UK and Australia Open Joint Investigation Into Clearview AI

The UK and Australia have announced a joint investigation into Clearview AI—to cheers of privacy advocates the world over.

Huawei Engineers - Image Credit: Huawei
US May Ban Contractors From Using Chinese Equipment

The US is ramping up its pressure on Chinese firms, with plans to ban any government contractor from using equipment from five companies.

iOS App Library
iOS 14 Outs Major Apps For Snooping On Users

iOS 14 has a number of significant privacy improvements, one of which has been a source of embarrassment for several high-profile apps.

EARN IT Act Moves Forward After Addressing Encryption Concerns

The EARN IT Act has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee after addressing concerns about weakening encryption.

California Capital Building
California Begins Enforcing New Privacy Law

Following a six month grace period, California has begun enforcing its new privacy regulation, effective July 1.

Rotary Camera
Legislation Would Ban Federal Law Enforcement From Using Facial Recognition

Senators Ed Markey and Jeff Merkley have introduced legislation that would ban federal law enforcement agencies from using facial recognition.

Mozilla Firefox
Comcast Joins Mozilla’s Secure Browsing Initiative

Comcast has become the first ISP to join Mozilla’s initiative and “provide Firefox users with private and secure encrypted Domain Name System (DNS) services through Mozilla’s Trusted Recursive Resolver (TRR) Program.”

Surveillance Camera
Boston Bans Facial Recognition For Government Use

Boston has joined the growing ranks of US cities that have banned the use of facial recognition by government officials.

Sony Announces $50,000 PlayStation Bug Bounty

Sony has announced it will pay significant bug bounties for PlayStation 4 bugs.

Cybersecurity - Image by VIN JD
Senators Introduce Legislation Attacking Encryption

Another day, another attack on the encryption standards that protect every single person using the internet and computing devices.