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US Agencies Request the Most User Data From Big Tech, Apple Complies the Most
Americans concerned about their user data falling into the hands of foreign governments may want to look closer to home....
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One-Third of Organizations Struggle With Data Loss Prevention Systems
The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has bad news for the industry, saying that nearly one-third of organizations struggle with data loss prevention (DLP...
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Microsoft Combines the Power of Python and Excel
Microsoft has given Excel a major upgrade, unveiling Python in Excel to give users access to the power of Python's data tools....
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Former VP Says Salesforce Is Lying About Salesforce Genie Capabilities
Karl Wirth, a former Salesforce Senior VP, has sued the company, claiming it is lying about its Salesforce Genie capabilities....
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Microsoft Doesn’t Want Employees Sharing Sensitive Data With ChatGPT
Microsoft may be going all-in on OpenAI tech and ChatGPT, but that doesn't mean the company wants sensitive information shared with it....
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Looker Comes to Google Cloud Console
Google says its Looker insight tool is now accessible via the Google Cloud console, streamlining organizations' access to business intelligence....
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Microsoft Acquires Fungible to Improve Its Data Centers
Microsoft has announced its acquisition of Fungible, a company that produces data processing units (DPUs) used in data centers....
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FTC’s ‘Blanket Prohibition’ Would Prohibit Facebook From Profiting Off of Youth Data
The Federal Trade Commission is proposing new protections that would prohibit Facebook from profiting off of youth data....
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Windows 11 Sends Massive Amounts of Data to Ad Companies
The PC Security Channel (TPSC) analyzed Windows 11 and found it sends massive amounts of user data to Microsoft, as well as third-party ad companies....
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Nate Silver and FiveThirtyEight Staff Leaving Disney
Nate Silver, founder of FiveThirtyEight, has said he's likely leaving Disney amid a round of layoffs impacting his staff....
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Android Apps to Let Users Delete Their Accounts and Data
Google is implementing a major change in Android, requiring that developers give users a way delete their accounts and data....
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Google Cloud May Be Vulnerable to Unnoticed Data Theft
Google Cloud may be more vulnerable than its competitors to unnoticed data theft, thanks to logs that are not as helpful as they should be....
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What is important to know about the ELT and ETL processes?
What are the most important things to know when it comes to ELT and ETL processes? Learn more in the article below....
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Twitter Ad Engineers Get the Axe
Twitter ad engineers are the latest to be laid off, an odd choice given Elon Musk's determination to improve ad revenue....
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Toyota Leaves Access Key on GitHub Exposing Customer Data
Toyota is the latest company to experience a major security breach, leaving an important access key on GitHub for five years....
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SAS Viya Analytics Platform Comes to Microsoft Azure
SAS is bringing its SAS Viya analytics platform to Microsoft Azure, building on the partnership the two companies began in 2020....
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Uber Says No ‘Sensitive User Data’ Accessed in Breach
In the wake of reports its systems were breached, Uber is reassuring users no "sensitive user data" was accessed....
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Why is Data Analytics in Healthcare so Important?
Why is data analytics in healthcare so important? Read on below to understand the factors in today's marketplace....
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How Can You Protect Your Business Information?
In today's online world, it is essential to protect your business information, but how? Learn some tips in the article below....
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Google Cloud Announces Public Preview of BigQuery Native JSON
Google Cloud announced a public preview of their BigQuery Native JSON data type, bringing support for semi-structured data in BigQuery....
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