Google Plus Announces It Will Shutdown After Reportedly Compromising 500,000 User Accounts

Google recently announced that it is shutting down Google+, with the service expected to cease…

Chinese People’s Liberation Army Implanted Malicious Microchips on Computer Servers Bound for U.S. Companies

An explosive Bloomberg Businessweek report details how China was able to pull off the most significant supply chain attack ever against American companies.

Microsoft VP on How Microsoft Competes with Amazon for Cloud Business

Microsoft is competing with Amazon for the enterprise cloud by focusing on being more than just a technology provider says Julia White, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Azure Marketing.

Inventor of the Web Reveals Disruptive Plan to Solve Data Security Issues

Berners-Lee and his partner John Bruce have just unveiled their new startup, Inrupt. The company aims to change the internet and fulfill Berners-Lee’s vision of a free web where people have control of their data.

Rapid7 CEO: We Have Not Designed Our Technology Ecosystem to be 100% Secure

The recent massive data breach at Facebook have brought to focus that if one of largest technology companies in the world can have their data compromised then any company, large or small, is vulnerable.

Identity as a Platform on the Cloud is Hot, Hot, Hot

Identity as a platform on the cloud is hot, hot, hot. Companies of all sizes are seeing identity management in the cloud as the future of online security.

How To Quickly and Easily Deploy IBM MQ On AWS

Here is a quick tutorial that will help you easily deploy IBM MQ on AWS as a managed service on AWS. Waleed (Woz) Arshad shows you how quick and easy it is to get started. 

Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses are on the Rise, Here’s How to Stay Safe

While recent data breaches on large enterprises like Home Depot, Target, and Yahoo made headlines worldwide, a 2016 report by cybersecurity firm Symantec revealed that 43 percent of cybercrimes actually target small businesses.

Google Chrome 69 Makes Your Passwords Harder to Hack

Google Chrome is a decade old and the company celebrated with a new look, a revamped password manager, a slew of develop-centric changes, plenty of security enhancements, and an improved omnibox.

Cybersecurity is Rapidly Changing

“It’s time we bring this to all defenders, not just customers of a certain organization. Carbon Black is on a mission to make the world safe from cyber attacks.

We Are Simply a Pawn of The Internet Business Model: Data Collection

We all should realize that everything we do is recorded into huge data sets in order for advertisers to target us better, for online stores to sell us stuff more effectively and for government agencies to know what we are up to.

Google Reportedly Allows App Developers to Read the Private Messages of Gmail Users

A new report from the Wall Street Journal has revealed that third-party app developers have…

Google Releases Chrome 68, Browser Labels All HTTP Websites as ‘Not Secure’

The release of Chrome 68 has pushed forward Google’s campaign to drive Internet users to…

Gmail’s ‘Confidential Mode’ May Expose Users to Phishing Scams, Raises Red Flags at DHS

A new Google Mail feature has caused the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to raise…

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Leaked Facebook User Data Caused by Browser Vulnerability

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox might have inadvertently leaked the Facebook usernames, profile pictures and…

Google to Remove HTTPS Secure Indicator in September

The Secure URL label HTTPS will no longer be seen on Google Chrome by September…