Microsoft vs Google
Google Accuses Microsoft of Anti-Competitive Cloud Practices

Google Cloud is calling out Microsoft for what it calls “a very anti-competitive posture in cloud.”

Analyst: Oracle Cloud Poised to Benefit From ‘4th Mover Advantage’

Oracle may have a ways to go before it threatens the cloud industry’s Big Three, but the company is poised to make big gains.

Shopify Logo
Shopify and Google Cloud Expand Partnership

Shopify and Google Cloud are expanding their partnership to bring Google Cloud AI search capabilities to Shopify’s Commerce Components.

Microsoft Loop - Credit Microsoft
Microsoft Loop Online Collaboration Tool Is Available

Microsoft has taken the wraps off of Loop, the company’s online collaboration tool, making it available in public preview.

Google Workspace AI
Google Adds Generative-AI to Google Workspace

Google is bringing generative-AI to Google Workspace, continuing its efforts to catch up to Microsoft.

MongoDB and Google Cloud - Credit Google
Google Cloud and MongoDB Expand Their Partnership

Google Cloud and MongoDB are expanding their partnership in an effort to better support startups.

Airplane - Image by Bilal EL-Daou
Southwest Airlines Selects AWS as Preferred Cloud Provider

Following a tech breakdown in December, Southwest Airlines has selected AWS as its preferred cloud provider.

EU Governments Nextcloud - Credit Nextcloud
EU Governments Are Looking to Nextcloud to Escape Microsoft

EU governments are turning to Nextcloud to provide an alternative to Microsoft SharePoint and Google Workspace.

Google Workspace
Google Workspace Finishes Client-Side Encryption Rollout

Google has taken a major step toward improving privacy and security for Workspace users, rolling out client-side encryption (CSE).

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy
Amazon Reports First Unprofitable Year in Almost a Decade

Amazon delivered its quarterly report and it was bad news as the company turned in its first unprofitable year in almost a decade.

Akamai and Linode - Credit Linode
Akamai Is Taking on the Cloud’s Top Dogs With Linode

Akamai is hitting the ground running with its Linode purchase, using it as the backbone of its cloud ambitions.

Snap Is Cutting Google and AWS Cloud Spending

Snap is cutting back its cloud spending, reducing how much it pays both Google Cloud and AWS.

Figma - Credit Figma
Adobe’s Figma Purchase May Be In Jeopardy

Adobe’s $20 billion Figma deal may be in trouble, with EU Commission weighing whether to launch an antitrust probe.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft’s Azure Business Hit With Layoffs

Microsoft’s Azure division appears to be the latest part of the company hit with layoffs, with 150 personnel impacted.

Cloudflare Wildebeest - Credit Cloudflare
Cloudflare Announce Mastodon Support

Cloudflare is throwing its weight behind the Fediverse with its first Mastodon-compatible Supercloud server, Wildebeest.

Cybersecurity Action Team - Credit Google
Google Cloud & Health-ISAC Partner to Bolster Healthcare Cybersecurity

Google Cloud and Health-ISAC have announced a partnership aimed at helping the healthcare industry bolster cybersecurity.

Google Brings VMware to Google Cloud

Google is rolling out support for VMware in Google Cloud in the form of “a Google-managed VMware platform.”

Google Cloud Office Building
Google Invests $300M in AI Startup Founded by OpenAI VP

Google is continuing its quest to come up with an answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, investing in a rival founded by a former OpenAI VP.

Google Cloud Office Building
Google Cloud May Be Alphabet’s Saving Grace in Tomorrow’s Earnings

Alphabet is poised to deliver its Q4 2022 earnings tomorrow, and analysts are looking to Google Cloud to be the bright spot.

Google Chromebook
ChromeOS Bringing Microsoft 365 and OneDrive Integration

Google is making it much easier for ChromeOS users to access their Microsoft data, adding Microsoft 365 and OneDrive integration.