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Linux Distro Reviews: openSUSE Tumbleweed — Part 2
openSUSE Tumbleweed is a rolling release Linux distro, one that is something of a two-edged sword in terms of its features and usability....
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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 10 Will Be Wayland-Only
Red Hat has announced it will go all-in on Wayland with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 10, dropping support for Xorg server....
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Microsoft Announces Secure Future Initiative to Improve Its Cybersecurity
Microsoft has announced its Secure Future Initiative, the company's latest effort to address serious security issues....
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Google’s Pixel Binary Transparency Keeps Users Safe From Supply Chain Attacks
Google has unveiled a major security feature for Pixel owners, giving them the ability to verify the authenticity of their Pixel’s Android operating...
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LabView Drops macOS Support
Long-time Mac developer National Instruments has announced the current version of LabView will be the last one released for macOS....
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AMD Is Buying Open Source AI Company
AMD has announced it is buying open source AI software company to help the chip firm integrate AI across its product lines....
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Maximizing business growth: A comprehensive guide to leveraging nearshore
In today’s digital age, the demand for software development is skyrocketing. It’s notjust about creating programs users request. It also i...
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Muse Software’s Entire Team, Save One, Is Departing the Company
Muse Software's team members have announced they are leaving the company after failing to turn it into a sustainable business....
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How to Become a Software Developer Without Uni
More and more young people are making the decision to go into software development, and for good reason. The industry offers great perks such as inter...
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IBM Unveils AI-Powered Service to Help Companies Translate COBOL to Java
IBM has unveiled watsonx Code Assistant for Z, leveraging the power of generative AI to help translate COBOL code to Java....
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Intel Lays Off Cloud and GPU Staff
Questions continue to plague Intel’s turnaround plans, with the company announcing layoffs in its Cloud and GPU divisions....
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CI/CD Pipeline: Streamlining Development for Speed and Reliability
To be able to keep up in today's competitive mobile app development world, it is essential to understand ci/cd pipeline....
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How Avionics Software Engineers Can Improve Their Skills
What exactly are the best ways for avionics software engineers to improve upon their skills. Read on to the article below....
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Cisco Begins Round of Layoffs, Multiple Departments Allegedly Impacted
Cisco appears to have begun a round of layoffs, with employees in multiple departments allegedly laid off....
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Apple Password Manager Coming to Third-Party Web Browsers
Apple is preparing to enable its Apple Password Manager in third-party web browsers on macOS, making it much easier for users who aren't fans of Safar...
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IBM’s Watsonx Is Now Available for Enterprise Customers
IBM has begun deploying IBM watsonx, its next-generation AI aimed at enterprise customers....
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Google’s Head of AR/XR Leaves Company, Slams ‘Unstable Vision’
Mark Lucovsky, Google's Senior Director of Engineering in charge of its AR and XR efforts, has left the company and slammed its 'unstable vision.'...
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Dealerships Are Unhappy With GM’s Decision to Ditch CarPlay/Android Auto
Dealerships are unhappy with GM's decision to develop its own alternative to CarPlay and Android Auto, fearing it will alienate customers....
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Oracle Calls Out Red Hat and IBM Over RHEL Source Code
Oracle is weighing in on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux debacle, promising it will never restrict access to its own source code....
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Red Hat Responds to Backlash About Its Source Code Decision
Red Hat has responded to backlash about its RHEL source code decision, confirming the suspected reasons behind it while still defending the choice....
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