Microsoft Teams Security
Microsoft Brings Collaborative Security to Teams

Microsoft is beefing up Teams’ security features as the platform is increasingly used to share sensitive information.

Oracle CIO: Every Enterprise Has the Security it Deserves

Every Enterprise has the security it deserves, says Oracle CIO Mark Sunday. “It begins at the very top. It truly begins with the board, CEO, and the Executive Committee to set the culture and to ensure that the people, process, technology, and the governance processes are in place to ensure the security of customers, companies, and employees information.”

Microsoft SaaS Security - Credit Microsoft
Microsoft Is Working on Comprehensive SaaS Security

Microsoft is working to improve SaaS security, shifting to “to a comprehensive SaaS security solution.”

Google Cloud Office Building
Google Sides With US in Holding Companies Responsible for Cybersecurity

Google and the US government may be at odds about many things, but the two are in agreement on one big one: who should be responsible for cyberattacks.

Ubuntu on Laptop
Ubuntu Pro Is Now Available to Everyone

Canonical has announced the general availability of Ubuntu Pro, a security subscription service for the popular Linux distro.

Top Security Tools To Help Businesses With Project Management

It’s important to keep your business secure. Learn some of the top tips of security tools for project management below.

Australia May Ban Ransomware Payments

Australia is considering a measure to ban companies from making ransomware payments to cybercriminals.

Cybersecurity - Image by Pete Linforth
PSA: Update Windows Immediately to Fix Zero-Day vulnerabilities

The latest Microsoft Patch Tuesday includes fixes for several zero-day vulnerabilities, and users should update immediately.

Cybersecurity - Image by VIN JD
CloudBees: 45% of Execs Are Only Halfway Through Securing Supply Chain

The latest report from CloudBees is bad news for the cloud industry, with many companies still not fully securing their supply chain.

FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel
Kaspersky Lab Labeled ‘a Threat to National Security’

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has labeled Kaspersky Lab “a threat to national security,” a first for a Russian firm.

Okta CEO Todd McKinnon
Okta CEO Confirms Breach Attempt in January, No Major Concern Now

On the heels of news Lapsus$ was claiming it breached Okta, the company’s CEO has confirmed an attempt in January.

President Biden On Supply Chain Executive Order
Biden Warns of Russian Cyberattacks

President Joe Biden is warning American businesses of increased risk of cyberattacks as Russia looks to retaliate against sanctions.

United States Capitol - Image by MotionStudios
Lawmakers Want Answers About the FBI’s Use of Pegasus Spyware

Lawmakers want information about Pegasus, the spyware developed by NSO Group, demanding answers from Apple and the FBI about the latter’s use of it.

Who Hacks the Hackers? Nvidia Does

Nvidia has taken a novel approach to hackers that stole its data, hacking them back and encrypting the data so it can’t be accessed.

Microsoft Office Building
Microsoft Reportedly In Talks to Buy Security Firm Mandiant

Microsoft is continuing its efforts to strengthen its cybersecurity capabilities, working on a deal to purchase Mandiant.

ExpressVPN Logo
ExpressVPN Offering One-Time $100,000 Bug Bounty

ExpressVPN is offering a one-time, $100,000 reward to anyone who can hack its servers.

Linux - Image by OpenClipart-Vectors
Linux Vulnerability Discovered Impacting All Major Distros

A major Linux vulnerability, impacting virtual all major distributions (distros), has been discovered, allowing a bad actor to obtain root privileges.

Companies Race to Fix Critical Zero-Day Vulnerability

Companies around the world are racing to patch a critical zero-day vulnerability that is among the worst ever found.

Cox Communications
Cox Suffered Data Breach by Hacker Impersonating Support Staff

Cox Communications has notified customers of a data breach, a breach it suffered at the hands of a hacker posing as a support agent.

US Diplomats Among Those Hacked by Pegasus Spyware

Apple has alerted 11 US diplomats that they are among those hacked by the NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware.