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Zoom’s Intelligent Director Uses AI to Improve Virtual Meetings
Zoom's latest feature, Intelligent Director, is an AI-powered tool to improve virtual meetings by making sure everyone is placed optimally....
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Amazon Managers Have Authority to Fire Remote Workers
Amazon has given managers the authority to fire employees that work remotely and cannot/will not work from the office at least three days a week....
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Roblox CEO: Work From the Office Or ‘Take a Severance Package’
David Baszucki, founder and CEO of Roblox, emailed employees to say that the company is “transitioning away from remote work.”...
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Dropbox CEO Doubles Down on Remote Work
Dropbox CEO Drew Houston is something of an anomaly, one of the few CEOs of a major tech company that still believes in remote work....
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Atlassian CEO Scott Farquhar Doubles Down on Remote Work
Atlassian CEO Scott Farquhar continues to buck the trend among his fellow CEOs, doubling down on remote work and shunning the office....
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Amazon CEO Andy Jassy Cites ‘Judgment Call’ for RTO Mandate, Not Data
Amazon CEO Andy Jassy joins the list of company executives saying there was no real data to support the company's return-to-office mandate....
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RTO Mandates Being Driven by Workaholic CEOs Who Skew Male and Older
A new report is shedding light on the inexplicable push to enforce return-to-office mandates despite evidence they do not work....
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Zoom CEO Reverses Course, Demands Workers Return to the Office
Remote work may have lost one of its greatest allies, with Zoom CEO Eric Yuan reportedly ordering some employees back to the office....
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Amazon Employees Are Quitting Over Relocation Demands
Amazon employees are opting to quit their jobs rather than relocate to meet the company's demands to return to the office....
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Amazon Is Citing ‘Serendipity,’ Not Data, In Push For In-Office Mandates
Amazon is once again angering employees with its refusal to use or rely on hard data to justify in-office mandates, citing "serendipity" instead....
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80% of Executives Regret How They Handled the Return-to-Office Transition
A new study should serve as a cautionary tale, with some 80% of executives regretting how they handled their return-to-office (RTO) transition....
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Amazon Continues Its Crackdown On Remote Workers
Amazon is ramping up its crackdown on remote workers, tracking how often employees badge in at the office....
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Zoom Begins Requiring Employees to Return to the Office
Zoom is joining the list of companies mandating a return to the office, asking employees to work from the office at least two days a week....
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Google’s Latest Attempt to Get Staff In the Office? Charge Them for a Hotel.
Google's latest attempt to get employees back to the office is strange, to say the least, offering staff a $99/night hotel stay on-campus....
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Amazon Exec Angers Staff By Admitting He Had ‘No Data’ to Support RTO Mandates
An Amazon exec admitted to what many employees suspected, and multiple studies have shown, saying he had "no data either way" to support RTO mandates....
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RTO Mandates Have Been a Disaster
Despite their growing popularity, new research shows that return-to-office mandates have been an unmitigated disaster....
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Want Your Employees to Work Harder? Let Them Work Remotely.
The studies are in, and remote work is not quite the death of American industry that many of the biggest companies would have you believe....
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Amazon Pushing RTO, Asking Employees to Relocate
Amazon is ramping up its efforts to force employees to return to the office, even asking some employees to relocate to accommodate the changing policy...
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Jamie Dimon: Remote Work Is Not Compatible With Being a Leader
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has some strong words for remote managers, saying their role is not really compatible with remote work....
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Microsoft’s Windows 365 Frontline Is Now Available
Microsoft has announced that its Windows 365 Frontline is now available to the company's customers....
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