Cybersecurity - Image by Pete Linforth
US Agencies Request the Most User Data From Big Tech, Apple Complies the Most

Americans concerned about their user data falling into the hands of foreign governments may want to look closer to home.

Protecting Data Is Nonnegotiable Today – Do You Have The Skills To Do It?

Protecting data Is nonnegotiable today – do you have the skills to do It? Find out more in the article below.

Microsoft CEO Bullish on Asian Data Center Market

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is bullish on the Asian data center market, including China and India, at a time when trade tensions are ramping up.

IBM Logo
IBM Launches Business Analytics Enterprise to Tackle Data Silos

IBM has launched a new suite of business tools designed to help companies break down information silos and better utilize data.

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Salesforce and AWS Deepen Partnership With Salesforce Genie

Salesforce and AWS are deepening their partnership with the release of Salesforce Genie.

White House
President Biden Tackles EU-US Data Privacy Concerns

President Joe Biden issued an executive order to address EU-US data privacy regulation concerns.

Data Center
Virginia Is the Data Center Capital of the World

Silicon Valley may be the tech center of the world, but Virginia is the undisputed data center capital, with more capacity than China or Europe.

Smartphone Texting - Image by Karolina Grabowska
Privacy Advocates Want Stronger Data Rules For Mobile Providers

Privacy advocates are pushing for stricter rules about how mobile carriers handle users’ wireless data.

AWS Cloud Computing
AWS Bastion Aims to Help Advertisers Work Within Data Privacy Rules

AWS is preparing to unveil a new tool that aims to help advertisers work within the various data privacy rules that are currently hindering them.

Google Analytics - Image by Pexels
Google Tops Big Tech Data Tracking With 39 Types of Private Data

Google is the most invasive of Big Tech companies, tracking 39 different private user data points, more than any of its peers.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison
Oracle Faces Class Action Suit Over Its ‘Mass Surveillance’

Oracle is facing a class action lawsuit over what is being described as its “mass surveillance” of the general public.

Privacy Regulation - Image by Pete Linforth
94% of CDOs See Privacy Technology Leading to Increased Revenue

While many companies have built businesses profiting on consumer data, 94% of CDOs see a prime opportunity in privacy tech.

Office Building - Image by Pawel Grzegorz
Capital One Launches B2B Software Business

Capital One is expanding into new markets, launching Capital One Software, an enterprise B2B software business.

Data - Image by Gerd Altmann
Big Data Analytics Market to Top $100 Billion by 2027

Big data analytics is expected to grow to more than $100 billion by 2027 as companies become more reliant on data.

alternative data
Expand Credit Access with Alternative Data

Helping more US consumers obtain access to mainstream financial services requires new insights into individual…

Artificial Intelligence - Image by Gerd Altmann
Intelus, Founded by Former Microsoft & Salesforce Execs, Tackles No-Code AI

Intelus has emerged from stealth, hosting an open beta for companies interested in its no-code, Machine Teaching platform.

App Annie
App Annie Pays $10 Million to Settle SEC Securities Fraud Charge

App Annie, the mobile app data firm, has agreed to pay $10 million to settle SEC charges of securities fraud.

SaaS - Image by Wynn Pointaux
SaaS Has a Problem: 40% of Data Access Unmanaged

Software as a Service (SaaS) may be one of tech’s hottest fields, but it has a security problem, with 40% of data access unmanaged.

Beijing - Image Credit: Andreas Schneemayer
China’s Regulators May Ban Data-Heavy Companies From US IPOs

China’s regulators may look to ban data-heavy companies from pursing IPOs in the US.

London Parliament - Image by Adam Derewecki
UK Looks to Revamp Privacy Policy Post-Brexit

The United Kingdom is looking to revamp its privacy policy in the wake of Brexit, making a break from the EU’s GDPR.