565 Palm Pilot Apps Are Now Available via Your Web Browser

The Internet Archive has helped resurrect 565 Palm Pilot apps, all of which can be run in your web browser.

Wefox CEO ‘Disgusted’ by Tech Industry Layoffs

Wefox CEO Julian Teicke had harsh words for the tech industry and his fellow CEOs, saying he was “disgusted” by the number of layoffs occurring.

Yandex’s Dutch Owner Wants to Divest Itself of Russian Company

Yandex N.V., the Dutch holding company behind Yandex, plans to divest itself of the Russian company as a result of the war in Ukraine.

HBO Max Is Trying to Fix Playback Issues on Apple TV 4K

HBO is aware of an issue with HBO Max running on Apple TV 4K devices and is working to address it.

Amazon Commits $1 Billion a Year for Theatrical Releases

The movie industry received good news Wednesday, with Amazon committing more than $1 billion a year for theatrical releases.

AI Coding Startup Kite Is Shutting Down, Open Sourcing Product

Kite, the startup that tried to bring AI-assisted coding to the market, is shutting down and open sourcing the majority of its code.

FTC ‘Likely’ to File Lawsuit to Block Microsoft’s Activision Deal

Microsoft may face its biggest challenge yet to its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, with a report saying the FTC is likely to file a lawsuit to block the deal.

Workforce Optimization Tech is Driven by AI

Workforce optimization technology is driven these days by AI. Learn more about how this can impact your business below.

Want Faster Acceleration in Your Mercedes? That Will Cost $1,200 Annually.

Mercedes is the latest automaker to jump on the most deplorable trend in the industry, charging $1,200 annually for faster acceleration.

HP Plans Long-Term Layoffs in the Thousands

HP is the latest company to announce layoffs, saying it will let 4,000 to 6,000 employees go over the next three years.

Zoom Faces Pressures as Stock Crashes and Growth Slows

Zoom has come a long way since its heyday during the pandemic, with its stock down 90% and challenging growth prospects ahead.

France Shoots Down Free Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace in School

France has shot down the possibility of schools using free versions of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

iFixit Billboard Pressures NY Governor Over First Right to Repair Bill

iFixit is putting pressure on New York Governor Kathy Hochul with a billboard asking her to sign the nation’s first right to repair law.

The Power of Color Psychology in Marketing

There is a definitive power in the psychology of color in marketing. Be mindful of the colors you choose for your brand.

UK Regulators Investigating Apple and Google’s ‘Mobile Duopoly’

The UK is launching a market investigation into Apple and Google’s dominance in the mobile market, especially cloud gaming and web browsing.

Global UC the First Provider to Be Blocked for Failing to Fight Robocalls

Global UC is the first telecom provider to be blocked under the FCC’s new rules requiring providers to block robocalls.

JPMorgan Decides Against Investment in Fintech Company Yapily

JPMorgan has reportedly decided against investing in fintech company Yapily, dealing a blow to the startups fundraising.

Elon Musk’s Ultimatum a Scheme to Further Cut Twitter Workforce

Elon Musk’s ultimatum to employees may have been part of a bigger plan to reduce Twitter’s headcount beyond layoffs.

UK Regulators Will Review Broadcom/VMware Deal

UK regulators have said they will review Broadcom’s planned purchase of VMware, creating a potential obstacle to the deal.

TSMC’s Arizona Plant Will Have Its Most Advanced Capabilities

TSMC’s founder Morris Chang has confirmed the company’s Arizona plant will feature its most advanced capabilities.