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Oracle CIO: Every Enterprise Has the Security it Deserves
Every Enterprise has the security it deserves, says Oracle CIO Mark Sunday. “It begins at the very top. It truly begins with the board, CEO, and the...
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Washington AG: T-Mobile Uncooperative in Security Probe
Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson says T-Mobile has been refusing to provide the documentation needed for a security probe....
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US Has No National Cyber Director and the White House Is Silent About It
The US has yet to fill the role of National Cyber Director in the four months since Chris Inglis resigned, and it's worrying some lawmakers....
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Microsoft Details macOS Vulnerability That Could Bypass SIP
Microsoft has provided details on a new macOS vulnerability, one that could be used to bypass System Integrity Protection (SIP)....
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Cybersecurity Issues: The World’s Largest Data Breaches
Learn more about what's new in the cybersecurity threat world - examine the world's largest data breaches below....
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Mullvad Browser Review: Does the Browser Deliver on Privacy?
Mullvad Browser was released in early April, the latest entry in the web browser market, and one focused on protecting the privacy and security of its...
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Microsoft Is Scanning the Contents of Password-Protected Zip Archives
Microsoft is scanning password-protected and encrypted zip archives for malware, according to reports from security researchers....
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Microsoft’s May 2023 Patch Tuesday Fixes 38 Vulnerabilities
Microsoft has fixed a total of 38 vulnerabilities with its May 2023 Patch Tuesday, including one zero-day and eight likely to be exploited....
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City of Dallas Crippled by Ransomware Attack
The City of Dallas has confirmed it has suffered a ransomware attack, one that has taken out critical services....
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Google Obtains US Court Order Against Cryptbot
Google obtained a temporary court order from the US to disrupt the distribution of Cryptbot, a Windows-based malware responsible for infecting and ste...
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Microsoft Expanding Efforts to Bring Women Into Cybersecurity
Microsoft is expanding its efforts to bring more women into the cybersecurity field with its Cybersecurity Skills Initiative....
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WhatsApp, Signal, and Others Pen Objection to UK Online Bill
WhatsApp, Signal, and other encrypted messaging services are voicing their concern about a UK bill that "could break end-to-end encryption."...
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Macs Are Vulnerable to LockBit’s Ransomware
Apple's macOS has long enjoyed relative immunity from most malware and ransomware, but that appears to be changing....
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Google’s Assured Open Source Software Is Now Available for Free
Google announced the general availability of its Assured Open Source Software, a service designed to help protect open source supply chains....
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OpenAI Launches Bug Bounty Program
OpenAI has launched a bug bounty program, paying cash rewards to researchers that discover and report bugs....
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Microsoft Brings Collaborative Security to Teams
Microsoft is beefing up Teams' security features as the platform is increasingly used to share sensitive information....
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Microsoft Is Working on Comprehensive SaaS Security
Microsoft is working to improve SaaS security, shifting to "to a comprehensive SaaS security solution."...
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Google Sides With US in Holding Companies Responsible for Cybersecurity
Google and the US government may be at odds about many things, but the two are in agreement on one big one: who should be responsible for cyberattacks...
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Ubuntu Pro Is Now Available to Everyone
Canonical has announced the general availability of Ubuntu Pro, a security subscription service for the popular Linux distro....
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Top Security Tools To Help Businesses With Project Management
It's important to keep your business secure. Learn some of the top tips of security tools for project management below....
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