Cloud Computing
In the Wake of Major Cloud Outages, Multicloud Is the Future

Following multiple AWS outages that crippled entire sections of the internet, companies are increasingly looking to a multicloud future.

Cloud Computing
Only 17% of US Companies Encrypt Over Half of Their Cloud Data

Despite a seeming endless litany of data breaches, a new report says only 17% of US companies are encrypting more than half of their cloud data.

Oracle Logo
Oracle Pursues Defunct JEDI Contract Review

‘Don’t beat a dead horse’ doesn’t seem to be a phrase Oracle is familiar with, as the company continues to pursue its JEDI contract case.

Rackspace Multicloud
Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Security Tackles Multicloud Security

Rackspace is looking to help companies tackle multicloud security with its Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Security.

Banks - Image by PIRO4D
Banks Adopting Cloud Computing, Trying to Mitigate Concerns

The financial sector is overwhelmingly adopting cloud computing, but not without concern over the risks of doing so.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Infrastructure Spending Hit $42 Billion in Q2

The cloud infrastructure market continued its impressive gains, with spending hitting $42 billion in Q2, according to Synergy Research Group.

Outreach CEO Manny Medina: The Rise Of The Revenue Innovator
Outreach CEO: The Rise Of The Revenue Innovator

“We’re seeing the rise of what we call the “revenue innovator, says Outreach CEO Manny Medina.” The new job description is the revenue innovators, the digital-first, and the digital native.

Dell Technologies
Dell May Sell Its Boomi Cloud Business

On the heels of its announced spin-off of VMware, Dell Technologies may be looking to sell its Boomi cloud business as well.

Digital Transformation To Be Faster Trend Out Of Pandemic, Says Worday co-CEO Aneel Bhusri
Workday CEO: Digital Transformation To Be Faster Trend Out Of Pandemic

Aneel Bhusri, co-CEO of Workday, discusses how the pandemic will drive digital transformation forward at an even faster pace.

ServiceNow CEO on "The Whole Point Of Digital Transformation"
ServiceNow CEO on “The Whole Point Of Digital Transformation”

Business is really simple, and people are more productive and they’re doing things that can lead to growth and opportunity says ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott. That’s the whole point of digital transformation.