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Driving Innovation: How A1 Auto Transport is Revolutionizing the Auto Shipping Industry with Cutting-Edge Technology
Be sure to learn more about how there is a driving innovation in autos transport in the narrative article below. ...
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TSMC’s Arizona Plant to Begin Production In 2025, Not 2024
TSMC announced production at its upcoming Arizona plant will be delayed to 2025 as a result of labor shortages....
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Supply Chain by Amazon Provides Sellers End-to-End Supply Chain Services
Amazon has expanded its seller offerings, introducing Supply Chain by Amazon to provide end-to-end supply chain services....
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Projected Growth in Industrial Mold Market to Reach $46.9 Billion by 2032: CAGR of 6.4% Expected, Says Prophecy Market Insights
Take a look at the financial projections of the industrial mold market in the informative narrative below....
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Luxshare, Apple’s AirPods & Vision Pro Supplier, Invests $330 Million to Expand Vietnam Plant
Luxshare, the company that supplies Apple's AirPods and Vision Pro, is spending an additional $330 million to expand its Vietnam plant....
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The Growing Importance of Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) in Ecommerce
In today's fast paced world, you will need to stay ahead of the game. Learn the growing importance of supply chain visibility (SCV) below. ...
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Flexport Lays Off 20% of Staff Following CEO Purge
Flexport is laying off 20% of its staff just weeks after its CEO left and the company purged his hires....
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Google’s Pixel Binary Transparency Keeps Users Safe From Supply Chain Attacks
Google has unveiled a major security feature for Pixel owners, giving them the ability to verify the authenticity of their Pixel’s Android operating...
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Apple Secures TSMC’s Entire 2023 Supply of 3nm Chips
Apple will have a major advantage in the race to deliver devices powered by 3nm chips, with the iPhone maker buying TSMC's entire 2023 supply....
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Yellow Trucking Company Shutting Down and Filing for Bankruptcy
Yellow Corp. is shutting down, informing the Teamsters Union that it is filing for bankruptcy....
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Walmart and PepsiCo Collaborate On Regenerative Agriculture
Walmart and PepsiCo have announced a seven-year collaboration to bring regenerative agriculture to more than two million acres of farmland....
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Teamsters Claim ‘Historic UPS Contract’ Win
The Teamsters have claimed a major victory in their negotiations with UPS, calling it a "historic UPS contact."...
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US Makes Critical Concession to Taiwanese & South Korean Chipmakers
The US is extending a critical concession to Taiwanese and South Korean chipmakers, one that will benefit China....
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AWS May Start Using AMD Chips
AMD may be on the verge of scoring a major win, with AWS looking at the company's new AI chips for its data centers....
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Comcast: FCC’s Broadband Labels A ‘Burden’ That Add ‘Unnecessary Complexity’
Comcast is pushing back on the Federal Communication Commission’s plans to require companies to use “nutrition labels” to clearly inform custome...
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Germany Will Not Give Intel More Subsidies for Fabrication Plant
Germany has dealt Intel a blow, saying it will not give the chipmaker additional subsidies to help it build its “semiconductor fab mega-site.”...
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Intel’s Turnaround, and Pat Gelsinger’s Legacy, Is In Jeopardy
Intel's turnaround is not exactly going as planned, jeopardizing its future and CEO Pat Gelsinger's legacy as the architect of the company's plan....
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Amazon Backtracks on Key Climate Pledge
Amazon has backtracked on a key climate goal, eliminating its Shipment Zero pledge to be net-zero carbon across its shipments by 2030....
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Lenovo’s Profits Tank Amid Declining PC Demand
In the latest evidence of the PC market's troubles, Lenovo's profits dropped a massive 75% in its latest quarterly results....
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China Pressures Netherlands for Access to Restricted Chip Tech
China is pushing back against Dutch restrictions limiting its access to advanced semiconductor tech....
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