Bitstrips App: Awesome or Annoying?

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We've seen quite a few Facebook fads over the years. Most Facebook users surely remember how popular the What People Think I Do and SomeEcards trends were (and still are, especially if you're over 25). Now people have found another way to channel their sarcasm and passive-aggressiveness: the Bitstrips app.

If you aren't quite sure what that is yet, scroll through a dozen or so updates in your Facebook feed and look for a post that looks something like this:

That is what a Bitstrips comic looks like, and Bitstrips have become insanely popular lately. While the Bitstrips website has been around for years, it has really taken off since launching apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play this week. The Bitstrips website already has 11 million unique users.

Bitstrips' CEO Jacob Blackstock offers up a pretty basic description of the app. "It's an app that turns you and your friends into a cast of cartoon characters," said Blackstock. "Then you can take those characters and put them into crazy scenes." After you create an improved version of yourself (or "avatar"), you can pick from hundreds of situations to insert the avatar in and add your own captions:

Amazingly enough, The Toronto based company has gotten this successful without doing any advertising. “We’ve done zero advertising, and our acquisition cost so far has been nothing,” Shahan Panth, the marketing VP for Bitstrips, said. “We attribute it to striking a chord with people and providing a visual element to online communication that has been missing.”

To show just how popular Bitstrips has become, Bitstrips was the top free app in the iPhone App Store this week.

1. "Bitstrips", Bitstrips

2. "Deer Hunter 2014", Glu Games Inc.

3. "Batman: Arkham Origins", Warner Bros.

4. "Free Ringtones for iOS 7", Apalon

5. "Asphalt 8: Airborne", Gameloft

6. "YouTube", Google, Inc.

7. "CSR Classics", NaturalMotion

8. "Facebook", Facebook, Inc.

9. "Candy Crush Saga", Limited

10. "Snapchat", Snapchat, Inc.

Ready to make your own Bitstrips comic now? Get started on the Bitstrips website or on Facebook. You can also download the Bitstrips app using the App Store on your iPhone or Google Play on your Droid device. Now you're all set to waste some time, show off your wit and annoy your friends.

What do you think of Bitstrips? Comment below. Some folks are highly annoyed with the flood of Bitstrips comics they're seeing in their Facebook feeds:

Images via YouTube and Bitstrips