Move Over Subscription Economy, Usage-Based Billing Is Here

Subscription pricing models may be an unforeseen casualty of the economic downturn, paving the way for usage-based billing.

Ford’s BlueCruise Beats Tesla’s Autopilot—By a Wide Margin

Consumer Reports has ranked the top automated driving systems, and Ford has come out on top, beating Tesla by a wide margin.

IBM Laying Off 3,900 Employees

Big Blue is joining the list of tech companies laying off employees, announcing it would cut 3,900 jobs.

Lessons From the Latest Cyber Incidents

Royal Mail ransomware and LastPass data breaches have been some of the latest major hacking cases. How can endpoint security and anti-ransomware solutions prevent such incidents?

Microsoft Is Reworking File Explorer to Better Match Windows 11

Microsoft is reportedly reworking File Explorer to make it better match the rest of the Windows 11 aesthetic and features.

Android 14 Will Block Outdated Apps to Reduce Malware

Google is updating its policies regarding Android APIs, with plans to block outdated apps in Android 14.

Senator Hawley Introduces Bill to Ban TikTok

Senator Josh Hawley has introduced the No TikTok on United States Devices Act bill in an effort to ban the popular social media platform.

Google Calendar Gets Major Upgrade to Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

Google has rolled out a major update to Calendar, one that will make it easier for users to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Major Google Investor Wants Company to Lay Off 30,000

A major Google investor doesn’t believe the company’s 12,000 job cuts are enough and is calling for 30,000 instead.

Prepare for Less Political Ads in Your Gmail Inbox

Google is ending a controversial pilot program and will stop exempting political ads from automatic spam filters, a move that will delight and anger.

UK Plans to Subsidize Domestic Semiconductor Production

The UK plans to subsidize its semiconductor industry in an effort to bring more production in-country.

Hackers Stole LastPass Encryption Key

The news from LastPass keeps getting worse, with parent company GoTo admitting an encryption key was stolen in its latest breach.

Amazon Faces First-Ever UK Strike

Amazon is facing its first-ever strike in the UK, with hundreds of workers at its Coventry warehouse announcing strike dates.

DOJ & Eight States Sue Google for Monopolizing Digital Ads

Google is once again in the crosshairs for alleged monopolistic behavior, accused of dominating multiple digital ad products.

Microsoft Services Recovering From An Hours-Long Outage

Microsoft services appear to be working after an hours-long outage that impacted Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Teams.

Appliance Makers Can’t Understand Why Consumers Don’t Connect Them

Appliance makers are befuddled, wondering why consumers are choosing not to connect their appliances to the internet.

Microsoft Edge May Soon Have a ‘Split Screen’ Feature

Microsoft Edge may be adding a major new feature, giving users the ability to display two different websites in a single screen.

Using Corporate Gifting to Advance Your Branding

In the world where impressions matter, corporate gifting can go a long way. Learn how to pair it with your brand archetype below.

Amazon RxPass Offers Unlimited Prescription Deliveries for $5/mo

Amazon has rolled out its latest healthcare endeavor, offering Prime members unlimited prescription for $5 a month.

Germany Investigating PayPal’s Market Dominance

PayPal is in the crosshairs of German regulators over concerns that it used its market dominance to stifle competition.