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US Agencies Request the Most User Data From Big Tech, Apple Complies the Most
Americans concerned about their user data falling into the hands of foreign governments may want to look closer to home....
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Microsoft: ‘Financially Motivated Threat Actors’ Distributing Malware via App Installer
Microsoft is warning that bad actors, including those financially motivated, are using App Installer to distribute malware....
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Cloudflare Hits Major Milestone, Expands to 300 Cities and 12,000 Networks
Cloudflare announced it has crossed a major milestone, expanding its global network to 300 cities, and connecting to 12,000 networks....
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Bad Actors Exploited a Salesforce Zero-Day Flaw in Phishing Campaign
Bad Actors Exploited a Salesforce Zero-Day Flaw in Phishing Campaign...
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Google Cloud Fixes Kubernetes Security Flaw
Google Cloud has fixed a flaw impacting Kubernetes that could allow an attacker to escalate their privileges....
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Cisco Is Buying Isovalent To Bolster Multicloud Security
Cisco announced it is purchasing Isovalent, a company specializing in "open source cloud native networking and security."...
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Gmail’s Spam Fighting Abilities Get a Major Upgrade
A new upgrade is making Gmail much better at fighting spam, thanks to an innovation Google has been testing for the past year....
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Senator Ron Wyden Wants DOJ To Disclose AT&T Surveillance Program
Senator Ron Wyden is asking the Attorney General Merrick Garland to disclose information on the AT&T Hemisphere surveillance program....
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Dollar Tree Data Breach Impacts Millions
Dollar Tree revealed it is the victim of a data breach, one impacting some two million individuals....
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Salesforce Community Sites Are Leaking Private Data
A configuration issue is causing Salesforce Community sites, including those of banks and healthcare companies, to leak data....
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Microsoft Announces Secure Future Initiative to Improve Its Cybersecurity
Microsoft has announced its Secure Future Initiative, the company's latest effort to address serious security issues....
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Okta’s Stock Sheds 11% Following Breach
Okta's stock dropped more than 11% in the wake of a data breach that impacted customers....
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Google Pushes Passkeys As the Default Option For Users
Google is pushing passkeys as the default option for users in an attempt to phase out passwords....
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23andMe User Data For Sale Online
23andMe user data is being offered for sale online after the data was apparently stolen from compromised accounts....
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Hackers Using Vulnerable SQL Servers to Target Microsoft Azure
Hackers are using vulnerable Microsoft SQL Servers to attack Azure VMs, according to Microsoft security researchers....
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One-Third of Organizations Struggle With Data Loss Prevention Systems
The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has bad news for the industry, saying that nearly one-third of organizations struggle with data loss prevention (DLP...
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Security Firm CEO Blasts Microsoft’s ‘Grossly Irresponsible’ Azure Security
Tenable CEO Amit Yoran has blasted Microsoft for "grossly irresponsible" Azure security, saying the company is bordering on "blatantly negligent."...
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Ubuntu Users Uniquely Vulnerable to Linux Kernel Security Flaws
A new report says nearly 40% of Ubuntu users are vulnerable to a pair of kernel vulnerabilities unique to Ubuntu and its derivative distributions....
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UK Government Wants Authorities to Stop Using Microsoft Excel in FOI Responses
The UK's Information Commissioner is calling on authorities to stop using Microsoft Excel when responding to Freedom of Information Act (FOI) requests...
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Cisco Buying Splunk for $28 Billion
Cisco announced plans to purchase Splunk for $28 billion improve digital resiliency for the enterprise market....
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