Google Fi Impacted by Latest T-Mobile Breach

T-Mobile’s latest data breach may have cast a wider net than previous ones, with Google Fi customers among those impacted.

FCC May Fine Fox for Illegally Using Emergency Broadcast Tones

In a “what were they thinking?” moment, Fox is facing fines for using Emergency Alert Tones (EAS) to promote NFL Sunday.

Baidu Set to Unveil AI-Powered Search

Baidu is preparing to unveil an AI-powered, ChatGPT-like search engine based on the company’s Ernie tech.

JD Sports Notifies Customers of a Data Breach

JD Sports has notified customers of a data breach, although it says “the affected data is limited.”

Yahoo Teasing a Search Engine Return

Yahoo is teasing a return to the search engine market years after abandoning it to Google and Microsoft.

Frontier Is Rolling Out 5 Gig Internet Nationwide

Frontier is staking claim to an industry-first, rolling out the first nationwide 5 gig internet service in the US.

Impossible Foods May Lay Off 20% of Its Workforce

Impossible Foods may be poised for a second round of layoffs, with a report putting the number at 20%.

EV Startup Arrival Appoints New CEO, Lays Off 50% of Staff

Electric vehicle startup Arrival has undergone a major shakeup, appointing a new CEO and announcing layoffs of 50% of its staff.

Apple Analyst: I’m Positive About Foldable iPad in 2024

Apple may be preparing to turn the tablet market on its head again with plans to introduce a foldable iPad in 2024.

TikTok CEO to Testify Before House Energy & Commerce Committee

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew is scheduled to testify before the House Energy & Commerce Committee to address the company’s privacy and data practices.

Salesforce Bows to Investor Pressure, Appoints New Board Members

Salesforce is bowing to investor pressure, appointing new board members shortly after activist investor Elliott Management invested in the company.

FAA Takes Steps to Prevent Database Errors That Grounded Flights

The US Federal Aviation Administration has implemented safeguards to prevent database errors that grounded flights in January.

Ubuntu Pro Is Now Available to Everyone

Canonical has announced the general availability of Ubuntu Pro, a security subscription service for the popular Linux distro.

Ford Is Dropping Mustang Mach-E Prices Across the Board

Ford is cutting prices across the board for the Mustang Mach-E in an effort to remain competitive following similar price cuts from Tesla.

Europe Is Finally Going After TikTok

The European Union is finally beginning to scrutinize TikTok, changing the status quo that has seen the Chinese platform go largely unchallenged.

Tomb Raider Series May Be Coming to Amazon

Video gamers rejoice! A Tomb Raider TV series is in the works and may be coming to Amazon Prime streaming service.

Major Banks Joining Forces to Take on Apple Card, PayPal

Major banks are reportedly joining forces in an effort to better take on Apple Card and PayPal in the digital wallet market.

PagerDuty CEO Quotes Martin Luther King, Jr. in Cringe-Worthy Layoff Email

PagerDuty CEO Jennifer Tejada has set the bar for the most cringe-worthy way of laying off employees.

Intel Loses $8 Billion Market Value in ‘Historic Collapse’

Intel’s recovery hit a major speedbump Friday as the company saw $8 billion of its market value wiped away, surprising analysts.

Amazon Fresh Quadrupling the Threshold for Free Delivery

Beginning February 28, Amazon Fresh customers will need to order quite a bit more to qualify for free delivery.