Save Community PSA Video, Donald Glover Needs Your Help

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Firefly, Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, Freaks & Geeks -- R.I.P.

So many taken before they came into true fruition; it's always a shame to see a TV show ended before true completion. Sometimes there are valid reasons for this - high budgets, low viewership, and being replaced by something better. It doesn't make the loss hurt any less. I was beside myself for days after Veronica Mars was axed.

For those who have been following Community since the beginning, we've seen Pierce going crazy dressed as The Beastmaster, amazing paintball episodes, and the continued adventures of Kick-Puncher. It could all end up being taken away from us.

The show is on hiatus right now, with many rumors and mumblings pointing towards the cancellation of the show.

Not if Donald Glover has anything to say about it. All Community fans out there, rally to try and save the show, join the Facebook group, watch the video below and like it on the YouTube page.

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