Revolut Payments
Revolut CFO Quits After Auditor’s Revenue Warnings

Revolut CFO Mikko Salovaara has quit, citing “personal reasons,” just weeks after an independent auditor raised concerns about the company’s revenue.

Ford Battery Announcement
Ford’s EV Unit Is Losing Billions, Company Likens It to a Startup

Ford revealed that its EV unit is losing billions of dollars and says it should be viewed as a startup, one Ford is committed to.

Amazon Shopping - Image by Hannes Edinger
Amazon Is Taking Half of Sellers’ Revenue

Many e-commerce companies rely on Amazon for the bulk of their business, but it is a costly proposition with Amazon taking half of their revenue.

Typing on Computer Keyboard - Image by Victoria Loveland
Move Over Subscription Economy, Usage-Based Billing Is Here

Subscription pricing models may be an unforeseen casualty of the economic downturn, paving the way for usage-based billing.

Twitter Screen - Image by Photo Mix
Twitter Payments Head Esther Crawford Has Been Laid Off

The carnage at Twitter continues, with Twitter Payments head Esther Crawford laid off, along with most of her team.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy
Amazon Reports First Unprofitable Year in Almost a Decade

Amazon delivered its quarterly report and it was bad news as the company turned in its first unprofitable year in almost a decade.

Income Tax Calculator - Image by Steve Buissinne
Intuit Lobbying Congress to Protect Its Tax Filing Business

Intuit is going all-in in its lobbying efforts to protect its lucrative tax filing business at a time when Congress is threatening it.

Reddit Logo
Reddit’s IPO May Be on Track for the Second Half of 2023

Reddit may finally be moving forward with its IPO after laying the groundwork for nearly two years.

Bitcoin Blockchain - Image by Mohamed Hassan
Tesla’s Net 2022 Bitcoin Losses Totaled $140 Million

Tesla executives may be regretting the company’s investment in Bitcoin, with its losses totaling a whopping $140 million in 2022.

Snap Is Cutting Google and AWS Cloud Spending

Snap is cutting back its cloud spending, reducing how much it pays both Google Cloud and AWS.