Snap to Require Employees In-Office in February

Snap appears to be doing an about-face on remote work, requiring the majority of employees in-office in February.

Bob Iger Has No Plans to Lift Disney Hiring Freeze

Bob Iger’s return as CEO of Disney may signal a time of change, but the company’s hiring freeze is one thing that won’t change.

Musk: Apple Threatening ‘to Withhold Twitter From the App Store’

Musk may be one step closer to launching his own iPhone competitor, saying Apple has “threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store.”

Epson Is Exiting the Laser Printer Business

Epson has announced it is exiting the laser printer business, citing environmental and business concerns.

Meta Fined $277 Million for Failing to Prevent Data Scraping

Ireland is once again slapping Meta with a hefty fine, this time to the tune of $277 million for failing to protect user data from scraping.

Apple’s Change to AirDrop Is Hurting Chinese Protests

China is experiencing some of its most widespread protests in years, but protesters do not have access to a tool they have come to rely on.

Workers at Amazon’s Largest Air Hub, in Northern KY, Push for Unionization

Amazon’s unionization woes are increasing, with workers at the company’s largest air hub pushing to organize.

FCC Bans Additional Equipment Sales From Chinese Firms

The FCC is continuing its crackdown on Chinese telecom firms, banning equipment from Huawei, ZTE, and others.

Half of Small Computer Repair Shops Access Private Data

In a report that surprises no one, half of of small computer shops access customers’ private data, with some copying and saving it.

Workers at the Main iPhone Factory Engage in Violent Protests

iPhone shipments are set to take another hit as workers at supplier Foxconn’s main factory engage in violent protests.

Twitter Exec Fights Back, Gets Court Injunction Against Being Fired

At least one Twitter exec isn’t accepting Musk’s ultimatum to commit to an “extremely hardcore” environment or quit, not without a fight.

Black Friday Online Sales Break Records Despite Inflation

The economy received a boost during Black Friday, with this year’s online spending breaking records despite inflation.

Elon Musk’s Next Business Could Be An iPhone Competitor

Elon Musk is already eyeing his next business, threatening to make an iPhone and Android competitor if Twitter is removed from app stores.

EU One-Ups the US, Plans to Install 5G Tech in Planes

The EU is definitely winning the 5G race when it comes to the airline industry, with plans to give customers full 5G use while in-flight.

Netflix Ramping Up Game Production With Its First AAA PC Title

Netflix is wading deeper into the gaming market, with a job posting revealing it is planning to release its first AAA PC game title.

Google Claims 60% of the Internet is Duplicate Content

For those who think the internet is an endless realm of unique information, Google’s latest report is a big disappointment.

565 Palm Pilot Apps Are Now Available via Your Web Browser

The Internet Archive has helped resurrect 565 Palm Pilot apps, all of which can be run in your web browser.

Wefox CEO ‘Disgusted’ by Tech Industry Layoffs

Wefox CEO Julian Teicke had harsh words for the tech industry and his fellow CEOs, saying he was “disgusted” by the number of layoffs occurring.

Yandex’s Dutch Owner Wants to Divest Itself of Russian Company

Yandex N.V., the Dutch holding company behind Yandex, plans to divest itself of the Russian company as a result of the war in Ukraine.

HBO Max Is Trying to Fix Playback Issues on Apple TV 4K

HBO is aware of an issue with HBO Max running on Apple TV 4K devices and is working to address it.