive update.

Opensignal Report - Credit: Opensignal
Opensignal Report Sheds Light On 5G Industry

As the major US wireless carriers duke it out in the 5G market, Opensignal has issued a report on which carriers are winning and where.

Facebook App
Facebook Allowed 5,000 Developers to Improperly Access User Data

Facebook has admitted to yet another misstep with customer data, allowing 5,000 developers to access it after the cutoff date.