Netflix Streaming on Apple TV - Image by StockSnap
Netflix Confirms Ad-Supported Plans Are On the Way

Netflix has confirmed rumors that it is working on ad-supported plans as the company looks to grow its subscriber base.

Netflix Games - Credit Netflix
Netflix Lays Off An Additional 300 Employees

The hits keep on coming for Netflix, and not the blockbuster kind, as the company lays off an additional 300 employees.

No More Free Streaming Services For New AT&T Customers

AT&T is no longer bundling HBO Max, or any other streaming service, with its top-tier plan, bucking a popular trend among wireless carriers.

Newspaper - Image by Markus Spiske
Canada May Force Online Giants to Pay News Publishers

Canada is looking to follow in Australia’s example, forcing online giants to pay news publishers in exchange for their content.

Microsoft Buying Activision Blizzard - Credit Microsoft
Senators Ask the FTC to Investigate Microsoft’s Activision Acquisition

US Senators are asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the Microsoft/Activision deal, over concerns regarding Activision’s past scandals.

YouTube TV Now Supports Picture-in-Picture on iOS 15

YouTube TV has finally brought Picture-in-Picture (PiP) support to iOS 15 devices, making it one of the last major streaming apps to do so.

MGM - Credit MGM
Amazon Now Officially Owns MGM

Amazon is now the official owner of MGM, closing its $8.45 billion bid to acquire the storied studio.

Netflix Streaming on Apple TV - Image by StockSnap
Netflix May Charge More For Account Sharing

Netflix is experimenting with changes to its plans, possibly charging more for customers who share their account with others.

Meta Logo - Image by KNFind
Nintendo Veteran Doesn’t Think Meta’s Metaverse Vision Is On-Target

Meta may be going all-in on the metaverse, but former Nintendo President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime isn’t a fan of its approach.

Spotify on Android - Image by StockSnap
Spotify Bucks Pressure, Won’t Pull Out of Russia

In what is sure to be (another) unpopular move, Spotify has said it will not pull out of Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine.