Wireless Tower
FCC Moves to Limit Local Governments From Blocking 5G

The FCC has voted to clarify rules governing the process for local and state governments to review wireless infrastructure modifications.

Google COVID-19 Testing
Google Displaying Coronavirus Testing Facilities in Search

Google has upgraded its search to show coronavirus testing and health facilities in 43 states.

Google Search Page
Google Updates Its Search Algorithm: Brings Neural Network Techniques to Search

Whenever Google updates, tweaks, replaces or improves its search algorithms, webmasters the world over anxiously…

Western Union CEO on Amazon Partnership: Buy Globally and Pay Locally

Hikmet Ersek, President, CEO, Western Union, recently discussed the new partnership with Amazon, competition with Zelle and Vinmo, and the overall health of the business.

The Challenges of Brand Search and PPC

As a brand, you are always looking for ways to get people to your website and get them to convert more. It used to be just interest-based keywords on generics related to your own brand.

7 Local Marketing Tips to Help You Make More Sales

Most small businesses want to spread the word about their product or service to as…

Facebook Increases Job Search Capabilities to 40 New Countries

Facebook users from different parts of the globe will soon be able to look and…

A Look at How the Google Pigeon Update Affected Local Search Results

Business owners, marketers, and SEO specialists all become apprehensive whenever Google makes an announcement regarding…

Google Introduces ‘Trending Searches’ and ‘Instant Answers’ to iOS App

Google is giving users of Apple products greater functionality with the addition of Twitter-like features…

Apple Publishes First AI Research Paper on Using Adversarial Training to Improve Realism of Synthetic Imagery

Earlier this month Apple pledged to start publicly releasing its research on artificial intelligence. During…