We Are a Marketplace That Sells Demand Generation, Says Grubhub CEO

“We are a marketplace that sells demand generation,” says Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney. “We sell growth. That’s what our primary product is. We’re not a logistics company. We do logistics because we know that’s an end to get to restaurant growth and make money off our logistics. If you’re selling consumers, you’re selling growth, and you can charge a lot for that.”

Predictive Forecasting For Ecommerce In 2022

Ecommerce has been growing at a faster pace than traditional shopping, and there’s no sign…

Google earnings
Google Revenue is Increasing Due to Online Advertising

Google Inc., reported its strongest quarter ever in sales and profit. This was due to…

Google Search
Google Experiment Is Adding Favicons to Ads

Online ads may be on the verge changing significantly, with Google testing favicons within ads.

Google Plex
Google AI Researchers Cite Demands, Want Academic Integrity

Google is experiencing more fallout from its handling of Dr. Timnit Gebru’s dismissal, with the company’s AI researchers making demands.

FTC Logo
FTC Demands Answers From Big Tech on Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued orders to nine social media and video platforms, inquiring about their data practices.

Huawei News
Huawei Willing to Meet Any Demand From Swedish Government

Huawei has signaled it is willing to meet any demand the Swedish government may impose to avoid being banned from the country’s 5G networks.

Senator Richard Blumenthal - Image Credit Richard Blumenthal
Senator Blumenthal Demands AT&T Back Off Ad-Based Cellphone Plans

That didn’t take long; Senator Richard Blumenthal has demanded that AT&T rethink its plans to offer ad-subsidized phone plans.

Huawei Factory
TSMC Flying High on Datacenter and Semiconductor Demand

TSMC has reported its earnings and things are looking good for the semiconductor manufacturer.

Amazon Shopping - Image by Hannes Edinger
Coronavirus: Amazon Taking Drastic Action to Meet Demand

Amazon is prioritizing shipments of essential items to its warehouses, as it struggles to keep up with demand in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Microsoft Office 365
Coronavirus: Microsoft Throttling Non-Essential Office 365 Features to Cope With Demand

As more work-from-home users rely on Office 365 during the coronavirus pandemic, Microsoft is scaling back and throttling some features in an effort to keep up.

AirPods Pro
Apple To Add Second Supplier To Keep Up With AirPods Pro Demand

According to MacRumors, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kou is expecting Apple to add a second supplier…

iPhone 11 Pro
Sony Struggling to Keep Up With Phone Camera Image Sensor Demands

According to a report by Bloomberg, Sony is struggling to keep up with demand for…

Top Secret
Senators Express Alarm Over FBI Secretly Demanding Data From Credit Agencies

Documents have come to light exposing the FBI’s practice of secretly demanding information about Americans…

Apple Park
Apple Threatens to Leave Russia in 2020, Citing Russian Software Demands

The International Business Times (IBT) is reporting that Apple may leave the Russian market next…

Alibaba CEO: On-Demand Delivery to Power the Future of Retail

On-demand is an infrastructure for the future of retail says Alibaba CEO, Daniel Zhang. He envisions a world where virtually every product, even pharmaceuticals, will be available to be delivered on-demand 24-hours a day to customers.

Booster Brings On-Demand Business Model to Gasoline

Imagine just clicking a button on an app and having your cars gas tank filled while you are working at the office. That’s what Booster Fuels is currently doing. Booster has brought the on-demand business model to fuel and it’s extremely popular in its launch markets of SF Bay, San Diego, and Dallas-Fort Worth areas.

Uber is Planning to Start an On-Demand Staffing Agency for Businesses

Uber is preparing to launch a new on-demand staffing business ahead of its first initial…

Amazon’s Whole Foods Purchase Raises Demand for Same-Day Grocery Delivery Services

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods was met with wariness and a not-so-unexpected round of hostility…

Tesla Releases Model 3, Automaker Struggles to Keep Up With Demand

Investors were not deterred by Tesla Inc’s latest report of a financial loss said to…