Amazon May Be Working On An AI-Powered Web Browser

Amazon may be looking to disrupt the web browser market with an AI-powered entry in what could be a major threat to established players.

Samsung Max VPN Collects Your Private Data and Sells It

Users relying on Samsung’s Max VPN should look for other options to keep their data private and safe.

Minnesota Nuclear Plant Leaked 400,000 Gallons of Radioactive Water

Xcel Energy’s Monticello nuclear plant leaked 400,000 gallons of radioactive water, although regulators say there’s no danger.

From Awareness to Loyalty: Understanding the Journey of Nonprofit Supporters and How to Engage Them

Understanding the Journey of Nonprofit Supporters and How to Engage Them

Lamborghini Rolling Out Hybrid Tech Across All Models in India in 2024

Lamborghini has announced it is rolling out hybrid tech across all models in India by the end of 2024.

FBI & DOJ Investigating ByteDance & TikTok’s Surveillance of Journalists

As if TikTok’s problems couldn’t get any worse, the FBI and DOJ are investigating its parent company for surveilling Forbes journalists.

FCC to Boost Cellular/Satellite Communication Adoption

T-Mobile and SpaceX’s efforts to join cellular and satellite phone service are getting a bit of help from the FCC.

UK Government Building a £900M Supercomputer to Create ‘BritGPT’

The UK government is spending big — to the tune of £900m — to ensure it doesn’t get left being in the AI game.

Text is a Great Way to Increase Your Engagement with Consumers, Says Zipwhip CMO

“For businesses, the communication channels of email and phone are just becoming less and less effective,” says Scott Heimes, Chief Marketing Officer at Zipwhip. “Text is a great way to increase your engagement and responsiveness with consumers. They’ll actually respond to a text.”

Rural US Hospitals Are Getting Clobbered by Ransomware

Rural US hospitals are losing the fight against ransomware due to limited resources compared to bigger organizations.

Sleep Loss Robs Your Health And Wealth

A look at how sleep loss robs your health and wealth

Laid-Off Googlers Ask CEO to Honor Approved Medical Leave

Laid-off Google employees have repeatedly asked Google and CEO Sundar Pichai to honor previously approved medical leave.

Meta’s Blue Checkmark Verified Program Is Now Available…Sort Of

Meta is launching its Verified program, adopting a feature that Twitter has long been known for.

LinkedIn Users Will Be Able to Use AI to Help Create Their Profiles

If you’ve ever struggled to find the right words to describe your career on LinkedIn, the platform is deploying AI to help.

Wells Fargo Customers Are Missing Deposits

Wells Fargo customers are reporting missing deposits, with the bank investigating and promising a fix.

Amazon Faces NYC Lawsuit for Not Disclosing Facial Rec Use

Amazon is facing a class-action lawsuit in New York City over not disclosing its use of facial recognition in its Go stores.

Delta CMO: All 85,000 Employees Are Brand Ambassadors

“I have the opportunity to serve as Chief Marketing Officer, but 85,000 people are all brand ambassadors,” says Delta CMO Tim Mapes.

PSA: Disable Wi-Fi Calling, VoLTE on Pixel & Samsung Phones IMMEDIATELY

Google has discovered 0-day vulnerabilities in Samsung’s Exynos modems that impact the most recent Pixel and Samsung devices.

Emmett Shear Is Resigning As Twitch CEO

Emmett Shear has announced he is resigning as CEO of Twitch “to be fully there for” his first child.

UK Joins US, EU, Canada In Banning TikTok From Government Devices

The UK has joined the US, EU, and Canada in banning TikTok from government devices, citing “a specific risk with government devices.”