Microsoft Adding ChatGPT Email Creation Into Viva Sales

Microsoft is taking another crack at Salesforce, integrating ChatGPT email creation into Viva Sales to make it easier for salespeople to communicate with clients.

Sergey Brin Is Coding at Google Again in ‘Code Red’ AI Effort

After years of absence, Sergey Brin is once again back at Google and has just submitted his first code request.

Amazon Reports First Unprofitable Year in Almost a Decade

Amazon delivered its quarterly report and it was bad news as the company turned in its first unprofitable year in almost a decade.

Privacy and Cybersecurity Challenges in 2023 – Part One

With a new year comes new privacy and cybersecurity challenges for companies large and small, not the least of which is new regulation.

Google Is Raising Its Bug Bounty Payouts

Google is raising its bug bounty program for fuzz testing, with the maximum payout now $30,000.

Twitter Is Killing Its Free API, Will Charge Devs February 9

Twitter’s controversial decisions under owner Elon Musk just keep on coming, with the platform killing off its free developer API.

Microsoft Doesn’t Want Employees Sharing Sensitive Data With ChatGPT

Microsoft may be going all-in on OpenAI tech and ChatGPT, but that doesn’t mean the company wants sensitive information shared with it.

Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown Continues

Netflix is continuing its efforts to crack down on password sharing, making it a bit more inconvenient.

US Senator Asks Apple and Google to Remove TikTok, Citing ‘Unacceptable Threat’

US Senator Michael Bennet has called on Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their app stores, calling it an “unacceptable threat.”

FedEx Is Reducing Its Management Team by More Than 10%

FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam has announced plans to lay off more than 10% of the company’s “officer and director team.”

Bing Upgrading Its Crawl System to Overcome ‘Lastmod’ Issues

Bing is undergoing a major upgrade, revamping its crawl system to overcome issues with how sites use the “lastmod” tag.

Cincinnati Policeman Fired for Using an AirTag to Stalk Ex

Cincinnati policeman Darryl Tyus has been fired for using an AirTag to stalk his ex, believed to be a sheriff’s deputy.

Red Hat Signs Partnership to Bring RHEL to Oracle Cloud

Red Hat has signed a major partnership with Oracle to bring Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Google Cloud May Be Alphabet’s Saving Grace in Tomorrow’s Earnings

Alphabet is poised to deliver its Q4 2022 earnings tomorrow, and analysts are looking to Google Cloud to be the bright spot.

Biden Administration Takes Aim Apple and Google’s App Stores

The Biden administration is taking aim at Apple and Google’s mobile app stores, representing perhaps one of the biggest challenge they have yet faced.

Microsoft Will Soon Incorporate a New, Improved ChatGPT in Bing

Microsoft is moving full speed ahead in its plans to incorporate ChatGPT in Bing, with a new and improved version rolling out in the coming weeks.

Japan and Netherlands Poised to Join US in China Semiconductor Crackdown

Japan and the Netherlands may be joining the US in its efforts to isolate the Chinese semiconductor industry over security concerns.

Tesla’s Net 2022 Bitcoin Losses Totaled $140 Million

Tesla executives may be regretting the company’s investment in Bitcoin, with its losses totaling a whopping $140 million in 2022.

T-Mobile Was 2022’s Undisputed Wireless and Broadband Winner

T-Mobile has released its fourth quarter and year-end results, and it is abundantly clear the magenta carrier is the undisputed winner of 2022.

Meta’s Dual-Camera Smartwatch May Not Be Dead After All

Rumors of the demise of Meta’s dual-camera smartwatch may be greatly exaggerated, with a new leak suggesting the project is very much alive.