OTT is the Next Step in the Digital Revolution for Media Buyers

OTT is increasingly being tested by advertisers as more inventory becomes available, says Nicole Whitesel, SVP of Enterprise Strategy at Publicis Media. “In the past, OTT was seen as a nascent channel with limited reach,” said Whitesel. “I think now you’re seeing a lot more inventory there available to them to buy.

Smartphone Texting - Image by Karolina Grabowska
Apple, Google Engineers Join Forces On SMS One-Time Passwords

Apple has received help with SMS one-time passwords from an unexpected source: a Google engineer.

Oracle & Internet Society
Oracle Releases Tool to Help Improve Internet Routing Security

In a blog post, Oracle announced the release of IXP Filter Check, a security tool…

Customers Need an Easy Button for Cloud

“Customers need in a lot of ways, I hate to say it, but almost an easy button for cloud,” says Matt Liebowitz of Dell Technologies Consulting. “Often when they try to build it themselves, they bring the components together themselves, but it’s really difficult to do that integration work.”

Hulu Private Marketplace Gives Programmatic Advertisers Choice and Control

“The invite-only auction, which is I would say our new shiny toy that’s getting wrapped in the PMP, provides us the opportunity for a variable floor price,” says Doug Fleming, Head of AdvancedTV at Hulu. “So now the advertiser pays what they deem appropriate for that specific audience.

OpenX Moves to Google Cloud to Leverage 5G Innovations

The advent of 5G is a big reason OpenX has decided to move to Google Cloud Platform, says OpenX CEO Timothy Cadogan. “When consumers start to move to 5G on their phones and have a very rapid experience, the advertising experience needs to be incredibly compelling.”

Google Rebrands AdWords, Introduces ‘Smart Campaigns’ for Small Businesses

Google has revamped how its ad services and products are organized and sold in a…

Amazon Web Services Now has a Tool for Managing ‘Secrets’

Even companies have secrets that must never be revealed to outsiders. These include passwords,  API…

Google’s DoubleClick Bringing Video to Native Ads

Google’s DoubleClick announced today the ability to include video with both mobile and desktop native…

Ad-pocalypse Now? I Think Not!

“Ad-pocalypse Now? I Think Not!” exclaimed Steve Chester, Director of Data and Industry Programmes at…