Finery: A Hot Startup That Seeks To Be the Digital Wardrobe for Women

Finery, which was just listed in CNBC’s Upstart 100 list of promising young startups, keeps track of all your clothing purchases and creates a digital wardrobe and then helps style you in the clothes you already own.

Eric Enge Says Google’s Two Most Important Ranking Factors Are Still Content and Links

SEO is constantly changing but search ranking expert Eric Enge still says that everything else should take second priority to content quality and links. Eric explains how the Google Ranking Score intersects with the Google Content Score which results in a Google Link Score.

Blitzscaling: Grow a High-Value Business at Lightning Speed

Hoffman describes blitzscaling as a form of high-impact entrepreneurship, the kind that generates a lot of jobs and affects other industries.

Ring CEO: I Have No Animosity For the Sharks

Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff has a rags to riches story that most entrepreneurs can only dream of. He was famously turned down on Shark Tank only to later sell his company to Amazon for $1 billion in February. Siminoff says he is now appearing on an upcoming Shark Tank episode.

How to Find Seasonal Employees For Your Small Business When Unemployment is Low

Unfortunately for retailers, finding extra employees won’t be easy. The US job market is very worker-friendly at the moment, thanks to the record low unemployment rate.

What is Uniquely Different About the New Amazon 4-Star Store?

Amazon 4-Star is Amazon’s first retail store focused on selling all of Amazon’s products. It just opened in the Soho area of New York City and has made a big splash in the media.

Microsoft, Mastercard Teamup Enables Small Businesses to Trade Globally

Mastercard and Microsoft recently announced their latest collaboration—the Mastercard Track. The program is described as a distinct trade platform that can be used worldwide.

Jamie Siminoff of Ring – From a SharkTank Reject to an Amazon Success

You’ve all heard the story of Jamie Siminoff, creator of Doorbot, later renamed Ring, who was infamously rejected on national TV on SharkTank, but then went on to create a wildly successful business.

Could Your Small Business Benefit from Using Chatbots?

The mindset of the modern consumer is one of urgency and convenience. Businesses that reply to queries and concerns quickly and without hassle generally earn more customer loyalty and have better brand reputation.

4 Inbound Marketing Tactics to Use for Your B2B Company

According to a new study by the Pew Research Center, eight out of 10 Americans now shop online. This means that the traditional ways of marketing—cold calls, trade shows, TV, radio—are not as effective as they used to be.