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How Agencies Are Scaling with Virtual Assistants
The myth that virtual assistants—otherwise known as remote workers—are for start-up companies operating on a shoestring budget while they get up a...
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Microsoft Reports Stellar Quarter, Fueled By Cloud Earnings
Microsoft has reported its results for the quarter ending September 30, and it was good news for the company and its cloud business....
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Verizon Launches Nationwide 5G Network, Early Reviewers Unimpressed
In combination with Apple’s 5G iPhone 12 launch, Verizon has announced the immediate availability of its nationwide 5G network....
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Accenture CEO: Once In An Era Replatforming Of Global Business
Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture, discusses how the company is investing in helping businesses "replatform" in the cloud....
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Box CEO: All Hands On Deck With Digital Transformation
Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, discusses the company's continued growth and progress in supporting customers with their push toward digital transformation....
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Microsoft Beats Estimates, Powered by Strong Cloud Growth
Microsoft has announced its quarterly results, beating estimates as a result of its strong cloud growth....
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Microsoft Reports Quarterly Results, Azure Scores Big
Microsoft has released its quarterly earnings for the third quarter of fiscal 2020, and Azure stands out as one of the company’s big hits....
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Unveils as-a-Service 5G Portfolio
Hewlett Packer Enterprise (HPE) has announced the availability of an as-a-service 5G portfolio to help telecom companies roll out 5G networks....
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Google Cloud Launches ‘Premium Support’ For The Enterprise
Google has announced the launch of Google Cloud Premium Support in the company’s ongoing bid to gain ground in the cloud market. Google is curre...
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The Future Of Security Is Biometric
Having a password on our devices to keep our data away from prying eyes has been a part of personal tech for a very long time. But the age of password...
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‘Strategic Leadership’ Leads to a 66% Raise for Microsoft’s Nadella
In its proxy statement, Microsoft announced a significant raise for CEO Satya Nadella. Citing his ‘strategic leadership,’ Microsoft’s independen...
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VMware Is Now a Platform For Digital Transformation, Says CEO
“We believe that our conversations now have gone from targeted to holistic to be this platform for their digital transformation,” says VMware CEO ...
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SiriusXM CEO: Pandora Completely Changes the Game
SiriusXM reported record fourth quarter and full-year 2018 operating and financial results today. However, the best is yet to come for SiriusXM as the...
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Still in the Early Days of Cloud Adoption in the Enterprise
We are still in the very early days of cloud adoption in the enterprise says ServiceNow CEO, John Donahoe. Also, something that is often overlooked is...
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Box CEO Sees the Underlying Value of Box Increasing Because of IBM-Red Hat Deal
Box CEO Aaron Levie says that the IBM-Red Hat Deal showed what the underlying value of incumbent technology companies like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and...
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Heathrow Airport: How We Achieved a 20% Email Open Rate and 25% Click Through via Adobe
Analytics and Optimization Lead at Heathrow Airport, Stuart Irvine, says that email is still the key driver for them in marketing and personalizing th...
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Aeva Takes Autonomous Driving Sensors to a New Level
Aeva co-founders Soroush Salehian and Mina Rezk, who both previously worked on the super secret self-driving car project at Apple called Titan, have a...
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You Need Smart Analytics that Drive Better Actions
At the recent Salesforce Dreamforce conference, Salesforce announced Einstein Plus, a visually improved no-code version of their artificial intelligen...
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Oracle’s Autonomous Database Cloud is a Huge Technological Advantage
The release by Oracle of its AI-powered Autonomous Database Cloud earlier this year and adding Transactional Processing last week is huge for Oracle a...
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Google Search Has a New Feature That Lets You Compare Devices
Google is testing out a new feature to its popular search engine that should make gadget or device-related queries even more interesting. Apparently, ...
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