AWS and Nvidia Collaborate On Blackwell-Powered Supercomputer

AWS is wasting no time deploying Nvidia's new Blackwell GPU platform designed to power the next generation of AI models....
AWS and Nvidia Collaborate On Blackwell-Powered Supercomputer
Written by Matt Milano
  • AWS is wasting no time deploying Nvidia’s new Blackwell GPU platform designed to power the next generation of AI models.

    Nvidia unveiled Blackwell, its next-generation GPU platform, promising impressive performance improvements over previous generations. Some of the biggest names in the industry were lined up to support Blackwell, including AWS.

    The two companies have announced they are extending their existing collaboration, delivering new Blackwell-powered options:

    “The deep collaboration between our two organizations goes back more than 13 years, when together we launched the world’s first GPU cloud instance on AWS, and today we offer the widest range of NVIDIA GPU solutions for customers,” said Adam Selipsky, CEO at AWS. “NVIDIA’s next-generation Grace Blackwell processor marks a significant step forward in generative AI and GPU computing. When combined with AWS’s powerful Elastic Fabric Adapter Networking, Amazon EC2 UltraClusters’ hyper-scale clustering, and our unique Nitro system’s advanced virtualization and security capabilities, we make it possible for customers to build and run multi-trillion parameter large language models (LLMs) faster, at massive scale, and more securely than anywhere else.”

    As part of their collaboration, the two companies are working on a new supercomputer powered by Blackwell:

    First announced at AWS re:Invent 2023, the AI supercomputer collaboration between AWS and NVIDIA dubbed Project Ceiba will now also use the Blackwell platform. The cloud-based computing phenom will be capable of processing a massive 414 exaflops of AI—a 6x performance increase over earlier plans. What that all boils down to is one of the world’s fastest supercomputers hosted exclusively on AWS for the use of NVIDIA’s internal research and development team working on advancing the application of AI to graphics and simulation, digital biology, robotics, self-driving cars, climate prediction, and more.

    “AI is driving breakthroughs at an unprecedented pace, leading to new applications, business models, and innovation across industries,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “Our collaboration with AWS is accelerating new generative AI capabilities and providing customers with unprecedented computing power to push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

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