Top 5 Investment Apps in 2022

It’s a wide open world out there when it comes to investing. See some of the top investment apps in the article below.

Google Play Store
More Android Apps Were Abandoned Than Updated in the Last Six Months

The Google Plays Store has a problem, with more Android apps abandoned in the last six months than those updated.

Figma - Credit Figma
Users Decry Adobe/Figma Deal; Fear Adobe Will Destroy Figma

Users are up in arms over Adobe’s plans to purchase design startup Figma, fearing the larger company will ruin the startup’s services.

Man Looking at Smartphone
Cloudflare Launches Zero Trust Mobile eSIM

Cloudflare has scored an industry first, launching the first zero trust eSIM for mobile devices in the BYOD era.

Apple Park - Spring Loaded Event
Apple’s Remaining 2022 Launches Will Likely Be via Press Release

Don’t expect any more major Apple events for the rest of the year, with a new report saying Apple will turn to press releases.

iPhone 11 Pro Production
Apple Poised to Move a Quarter of iPhone Production to India

Apple is preparing to move a significant portion of its iPhone manufacturing to India as it tries to lessen its reliance on China.

Pixel 7 To Be the First Google Flagship to Arrive in India in Years

Google is planning on releasing the Pixel 7 in India, marking the first time the company has released a flagship phone there in several years.

Samsung S22+
Samsung Users May Finally Get Seamless Android Updates

Samsung users may finally get seamless Android updates, easing a major pain point with some of the world’s most popular smartphones.

Framework Laptop Chrome Edition
There’s a User-Upgradeable Chromebook From Framework

Framework and Google have unveiled the world’s most upgradeable and customizable Chromebook yet.T

iOS App Store - Image by Parampreet Chanana
Apple Will Raise App Store Prices in Some Regions

Apple has informed developers it will be raising App Store prices in multiple regions, effective October 5, 2022.

Dark Sky - Image Credit Apple
Dark Sky Weather App Reaches End-of-Life December 31

The popular Dark Sky weather app will stop working December 31, 2022, after Apple bought it and incorporated it into its own weather app.

Programming - Image by StockSnap
Low-Code Development Market Projected to Hit $94.75 Billion by 2028

Low-code development is experiencing a major growth period, with the market projected to hit $94.75 billion by 2028.

iPhone 14 iFixit Teardown
iFixit: iPhone 14 Is ‘the Most Significant Design Change In a Long Time’

Apple’s latest iPhone is receiving praise from an unusual source, with iFixit saying it’s easier to repair than previous models.

KDE Plasma - Credit The KDE Community
Linux Distro Reviews: KDE Plasma — The One That Could Be King

KDE Plasma is one of the most popular Linux desktop environments (DE), but it can’t get out of its own way to claim the crown.

iOS and Android Texting - Image by Dean Moriarty
Google Adding Direct Reply Feature to RCS Messages

Google is prepping a major upgrade to its RCS messages, adding the ability to directly reply to individual texts.

iOS App Store - Image by Parampreet Chanana
DOJ Wants In On the Apple v Epic Appeal

The Department of Justice wants the opportunity to weigh in on the Apple v Epic appeal, with the goal of informing antitrust policy.

Google Play Store - Image by Markus Winkler
EU Upholds Record Fine Against Google Over Android Dominance

The European Union has upheld a record fine against Google for abusing its dominance in the smartphone market.

Zoom May Be Planning Email and Calendar Tools to Take On Office and Google

Zoom may be ready to move beyond video calling and collaboration, with possible plans to introduce email and calendar tools.

US Commerce Department and Google Join Forces to Develop Chips

The US Commerce Department is teaming up with Google to develop chips for researchers and tech startups.