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Where Is The Aramid Fiber Market Heading? Probing the Future Growth Opportunities
The aramid fiber market is growing as there is always a strong demand for phone cases. Learn more in the article below....
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Google Maps Now Features Eco-Friendly Routing
Google Maps has introduced a new feature, eco-friendly routing, to help individuals be a little greener in their travels....
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Zurich-Based Company Has Solved EV Range Anxiety
Zurich-based ABB has solved the biggest issue with electric vehicles, unveiling a system that can charge any EV to full capacity in 15 minutes....
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There Is No Change Coming To Lyft, Says Co-Founder – Despite Ruling
Lyft co-founderJohn Zimmer is extremely confident the court ruling that found California Proposition 22 unconstitutional will be overturned on appeal....
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United and Mesa Buying 200 Electric Aircraft From Heart Aerospace
United Airlines and Mesa Air Group are each buying 100 electric aircraft from Swedish company Heart Aerospace....
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Recalled Chevrolet Bolts Caught Fire, GM Issues Warning
GM is warning that at least two Chevrolet Bolts have caught fire, despite being serviced in a recall....
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Volocopter Demos Eletric Air Taxi at Paris Air Forum
Volocopter has demoed its electric air taxi at the Paris Air Forum, vowing to bring air taxi services to market in time for the 2024 Olympics....
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Electric Ford F-150 Likely Has Longer Range Than Advertised
Buyers of the all-new electric F-150 may be in for a pleasant surprise, as critics believe it may have longer range than advertised....
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Ford Expects 40% of Its Global Vehicles to Be Electric by 2030
Ford has unveiled its Ford+ plan, including IonBoost batteries and plans to have 40% of its vehicles electric by 2030....
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Germany Clearing Autonomous Vehicles for Regular Use
Germany is poised to be the first country to clear autonomous vehicles for everyday use....
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Tesla Car Spotted With Lidar Sensors
Tesla appears to be testing a car with lidar sensors, a technology used to help automakers develop self-driving vehicles....
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Tesla Hit With a Whopping Norwegian Fine Over Throttling Charging Speed
Tesla has been ordered to pay customers in Norway $16,000 each for throttling battery charging speeds and capacity....
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Elon Musk Open to Setting Up a Tesla Factory in Russia
Elon Musk has signaled his willingness to open a factory in Russia, according to a new report....
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California DMV Reviewing Tesla Over Self-Driving Claims
Tesla is currently “under review” by California’s DMV to determine if the company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology claims were misleading....
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Cornell Researchers Discover Way to Charge Cars on the Road
Cornell researchers may have solved one of the biggest issues with electric vehicle adoption, finding a way to wirelessly charge vehicles while drivin...
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Harley-Davidson Announces LiveWire Electric Motorcycle Brand
Harley-Davidson has announced its own electric motorcycle brand, LiveWire, as it works to reinvent itself and cash in on the move to electric vehicles...
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GM CEO Wants Personal Autonomous Vehicles by 2030
General Motors CEO Mary Barra is has expressed her desire to have personal autonomous vehicles by 2030....
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Kroger and Drone Express Testing Autonomous Drone Grocery Deliveries
Kroger is working with Drone Express, a division of TELEGRID Technologies, to test autonomous drones for grocery deliveries....
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Toyota Acquiring Lyft’s Self-Driving Division
Lyft has announced Toyota subsidiary Woven Planet is acquiring its self-driving division, Level 5....
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Rivian Announces Plans For Charging Network
Rivian plans to roll out a network of 10,000 charging stations across the US and Canada by the end of 2023....
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