Lyft Hopes To Finally End 'Living Under a Cloud'
Minnesota Passes Minimum Wage Bill for Gig Workers

Minnesota’s legislative bodies have passed a bill that would provide minimum wage to gig workers.

HP Logo
HP’s War on Its Customers Continues As Company Disables Printers

HP has triggered the ire of its customers once again, essentially disabling countless printers in an effort to block third-party ink cartridges.

IRS Is Creating a Free Tax Filing Service Over the Industry’s Objections

The Internal Revenue Service is moving forward with plans to unveil a free tax filing service, despite objections from the tax industry.

How HubSpot is Using Surround Sound Marketing Strategy to Drive Sales

“There is a very smart individual at HubSpot named Alex Birkett based out of Austin, Texas,” says Scott Tousley of HubSpot. “He is working on this concept that is really starting to take off called Surround Sound Strategy. Essentially what that means is that it runs with the notion that marketers are selfish.”

Startups Are Benefiting From Big Tech Layoffs

The tech industry may be grappling with wave after wave of layoffs, but startups are emerging as the real winners.

B2B Influencer Marketing Adds Up To Nurture and Conversion - TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden
B2B Influencer Marketing Adds Up To Nurture and Ultimately Conversion

We co-create content with (B2B Influencers) in concert with brand messaging, says TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden. So now instead of people just ignoring the press release we actually have storytelling happening with these different voices. That all adds up to yes. That all adds up to nurture and ultimately conversion.

Conversational Marketing Closes the Gap Between B2C and B2B, Says Drift Marketing VP

Conversational marketing is a whole new way of thinking about marketing and sales, says Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift. “We go to our jobs in B2B and none of the tools that we use match how we actually buy as real people. It’s really closing the gap between B2C and B2B. We just call it B2P, marketing to people.”

Dropbox Replay
Dropbox Replay, Video Collaboration Tool, Is Now Live

Dropbox has made its video collaboration tool, Dropbox Replay, available to the public following feedback from beta testers.

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84% of Companies Using Multiple Breached SaaS Apps

A new report is bad news for the tech industry, with the vast majority of companies using multiple SaaS applications that were recently breached.

Older Worker - by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay
Older Is In As Employers Want Workers That Will Actually…Work

After years of facing age discrimination, older workers are experiencing something of a heyday as employees are increasingly hiring them.