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Get Ready For Ads On Amazon Prime Video
The days of ad-free Prime Video are coming to an end — at least at the current price point — with Amazon introducing ads in 2024....
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YouTube Ups the Ante In Its War On Ad Blockers
YouTube is turning up the heat on users using ad blockers, going so far as to block them after multiple warnings....
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Meta Denies Report Saying Ads Are Coming to WhatsApp
Meta has set the record straight, saying it is not bringing ads to WhatsApp, despite a report this week claiming otherwise....
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YouTube Plans to Change How It Displays Ads on TV
YouTube is preparing to change how it displays ads on TV, moving toward fewer but longer ad segments....
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NAD Says YouTube TV Should Drop ‘$600 Less Than Cable’ Ad
The National Advertising Division sided with Charter Communications, saying YouTube should stop claiming it is "$600 less than cable."...
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Meta Censors News About Ads For Illegal Drugs On the Platform While Continuing to Run the Ads
Meta is drawing scrutiny for censoring a news article that highlighted the extent of the illegal drugs being advertised on the platform, all while con...
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X Is Offering $250 Ad Credits As It Tries to Rebuild Its Advertising Base
X is pulling out all the stops to get advertisers to bet on the platform once again, offering a $250 credit on new campaigns of $1,000 or more....
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Get Ready for Ads in TikTok Search Results
TikTok is rolling out a new feature that advertisers will love and users will hate: ads in user search results....
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Google Debunks Controversy Surrounding YouTube Ads and Kids
Google has responded to controversy surrounding accusations that YouTube's ads could lead to children being tracked online....
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Windows Copilot Brings More Ads to Windows
Windows users hoping for a reprieve from the ads Microsoft continues to push should prepare to be disappointed, with Windows Copilot bringing even mor...
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Bad Actors Using Google & Bing Advertising Networks to Spread Malware
Bad actors are using Google and Bing's advertising networks to spread malware in an effort "to compromise business networks."...
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Twitter Ad Revenue Has Dropped 50% Amid Negative Cash Flow
Elon Musk has revealed Twitter's financial state, painting a somewhat dire picture of the social media company....
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Google Layoffs Hit Waze
Google is cutting roles at Waze, a byproduct of merging the company's ad business with the same one Google Maps uses....
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Google Hilariously Trolls the iPhone In a Series of YouTube Videos
Google is taking some good-natured aim at the iPhone in a series of YouTube videos comparing Google's Pixel/Android with Apple's iPhone/iOS....
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EU Regulators Take Aim At Google’s Ad Business, May Force a Sale
Google is in hot water with EU regulators over its ad business and may be forced to sell off part of its golden goose to satisfy concerns....
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Amazon Will Reportedly Unveil An Ad-Supported Prime Video Plan
Amazon may unveil an ad-supported Prime Video plan in an effort to expand the streaming service's reach....
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Get Ready for Unskippable 30-Second Ads in YouTube on TV
YouTube customers watching videos on their TVs are in for an unpleasant change, with the company saying it will start rolling out 30-second unskippabl...
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Conversational Marketing Closes the Gap Between B2C and B2B, Says Drift Marketing VP
Conversational marketing is a whole new way of thinking about marketing and sales, says Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift. “We go to our jobs ...
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YouTube Is Experimenting With Anti-Ad Blocker Measures
YouTube is experimenting with blocking ad blockers, presenting some users with a dialog saying ad blockers are not allowed....
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Short Hills Capital’s Steve Weis: ‘Google Is On Borrowed Time’
In an interview with CNBC, Short Hills Capital's Steve Weis says Google is on borrowed time thanks to Microsoft's Bing AI....
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