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We Are a Marketplace That Sells Demand Generation, Says Grubhub CEO
“We are a marketplace that sells demand generation,” says Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney. “We sell growth. That's what our primary product is. We're n...
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Uber Built A Very Anti-Fragile Business, Says Jason Calacanis
Early Uber investor Jason Calacanis says that unlike Lyft, Uber built a very anti-fragile business with the combination of Eats and Rides and has beco...
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Congress Out To Kill Uber and the Entire Gig Economy Again
Democrats, in a political payoff to unions, have again introduced legislation in Congress to effectively make gig economy jobs like Uber, Lyft, DoorDa...
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YouTube Can Now Check For Copyright Issues During Upload
YouTube is rolling out a major new feature designed to protect content creators, warning them of potential copyright issues during upload....
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Vimeo Raises $300 Million In Equity, Valued At $5.7 Billion
Vimeo has raised $300 million in equity, raising its valuation to some $5.7 billion as it prepares to become independent....
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Uber CEO Says ‘Eats’ Growing At Unprecedented Rate
Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says that Uber Eats is growing at unprecedented rates during the pandemic and he expects the business to do well post-pande...
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Lyft Hopes To Finally End ‘Living Under a Cloud’
We want to make sure there's clarity and certainty in this industry so that it's not living under a cloud." says Lyft's Chief Policy Officer Anthony F...
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Uber Eats To Essentially Power World Commerce, Says CEO
We're going to expand beyond food into other categories such as groceries and pharmacy, essentially powering world commerce....
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Twitter Will Deploy ‘Read Before You Retweet’ Prompt to All Users
Twitter is planning on bringing its ‘Read Before You Retweet’ prompt to all users, following several months of testing....
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Autonomous Driving for Trucks Will Happen First, Says Full Truck Alliance CFO
“We think the commercialization of autonomous driving for trucks will probably take place a lot sooner than it will take place in the passenger car ...
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Ultimate Solution For Uber and Lyft Is Autonomy
Gene Munster discusses how California in forcing drivers to be employees may ultimately speed up the efforts of Uber and Lyft to go fully self-driving...
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California Law Kills Uber and Lyft And The Entire Gig Economy
The law will ban hundreds of different professions and especially the hundreds of thousands of jobs created by the gig economy over the last decade....
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Lyft May Shutdown In California
Lyft is warning it may join Uber in shuttering operations in California following a preliminary injunction classifying its drivers as employees....
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Uber CEO: Will Shut Down In California Until Voters Decide
If the judge and a court finds that we are not and they don’t give us a stay to get to November then we will have to essentially shut down Uber unt...
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The New York Times Parts Ways With Apple News
The New York Times has become one of the first major media outlet to pull out of its deal with Apple News, citing conflicting strategies....
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Coronavirus: Uber Business Taking Hit, Has Enough Funds
In a call to investors, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has said the company is losing significant business because of the coronavirus, but has enough fund...
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The Sharing Economy Creates Opportunities To Buy Happiness
Minimalism has transitioned from a trend into a lifestyle, proving it unnecessary to own the things you desire to use to be happy. Although the sharin...
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Uber CEO Reveals Formula To Profitability
Scale is the primary driver toward profitability, says Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. It’s getting big. It’s a combination of growing top-line over 3...
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Uber CEO: We Expect This Business To Be Very Profitable
“Not only do we expect to hit cashflow break-even, but we expect this business to be very profitable at maturity,” say Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi....
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Turo Car-Sharing App Gets $250 Million From IAC To Take On Car Rental Industry
“As we continue to grow and invest in our brand more and more people are sharing their vehicles,” says Turo CEO Andre Haddad. “With our app, you...
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